61 Best 2010s Country Songs

The 2010s was a decade to remember! It birthed some of the best music in general, but country music had a particularly memorable stint, filled with breakup songs, songs about life, being in love, and more. Some of the most notable artists gave us their greatest hits and made us truly feel the lyrics. Let's take a look at the best 2010s country songs and relive those moments!


“Peter Pan” by Kelsea Ballerini

Song Year: 2015

In the world of the country, breakups are a hot topic. However, there is sophistication and cleverness in how it is packaged to the audience in “Peter Pan.”

The song compares the antics of an immature ex to the famous tale of the boy who couldn't or wouldn't grow up. In some ways, it captures the elements of such a situation perfectly, making it all the more relatable.

“Body Like A Back Road” by Sam Hunt

Song Year: 2017

This track uses the metaphor of a winding back road to compare with the excitement of exploring your lover's body. This sensual song uses innuendos and clever imagery to make for a catchy song capable of captivating fans alike.

“Honey Bee” by Blake Shelton

Song Year: 2011

Honey Bee is a feel-good love song about a love interest and all the new and exciting feelings that come with falling head over hills over someone. The inception of this song can be accredited to a happy accident whereby the songwriters were having difficulty with ideas. It is a great song that makes you feel good about fun and new love.

“Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not” by Thompson Square

Song Year: 2011

“Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not” changes the prototypical paradigm of what you expect with the roles of a man and a woman. This song masterfully places the woman in the driver's seat without embarrassing the man. Rumors are that this was Keifer and Shawna Thompson's story.

“Cruise” by Florida Georgia Line

Song Year: 2012

“Cruise” is a song that describes how a guy sees a special lady. He wants to simply take his truck, roll his windows down, and cruise down the street.

This song falls into the bro-country category, originating in Nashville songs. Many of these songs involve young men drinking, partying, and seeking scantily-clad women as they drive their pickup trucks.

“Springsteen” by Eric Church

Song Year: 2015

Church reportedly has fond memories of going to a Springsteen concert when he was younger with a girl. He says that he never thinks of her any other time; however, until this day, when he hears that artist, he thinks of it as the soundtrack to that girl.

Due to his love and reverence for Springsteen, he felt he was the perfect person to build his song around.

“Wagon Wheel” by Darius Rucker

Song Year: 2013

This song has several interpretations, but one of the most popular meanings is that the narrator has gambled his money away and is hoping to hitchhike down south to meet his lover. He's trying to get away from his old life and start fresh. He wants to be free finally.

“Knee Deep” by Zac Brown Band ft. J. Buffett

Song Year: 2011

Zac Brown is in the middle of going through the withdrawal, a tough breakup, and all that entails. In the middle of his malaise, he decides to take the bull by the horn and take a permanent vacation while buying a boat.

Brown eventually talks about how the breakup affected him, especially with the girl he likes. He then goes on to say that this was a place of refuge.

“Drink In My Hand” by Eric Church

Song Year: 2011

“Drink In My Hand” tells the tale of a man who drinks rather than climbing the career ladder. He talks about how he constantly works but doesn't get any higher in his position. The man speaks of his many problems but says all you have to do is put a drink in his hand to be content.

“Small Town Boy” by Dustin Lynch

Song Year: 2017

“Small Town Boy” is about a young man who is highly naive because he never went anywhere outside of his closely-knit community. From the song's beginning, you can feel the apprehension about venturing out into the unknown far away from the comfort of family.

Although this topic is never mentioned exclusively, the character in the song is a victim of homophobia. He'd eventually find a city where homosexuality acceptable within the community.

“Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum

Song Year: 2010

This song is simple, impressionable, and relatable. It's about being lonely in the middle of the night and longing for some form of closeness. Perhaps you know what it's like to go through such a lonely night that you pick up the phone even though you might regret that call the next day.

“Take A Back Road” by Rodney Atkins

Song Year: 2011

“Take A Back Road” is about escaping the hustle and bustle of city life for the simple pleasures of rural life, endeavoring to take part in long car trips, and having fun with loved ones, friends, and family. Thanks to this song's fun lyrics and upbeat musical composition, the single was unsurprisingly the song of the year.

“Dirt Road Anthem” by Jason Aldean

Song Year: 2011

Brantley Gilbert and Songwriters Colt Ford released their own versions of this country song; however, Aldean undoubtedly made it his own with his unique take.

Thanks to Aldean, the song became a Grammy-nominated platinum success. He laid many compelling lines while including many southern tropes such as dirt roads, bonfires, beers, and women.

“Gimme That Girl” by Joe Nichols

Song Year: 2010

This song is a salute to the natural beauty that women possess. It states explicitly that although he likes when you get dolled up, wear make-up, and put jewelry on, he likes it most when you're just bumming around the house. This song flies in the face of vanity and societal pressures that teach women to put a lot of work into their appearance.

“Die A Happy Man” by Thomas Rhett

Song Year: 2015

“Die a Happy Man,” according to Thomas Rhett himself, is about his relationship with his wife. He's known his wife for most of his adult life and spends the entire song praising his wife.

Within the song, he often uses words like goddess, masterpiece, and saint to describe her. In the end, he makes it abundantly clear that he is delighted with having her as his lifelong partner.

“Don't You Wanna Stay” by Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson

Song Year: 2010

“Don't You Wanna Stay” is a classic love song about loving someone so much that you always want them to stay around. The songwriters said the goal wasn't to go over the top with the emotions and make it gushy. They wanted everything to be realistic and to reflect how people feel when they're head over heels with a solid emotional connection for someone else.

“Somethin' ‘Bout A Truck” by Kip Moore

Song Year: 2011

Moore wrote this song after reflecting on his past experience about how girls would treat him differently for having had a truck. Essentially, the truck helped him pursue and pick up girls, which he had a more challenging time attracting when he drove around the little box car he had in high school and college.

From his perspective, they didn't seem interested in him when he got someone to go out with him. It was always about that little box car.

“Homegrown” by Zac Brown Band

Song Year: 2015

Brown created this song to remind people of what should matter most. Additionally, the writer wanted people to be able to identify with the pride that should come with being reminded of where you're from, your family, and your friends.

The songwriter believes that when the rubber meets the road, your hometown, family, and friends will be among the most essential things in your life. Therefore being proud of where you're from is something everyone can relate to.

“Leave The Night On” by Sam Hunt, A Country Song Of The 2010s

Song Year: 2014

“Leave The Night On” is an upbeat song about a man hanging out with a girl, and it's nearing the time for them to part ways. However, they both want to stick around and continue enjoying one another's company through the night. This is a fun song that reminds us about having a good time with good people.

“Mama's Broken Heart” by Miranda Lambert

Song Year: 2011

This song is about heartache after a nasty breakup and a mother's close judgment of the situation. This song is truly the embodiment of the southern saying, “bless your heart.” At the heart of it, this song is about a woman struggling with a bad breakup.

“I Don't Want This Night to End” by Luke Bryan

Song Year: 2011

“I Don't Want This Night to End” is a song about how a guy meets a girl for the first time, and everything is going so well that he doesn't want the night to end. This song encapsulates all of the bubbly feelings that we have when we meet someone new and exciting that we enjoy being and how refreshing that can be.

“Dirt On My Boots” by Jon Pardi

Song Year: 2016

This song is about a guy that spends a day working on his tractor, and this quickly transitions to picking up a girl for an exciting night out on the town. He repeats that there won't be any dirt on his boots that night.

Moreover, he will have the courtesy to kick the dirt off his boots before stepping foot into her home – this is an upbeat and catchy song, a great song for any night out with friends.

“Don't Ya” by Brett Eldredge

Song Year: 2013

Brett says he wrote this song to highlight how women are very good at playing tricks on a guy's mind. Although he believes that men do it as well, he believes that women are much better at it. He goes on to say that it's the little things such as the stroke of the hair that can get a guy excited.

“Runnin' Outta Moonlight” by Randy Houser

Song Year: 2013

This song does an excellent job of making the listener feel nostalgic about the old days of meeting your first love and even recalling taking them out on their first date. Randy Houser delivers a tremendous vocal performance coupled with an upbeat song that's radio-friendly and just nice to listen to.

“When She Says Baby” by Jason Aldean

Song Year: 2012

“When She Says Baby” is about a man facing life's obstacles and acknowledging that when his partner is near, she's everything he needs to keep pushing through. She gives him the strength to feel like everything will be alright, even if it isn't. It's an excellent song about being so in love with someone that it takes away all the pain of life's daily struggles.

“Somewhere On A Beach” by Dierks Bentley

Song Year: 2016

“Somewhere On A Beach” is about the measures that a guy takes to get over a tough breakup. He takes off to a beautiful, warm location to hook up with a new girl, party, and drink all night. This song emphasizes all stages of a relationship with more of a focus on the breakup portion of the relationship. The beach is the perfect place for the songwriter to get over a bad breakup.

“Undo It” by Carrie Underwood

Song Year: 2010

This song is about a woman who gets engrossed in a relationship with someone who goes on to break her heart. This entanglement of a lousy relationship can only end badly once she realizes that she's in a poor relationship with a man that is good for nothing.

Carrie is apparently at a stage in the relationship where she doesn't even want the memories of her former lover to be with her.

“I Love This Life” by Locash

Song Year: 2016

This song presents the rural lifestyle in a very positive light. Although people often think of city life as a place full of opportunities and excitement, some people are still quite fond of the small-town lifestyle.

This artist sings about how it's the simple pleasures in life that he appreciates. The simple things often get overlooked by people; however, the artist argues that simplicity makes rural life special.

“Bring My Flowers Now” by Tanya Tucker

Song Year: 2019

“Bring My Flowers Now” is about the problem we as individuals face when we fail to appreciate our loved ones while they are with us. Letting a person know how special to you they are is what is essential.

There's no way to tell someone how much you love them once they're gone. Tucker states the desire to be appreciated here and now by those who genuinely care for her.

“When It Rains It Pours” by Luke Combs

Song Year: 2017

“When It Rains It Pours” is a story about how the singer broke up with his girlfriend and how things turned out better shortly thereafter.

Despite the pain of the breakup, it led to a chain of events such as winning a raffle, a vacation, and a Radio Hit, among other notable things. The artist is happy in the end, as being dumped led to a string of good luck that improved his life.

“Better Man” by Little Big Town

Song Year: 2017

“Better Man,” written by Taylor Swift, is a song about going through a difficult breakup with a man who is not suitable for you. The tricky part is missing him despite how he treated you during the relationship.

The lyrics to the song are heart-wrenching, and along with the melody, it has so much depth. It's no surprise that our girl T. Swift brought us one of the best 2010s country songs.

“American Kids” by Kenny Chesney

Song Year: 2014

This song captures what it means to grow up in America. Chesney speaks about there being more to youth than tailgating, partying, bonfires, and the typical things you hear about from wild youngsters. He says you can do those things and so much more. It's about laughing, memories, and enjoying life.

“Boys' Round Here” by Blake Shelton

Song Year: 2013

“Boys' Round Here” describes life in a small town down south. The men in the song are what you think of when you talk about a true country boy—masculine, not afraid of getting his hands dirty, and ready to cut a rug on the dance floor in his cowboy boots.

“What Ifs” by Kane Brown ft. L. Alaina

"What Ifs" by Kane Brown ft. L. Alaina

Song Year: 2017

To say fans loved this duet between Brown and Alaina would be an understatement. This song soared to the top of numerous country song charts, as the sensual mid-tempo vibes stay playing in your mind even when you're walking around the house. It's about taking the risk to find love, hoping you'll meet your soulmate. You also wonder about all the “what ifs” in between.

“How Country Feels” by Randy Houser

Song Year: 2012

Randy Houser said the inspiration behind this song was his memories of growing up and thriving in Mississippi, spending time with friends. He speaks of venturing through the woods, traveling along dirt roads, and creating his fun instead of hanging out in the city where he didn't feel there was as much fun waiting. Country life is a unique experience!

“Heaven” by Kane Brown

Song Year: 2017

In this song, Kane Brown is singing about the perfect love story between him and a girl he believes is sent from Heaven. Brown mentions that the song's first line reminds him of his fiancee. It's a relatable song that fans love because it has a personal feel when they think of the special person in their life.

“Bottoms Up” by Brantley Gilbert

Song Year: 2014

This song is sort of controversial in the sense that some women feel offended by the song's double meaning. “Bottom's Up” inherently means to drain your glass and flip the glass upside down afterward. Though hidden, the lyrics also allude to a guy getting drunk and wanting to have sex.

“Bartender” by Lady Antebellum

Song Year: 2014

In “Bartender,” Lady Antebellum is singing about a woman who goes to the bar because she's trying to get over someone. Everyone experiences pain differently. Some people choose to stay locked away in their homes, while others decide to try to go out and distract themselves from other people, like at a bar. Bartender, fill it up again, please!

“As She's Walking Away” by Zac Brown Band and A. Jackson

Song Year: 2010

Jackson talks about how this song reflects him seeing a beautiful girl one night as he's in a bar with friends. The girl is there with her boyfriend; he feels like they're gazing at one another, speaking without saying words. So, he watches her walk away with her guy and ruminates on the encounter.

“My Girl” by Dylan Scott

Song Year: 2016

Scott made this song with his wife, his childhood sweetheart, in mind. They dated when they were teenagers, and his relationship got interrupted by pursuing music once he graduated high school.

They dated long-distance for a while before it was possible for them to be together full time and get married. Scott also talks about all the things he gets to see in his girl when no one else is around.

“Blown Away” by Carrie Underwood

Song Year: 2012

We love Carrie Underwood and how she has created a sort of anthem for those who are now free from toxic relationships, whether romantic, familial, platonic or whatever may be the case.

During the song, Underwood talks about how she's seeking shelter during a terrible storm while her drunk and abusive father has passed out on the couch without safety, likely to die if the house gets hit.

“May We All” by Florida Georgia Line and T. McGraw

Song Year: 2016

The singers in the song reflected on their childhoods for inspiration with this song. They were raised in two different small cities, but they had similar upbringings. It's about experiencing all that life has to offer and wishing that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy that fullness.

“The House That Built Me” by Miranda Lambert

Song Year: 2010

“The House That Built Me” is about taking a trip down memory lane, returning to your roots, albeit painful or joyful, and remembering where you've come from. Lambert has said that she had a difficult childhood growing up and gets emotional whenever she visits the house she grew up in.

“Hurricane” by Luke Combs

Song Year: 2016

The singer comes across an ex-girlfriend whom he plans to stay away from by locking himself away in his home to avoid seeing her. He gets convinced to hang out with his buddies, but he sees her again, bringing back a flood of negative emotions.

It causes him to realize that he never actually got over her. He compares her beauty to the strong winds of a hurricane, and his feelings are like a raging storm.

“Where It's At” by Dustin Lynch

Song Year: 2014

Dustin Lynch sings about having fun when the weather is warm and enjoying the simple things in life. He envisioned hanging out with a girl he likes, lounging around the house in pajamas, and having fun! He says it's not about the glitz and glam but about being laid-back and comfortable; that's one of the best aspects of life.

“Stay A Little Longer” by Brothers Osborne

Song Year: 2015

“Stay A Little Longer” is straightforward in terms of the title, giving us insight into what the song is about. It's two brothers singing about how you can be with someone, enjoying yourself, and you don't want the night to end. You wish they'd stay a little longer so you can continue cherishing the moment.

“Do I Make You Wanna” by Billy Currington

Song Year: 2015

Billy Currington brings a love song with spice to make you feel warm and fuzzy about your loved one and slightly turned on by the song's end. It's mainly about a man that wants to please his girlfriend and is eager to know if he makes her feel like she wants to do and try new things with him.

“God Gave Me You” by Blake Shelton

Song Year: 2011

“God Gave Me You” was written by David Barnes, who said the song was for his wife. He feels that she's been a gift from God with how awesome and supportive she always was of him.

In the song, the man is at a low point mentally, saying his wife has stayed by his side despite him being a “walking mess.” He's appreciative that she always balances him out and makes him feel better.

“Even If It Breaks Your Heart” by Eli Young Band

Song Year: 2011

This song is for dreamers! It talks about how anything worth having is worth working for, as it won't be easy to achieve your dreams. Don't be held back by the possibility of failure, but go out there, dream big, and don't stop pursuing your goals, even if it breaks your heart.

“I'm Comin' Over” by Chris Young

Song Year: 2015

While there are a few interpretations of this song as a breakup song or a song of pursuing love, the lyrics lean toward the latter. It describes how someone feels when they've decided to stay with someone they want to be with, even if it's not good for them.

“Play It Again” by Luke Bryan

Song Year: 2013

“Play It Again” is about a guy who sees a girl while he's out, likely at some type of bar, and falls for her immediately. He's offering various pickup lines, but she's constantly interrupting him because she hears her favorite song on the radio. Because it makes her happy, he wants them to play it again.

“It Goes Like This” by Thomas Rhett

Song Year: 2013

Rhett sings about meeting a girl and feeling like she makes him want to write a song. The song would be about them and how he wants to be with her and can imagine spending his time with her indefinitely. He tells her how the music would sound and how she's had him going crazy from the moment he laid eyes on her.

“In Case You Didn't Know” by Brett Young

Song Year: 2017

This song details a simple love story and wanting your love reciprocated. It was inspired by one of the songwriter's childhood. When he would leave his home, she would stop him and tell him that she loved him, in case he didn't know.

“Rain Is A Good Thing” by Luke Bryan

Song Year: 2010

“Rain Is A Good Thing” puts a positive spin on the rain, which can symbolize something negative in songs. Bryan talks about how the rain was always a sign of good things to come, growing up on a farm in Georgia, surrounded by agricultural work. He and his dad would look to the sky to see if it looked like rain was on the way, meaning good crops were also coming.

“Drunk On A Plane” by Dierks Bentley

Song Year: 2014

When considering the song centers around someone who got left at the altar, Bentley manages to take a depressing situation and make it hilarious. He decides to go on the honeymoon anyway, though his wedding wasn't what he'd hoped for. It's a fun song to sing along to.

“Drunk On You” by Luke Bryan

Song Year: 2011

Another Luke Bryan classic, this song speaks about being so in love with someone you admire while simultaneously having a fantastic summer. It's a fun, flirty piece that sometimes makes you rock your head, and people can relate to it.

“Get Your Shine On” by Florida Georgia Line

Song Year: 2012

“Get Your Shine On” has multiple interpretations, making it a fantastic song. Some people reflected on the lyrics and made shine to mean Moonshine.

Based on the lyrics, it seems to be encouraging the woman to go ahead and take a drink because the narrator loves when she gets her shine on. Alternatively, it could be about going to a party, letting loose, and having a good time.

“Beat Of The Music” by Brett Eldredge

Song Year: 2013

Eldredge says the inspiration behind this song was being on vacation in the Bahamas and seeing a beautiful girl. Two scary guys said he couldn't go any closer to the boat, but he decided to write a song that would sway the situation in his favor, how he would've wanted it to end.

“Why Don't We Just Dance” by Josh Turner

Song Year: 2010

Definitely a crowd-pleaser, “Why Don't We Just Dance” talks about forgetting about all the bad things that happen in life and deciding just to dance the night away. If you focus on the one you love and ignore the rest, this catchy melody is hard to get out of your head.

“That's My Kind Of Night” by Luke Bryan

Song Year: 2013

It seems like Luke Bryan has found his way onto our list, with so many of his songs being loved by country music enthusiasts. This song is about how the perfect night would play out for him. It's not some fancy dinner at the club. Instead, he'd like to get his pickup truck, take a pretty girl out for a few beers, go fishing, skinny dipping, get into a bit of trouble, and relax under the stars.

“Long Hot Summer” by Keith Urban

Song Year: 2010

“A Long Hot Summer” is about loving someone, and they leave you. It seems to be because they moved away, but it resonates on many levels. Summertime is an awful time to go through heartbreak. The weather is nice, it's supposed to be fun, and it's better when you have someone to share your memories with. In the song, the narrator knows it will be an uphill journey.

2010s Country Songs, Final Thoughts

Country songs of the 2010s left an impression on us, and the nostalgia emanating from the list makes you want to go back in time for just a second to relive some of the best moments.

There's nothing like rolling your window down, cruising down the road, and listening to your favorite song. What a time! Don't forget to listen to these songs if you haven't in a while; they're gems!

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