29 Best Songs About Texas

Songs About Texas That'll Have You Feeling Right At Home

Whether you're after Texas themed songs because you live there, you want to visit, or you're just interested in the state, you're in the right place. Here are the best songs about Texas ever.

“The Bluest Eyes in Texas” by Restless Heart

Song Year: 1988

This song is technically a country ballad, but the sound is very 80s. This song is about a man feeling haunted by the woman he loved and lost. He hurt her one too many times and can never get her back. If you have never felt the twinge of regret from losing a loved one, you may not relate to this song, but you will probably enjoy it all the same.

“She’s Like Texas” by Josh Abbott Band

Song Year: 2010

This artist compares his beautiful love to another great love of his, the state of Texas. He goes through many different counties and towns in the state and says that he is glad she loves him, because she is just as lovely as Texas.

“Austin” by Blake Shelton

Song Year: 2001

Blake Shelton hit it out of the park with this one. With a better love story than the majority of the films that have come out in theatres over the last few years, this song tells of a woman leaving her man to get some space.

A year later she reaches out and gets his answering machine that ultimately says that he still loves her. They play a bit of phone tag before they ultimately get back together. The fact that this man waited for her and never loved anyone else is enough to warm your heart, but the lyrics and melody are pretty good too.

“Dallas” by The Flatlanders

Song Year: 1980

In this song, The Flatlanders compare the city of Dallas, Texas to different kinds of people to explain what it is like. The whole song is about how the city can be dangerous, but absolutely stunning at the same time.

“Amarillo Sky” by Jason Aldean

Song Year: 2005

This song is a country classic that will bring a tear to your eye. It tells the story of a man and the farm that has been in the family for generations. The farm life is tough but so is this farmer, and his faith helps him hang on through the hard times. This song is an excellent example of the devotion and strength that come out of Texas.

“All My Ex’s Live In Texas” by George Strait

Song Year: 1987

Pretty much everyone has had at least one nasty breakup. Unfortunately for the guy in this song, he has many unhappy ex girlfriends all over the state of Texas. He says that he would love to leave his current living situation in Tennessee, but he can not bring himself to go back to Texas, much as he misses it.

“El Paso” by Marty Robbins

Song Year: 1959

This is a country ballad that has a sad ending. The story follows a young cowboy that falls in love with a beautiful, dark-eyed Mexican barmaid. He sees her sharing a drink with another and in a fit of jealousy, shoots the man dead.

By riding off on a horse, he escapes the consequences for his actions, but feels his love for the young maiden drawing him back to El Paso. In the end, he dies in the arms of his beloved, but is just happy to be reunited. This song can somehow make you ache for El Paso, Texas, even if you have never been there!

“Rodeo” by Garth Brooks

Song Year: 1991

Many little boys dream of becoming a cowboy someday. With the ropin’ and ridin’, few careers are more exciting and dangerous. This song will bring out the inner child in you as Brooks sings of a young cowboy that is addicted to the adrenaline and high he gets from winning a rodeo.

His girl does not want him to leave her, but he just can not help himself. If nothing else, this song will make you want to see a rodeo for yourself, maybe even down in the state of Texas.

“Amarillo By Morning” by George Strait

Song Year: 1982

This song is all about another man’s love for the rodeo and the city of Amarillo. He reflects on the women he has loved that he lost along the way, but ultimately knows what he is truly called to do.

“Galveston” by Glen Campbell

Song Year: 2012

This tune is short and bittersweet. It tells the story of a young man that is in love with a young lady that he had to leave in Galveston to fight overseas in a war. The song is about youth and being stuck in a faraway land where little seems to make sense. The young man dreams of returning home to dry the eyes of his love, never to leave again.

“La Grange” by ZZ Top

Song Year: 1973

ZZ Top is not just a group of sharp-dressed men, they also created a total hit with “La Grange.” This song is about a brothel in Texas that also inspired the Broadway success “The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas.” The song is very tongue in cheek and with such an interesting background, it will make you wish you were from La Grange yourself.

“If You're Gonna Play in Texas (You Gotta Have a Fiddle in the Band)” by Alabama

Song Year: 1984

This tune is a lighthearted song about a band playing a show in Texas. The band sounds great and the crowd is loving it until one person pipes up that they want to hear more fiddle. More and more people chime in and say that you just should not play a show in Texas unless you have a fiddle playing as well.

This is a fun song that is upbeat and entertaining. The melody and rhythm should have you dancing a little do-si-do before long, and will make you feel like you are watching a live band in some Texan dance hall.

“Too Far From Texas” by Stevie Nicks

Song Year: 2001

This song is one that will break your heart. It is about a woman whose love has returned home to his family and she is left brokenhearted as the “other woman.” The man writes to her and promises over and over again that he will come back for her, but in her heart, deep down, she knows it will never work.

So many people have experienced heartbreak or some similar relationship trouble like this. The worst feeling is when you know it is not going to work out the way you want it to, but you just can not seem to make yourself let go.

“London Homesick Blues” by Jerry Jeff Walker

Song Year: 1973

This is a song all about feeling lost, lonely, and homesick. The artist sings about being stuck in London, far from his home in Texas, feeling like all he wants is to go back to the states. Whether you are on your own for the first time, or are leaving home for the umpteenth time, this song is sure to tug on your heartstrings.

“Corpus Christi Bay” by Robert Earl Keen

Song Year: 1993

This is an interesting song that almost romanticizes alcoholism. The story is about the singer and his brother and all the antics that they got into while working on the Corpus Christi Bay. Most of his wages go to alcohol and the pair end up ruining their lives for the sake of the bottle.

This one is a reflection on feeling stuck in a cycle and wondering if you can ever break free. Hopefully you are not experiencing such a rough lifestyle, but if nothing else, this song will remind you what repetitious mistakes can land you.

“Texas (When I Die)” by Tanya Tucker

Texas (When I Die) by Tanya Tucker

Song Year: 1978

This song is a declaration of love from the singer to the state of Texas.  She compares many different states to Texas and shares why they are just not as good. She also says that if she can not get into heaven, she would be just as content spending eternity in Texas, as the two are pretty similar for her.

“Miles and Miles of Texas” by Asleep At The Wheel

Song Year: 1976

This is another sweet song about a person’s love for Texas. The singer was born in Louisiana, but after visiting the wide open spaces of The Lone Star State, he never wants to leave.

“Texas On My Mind” by Pat Green

Song Year: 2001

Another song where the singer relates his love for his girl and the love he has for Texas is “Texas On My Mind.” In this song, the artist is far away from his girl and can do little more than pine after her and remember the good times. This is a sweet song to listen to when you miss your honey, or to share with that special someone.

“Blame It On Texas” by Mark Chestnutt

Song Year: 1990

This song differs from the rest as the author blames his crazy tendencies on the state of Texas. He did everything from run away from home and leave a sweet girl who was crazy about him, seemingly all because of Texas.

“What I Like About Texas” by Gary P. Nunn

Song Year: 1984

In this song, Gary P. Nunn lists some of his favorite things about this southern state, but the song is a little more than that. “What I Like About Texas” is also about feeling at home in his home state, and knowing that he has a place in this world.

Most people can find at least one thing about their hometown to feel nostalgic about, and this song brings that out. Next time you are feeling homesick or alone, you can listen to this song and hopefully get out of your head for a bit.

“My Texas” by Josh Abbott ft. Pat Green

Song Year: 2012

This song, much like “What I Like About Texas,” lists some of the artists favorite things about the state, but it also has a powerful statement throughout. The whole point of this song is to declare that unless an outsider has seen all the good in this state, they really do not know Texas like the artist.

Everyone knows the old adage to avoid judging a book by its cover, and this song is a great reminder, especially if you have never been to Texas before!

“Girls From Texas” by Pat Green ft. Lyle Lovett

Song Year: 2015

Pat Green sure loves the state of Texas, and this song is yet another example of that. He sings about all the beautiful girls from all over the states, and how they each have something nice to offer. The only difference according to him though, is that girls from Texas are better than all the others.

“Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind?” by George Strait

Song Year: 1984

This song is from the writer to a girl that left him behind. Apparently she left him for another in Dallas, and he is left to remember her. He questions if she ever thinks back on Fort Worth and him, and if she ever wonders if she made the right choice.

“Texas” by Charlie Daniels Band

Song Year: 1975

This song is all about the people from Texas and how they just do not care what anyone thinks of them. The singer first talks about all the best parts of Texas and then moves on to the people. Texans are a rough crowd, but they take care of their own and this song does a fair job of describing them.

“Screw You, We’re From Texas” by Ray Wylie Hubbard

Song Year: 2003

This song sounds like a total middle finger to the other states, but is really more of a declaration that people from Texas are proud. They do not care what outsiders think about them and mostly want to be left alone to do as they see fit.

“Streets of Laredo” by Marty Robbins

Song Year: 1960

Laredo comes from a word meaning “beautiful pastures,” but this song is not as happy as it might sound. The song is about a young cowboy that sees another young man that was shot dead from a gunshot wound. This classic song is a great indication of how country music used to lament more than anything.

“Blue Yodel #1 (T For Texas)” by Jimmie Rodgers

Song Year: 1976

Yodeling is a classic form of country music, and this song is an excellent example. In this song, T may be for Texas, but it is also the first initial of a girl that ran off on the singer and broke his heart. He swears he will find a shotgun and put the other man in the ground. If he was successful, this song unfortunately does not tell us.

“The Yellow Rose of Texas” (Writer Unknown)

Song Year: Origins are set in plantation songs, first put to sheet music in 1858

This song has been sung by so many amazing artists over the years and has kind of become a sort of state song for the state of Texas. Elvis Presley sings “The Yellow Rose of Texas” in this version, but the origins of the song are sadly set in the plantation fields of Texas. The song is about pining after a girl that the singer loves.

“Deep in the Heart of Texas” by Gene Autry

Song Year: 1941

Listening to this song, you can almost picture yourself in front of a big bonfire, singing along with a bunch of Texans at a party somewhere in The Lone Star State. This one is upbeat and fun and has plenty of clapping along for those of you that can not carry a tune in a bucket.

Top Songs About Texas, Final Thoughts

Texas certainly has inspired people to create some excellent music over the years. You do not have to be from the Lone Star State to appreciate these songs, but it is likely that you will feel inspired to travel there and see what these artists sing about.

Texas is one of the largest states in the US, full of pride, piss, and vinegar. If you do get a chance to visit down south, knowing a few of these songs will certainly help you to fit in with the locals!

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