27 Famous Arabic Songs

With such a large Arabic community, there’s no wonder they have so many great songs. Arab musicians cover everything from rap to pop and all genres in between.

Whether you’re new to Arabic music or you’re simply looking for a classic you miss, here are some famous Arabic songs you need in your life.

“Boushret Kheir” by Hussain Al Jassmi

Song Year: 2018

Hussain Al Jassmi is a well-known composer, pianist, and singer. “Boushret Kheir” is a catchy, upbeat song about positivity and speaking up for what you believe. The lyrics address how those standing against you gain the most from your silence, so it’s crucial to use your voice when you have the chance.

There are specific mentions in the song about areas and cultures Arabic people will recognize. The details make this song a rallying cry to empower the people.

“Décapotable” by Zouhair Bahaoui

Song Year: 2018

Zouhair Bahaoui is a Moroccan singer who got his start with rapping in school. You hear elements of that talent in the song “Décapotable,” which has a catchy beat that pushes the song’s momentum forward.

The upbeat track contrasts with the lyrics, which are about a girl who thought she was special but is too superficial for the singer. He’s tired of girls treating him badly because they think they’re better than him, so he resolves to find the right person instead of sticking with someone negative.

“Ya Lili” by Balti featuring Hamouda

Song Year: 2017

Balti is a rapper and singer from Tunisia who started with the group Wled Bled before going solo. In “Ya Lili,” he partners with Hamouda, a young boy just getting started in the music industry. This song has the most YouTube views of any Tunisian and Arabic artist.

The lyrics address how a child wants to live his own life, but his parents keep him protected from the drugs and evil in the neighborhood. The singers don’t want that life, but they want a chance to be themselves.

“3 Daqat” by Abu featuring Yousra

Song Year: 2017

Abu is a well-known singer who paired with Yousra, a stunning Arabic pop star, to record one of the most famous Arabic songs. The cheerful song talks about the depth of love you can feel at first sight, specifying the three beats that sound like an excited drum.

Despite the happiness in this track, the lyrics also foreshadow the inevitable heartbreak. However, the singers both agree it’s worth the risk to experience such an all-encompassing love.

“Shou Helou” by Ziad Bourji

Song Year: 2017

Ziad Bourji is a singer and actor from Lebanon and one of the most famous Arabic public figures. “Shou Helou” sounds more traditional than many songs on this list as it uses beats and instruments well-known in Arabic culture.

The mid-tempo pace of the song is a wonderful choice for the lyrics about how the singer’s beloved is as beautiful as the moon. He wants to spoil his love and give them the world, protecting them to ensure they don’t get upset by others. The singer is willing to give his partner his own heart to keep them happy.

“Let Go” by Saad Lamjarred

Song Year: 2017

Saad Lamjarred is a popular Moroccan singer, dancer, and actor. He’s the best-selling Arabic musician of all time, so it’s no surprise that his name appears multiple times on this list. Lamjarred started playing piano when he was young, but “Let Go” is more of a dance song.

The lyrics express the heartbreak he feels after his love cheats and lies. The girl acts like she didn’t do anything wrong and expects the singer to stay with her.

“Howeh El Hob” by Adham Nabulsi

Song Year: 2018

Adham Nabulsi became a well-known Jordanian singer after appearing in the singing competition The X Factor. Though he retired from the music industry in 2021 because it conflicted with his religious views, he released many amazing singles in his short career.

“Howeh El Hob” is a stunning song that brings in many traditional Arabic beats and instruments. The lyrics address how love is such a strong emotion that it can throw you off course and make you act in ways you normally wouldn’t.

“Rahti Al Nafseya” by Ali Jassim and Mahmoud Alturky

Song Year: 2018

Both Ali Jassim and Mahmoud Alturky are successful solo singers, so it’s no surprise that their duet is one of the top Arabic songs. The singers trade off verses, singing about how they feel after bad breakups.

Though the breakup is in the past, they’re still hurt by the experience, even though other people laugh and think they should get over it. The singers still want their former love back because they don’t value life as it is without their love.

“Blach Blach” by Jamila

Song Year: 2015

One of the best Arabic songs is this pop tune by Jamila. Her voice brings a happy vibe to the song even though the lyrics discuss her confusion in life despite having a great relationship with her love.

She notes how he made her obsessive in a way she didn’t want to feel. Once he betrayed her, she realized it was better that they remained apart so she could move on and enjoy life.

“Mafia” by Mohamed Ramadan

Song Year: 2019

Mohamed Ramadan is an Egyptian singer, rapper, and dancer. He also has experience as an actor, which you can see in the cinematic video for his single “Mafia.” As you’d expect from the title, the song is about feeling powerful and unafraid of others because of mafia ties.

Though the song may seem vindictive or violent, the lyrics address how the singer strives for humility and wants to share wellness and good intentions with the community.

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