Yung Gravy Net Worth

Yung Gravy Net Worth


Net Worth: $2 million

Date Of Birth: 19th of March, 1996

How He Makes Money: Rapping, Songwriting, Performing

Yung Gravy is a rapper and songwriter from Minnesota. Yung Gravy's net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

In this article, you can learn about Yung Gravy's career and how he earned his high net worth. We'll go over his career beginnings and how he got his start. You can even discover how he spends his income. Read on to learn all about Yung Gravy and his net worth!

How Yung Gravy Makes Money – His Career

Yung Gravy has made the bulk of his money from his music career through record deals and stream revenue. The exact figures aren’t known. However, a breakdown of his career can provide a rough idea.

Yung Gravy began his career in 2016 when he released the hit extended play, Mr. Clean. He wasn't signed to a record label yet, but that didn't stop him. Yung Gravy self-released Mr. Clean and sold it as a digital download.

The title track to the Mr. Clean extended play was an instant success. It received thousands of digital downloads and became RIAA-certified platinum. However, Yung Gravy wasn't earning much money yet.

Yung Gravy self-released the mixtape titled Thanksgiving's Eve in late 2016. He collaborated with names like Ihatesunday, Englewood, and Mia Gladstone on the mixtape and started to get his name out there.

2017 saw the release of Yung Gravity and Baby Gravy, both successful self-released extended plays. Yung Gravy started earning a substantial income from streaming music on Spotify and YouTube.

Baby Gravy was a collaboration with Canadian trap rapper BBNO$, and the pair formed a duo that launched both rappers to success. This first collaboration was the start of many, and fans soon grew to associate the two names.

1 Thot 2 Thot Red Thot Blue Thot appeared in late 2017 to great success. The track has over 172 million streams on Spotify and earned Yung Gravy his second RIAA platinum certification. Along with the hit song Knockout, it anticipated Yung Gravy's upcoming studio extended play.

With immense success behind him, Yung Gravy was ready to show the world that he could go professional. At 22 years old, Yung Gravy signed with the NYC-based company Republic Records. This deal was a significant milestone in his career that enabled him to reach a wider audience.

Yung Gravy released Snow Cougar with Republic Records in May of 2018. Although it was only available for digital download, it still made a high income for Yung Gravy.

2018 marked Yung Gravy's first venture into live performing. He toured the United States with chart-topping sensations like Kendrick Lamar, Kaleon Fox, Marshmello, and his old friend BBNO$. Yung Gravy even hit the United Kingdom with his appearance at Borderline in 2018, increasing his income further.

In 2019, Yung Gravy made waves with his hit album Sensational. The release was his first official studio record, and it sold many copies on Apple Music and other streaming platforms. Yung Gravy also drew an income from CD sales, vinyl records, and merchandise.

Yung Gravy toured the Sensational album in 2019 and appeared at major festivals, including Lollapalooza, the Dour Festival, and the 515 Alive Music Festival. He started to gain traction with European audiences and appeared at concerts in Manchester and Antwerp.

The trap rapper released his second collaboration with BBNO$ in February 2020. The release was an official studio album, and it found great commercial success.

The pair titled their album Baby Gravy 2, and it peaked in the 188th spot in the US. Yung Gravy and BBNO$'s top song, Welcome to Chilis, garnered a hefty 100k streams on Spotify, earning a high income for both members of the duo.

The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 halted music concerts and delayed new albums. Yung Gravy's career took a standstill, and he had to cancel many of his tour dates, including a national tour he had planned with Dillion Francis and Kittens.

However, Yung Gravy wasn't going to give up. He took the lockdown as an opportunity to hunker down and write new music.

Yung Gravy harkened back to his college days and spent weeks perfecting new songs in his home. He collaborated virtually with musicians like Ski Mask the Slump God, BBNO$, and Young Dolph to craft inventive new lyrics. He even called upon esteemed pop producer Y2K to create new beats.

Yung Gravy completed production on his third studio album by the fall of 2020. He titled the record Gasanova, a reference to his nickname, Gas.

Oops was the most successful track of the bunch, and it became a massive internet sensation going into 2021, charting at the number 40 alternative music spot. In February of 2021, Yung Gravy shot a music video for Oops, which got over 13 million views on YouTube. It was his first professionally produced music video, and it helped promote his brand, besides earning him streaming revenue.

In 2021, Yung Gravy released three extended plays. After a year in quarantine, he had an abundance of songs and was on a roll. Tracy's Ultimate Fitness Mix wasn't a huge success, but Gravy Train Down Memory Lane did better commercially. In April 2021, Yung Gravy released a second part to Gravy Train Down Memory Lane, with features by Young King Dave and Jaystorm.

Yung Gravy reappeared on the live music scene in summer 2021. He embarked on a festival tour and appeared at Saturday in the Park, HIVE Music Festival, The Signal, and The Lyric Oxford. Yung Gravy earned more money from ticket sales with the success of his three albums.

In 2022, Yung Gravy teased his new extended play with the track Hot Tub. The track was a collaboration with Dillion Francis and featured the rapper T-Pain. Hot Tub earned over eight million streams on Spotify but struggled to find its way into the charts.

Cake and Cognac came out in February of 2022. It was a collaborative project with Dillion Francis and had only four songs, including a remix. The duo toured together to promote the new songs throughout the Midwest.

Yung Gravy released his biggest single to date, Betty (Get Money), on the 10th of June, 2022. It went viral and debuted in the 68th spot on the Billboard Hot 100 list.

As for other means of making money, his merchandise store will bolster those numbers, as well as revenue from his YouTube channel.

How Does Yung Gravy Spend His Money?

How Does Yung Gravy Spend His Money


Yung Gravy is famous for his iconic style. Exotic prints, vintage trousers, and trendy sunglasses are just as important to him as his music.

The rapper loves to spend his cash on fashion choices. Cartier glasses are among his favorite brands. In his most recent music video, Yung Gravy showed off his impressive collection of gold jewelry and an expensive fur coat.

Additionally, Yung Gravy spends his money on travel. He holds dual citizenship in the United States and Switzerland and frequently travels between the two countries.

How Yung Gravy Got on This Path

Yung Gravy was born Matthew Raymond Hauri on the 19th of March in 1989. His family lived in Rochester, Minnesota, just south of Minneapolis. Yung Gravy's father was the widely renowned insomnia psychologist Peter Johannes Hauri.

The future rapper attended Mayo High School, named after the famous founders of the Mayo Clinic. He graduated in 2014 and started a degree in marketing at the University of Wisconsin.

Yung Gravy started rapping as a side hobby during college. He created an account on SoundCloud and uploaded his original songs.

The rapper gained traction on SoundCloud and decided to commit to a career in music. He quit his current job and put all his energy into crafting new beats.

In 2017, Yung Gravy graduated from the University of Wisconsin. However, he wouldn't need his marketing degree for long, as he was about to break into the mainstream.

Yung Gravy's Net Worth, Final Thoughts

Yung Gravy is one of the hottest new trap rappers on the music scene today, and with seven international tours, three albums, and a Billboard Top 100 hit, his career has been on fire from the beginning. Yung Gravy's hard work and dedication have earned him a net worth of $2 million.

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