9 Best LED Rave Masks 2024

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Masks have been a staple of the rave and club scene for years. Nowadays, with innovations in terms of LED lights and battery packs, manufacturers are able to incorporate some fun and eye-catching illumination and flashing effects when creating rave masks.

Read on for our selection of the best LED rave masks and some tips for choosing the perfect party mask.

MEGOO LED Mask: Best Overall


This LED mask from MEGOO (compare price on Amazon) creates a mysterious effect by covering your entire face.

The mask creates a unique effect thanks to bright LED beads that can display 50 different patterns, including 25 static patterns and 25 dynamic designs. You can switch from one pattern to the next with the help of a discrete gesture switch, or turn off this feature to lock a pattern.

This battery-powered accessory takes three hours to charge. You’ll get up to eight hours of use on a charge.

We recommend this LED mask because of its lightweight design at only 6.5 oz, its comfortable fit, and the attention to detail and quality from the manufacturer.

Programmable MEGOO LED Mask: Premium Option

Programmable MEGOO LED Mask

Are you willing to spend more and get a premium LED mask? If yes, look no further than this stunning programmable mask from MEGOO (compare price on Amazon).

This fun accessory uses high-quality LED lights to create a bright and crisp image. Plus, you can choose between a version that uses AA batteries or a built-in battery.

Once you pair this Bluetooth mask with your phone, you’ll be able to select one of the 45 dynamic displays or 70 static images. You can also use the gesture switch to cycle between designs.

This premium mask is comfortable thanks to its silica gel inserts and adjustable elastic band.

Halloween Light-Up LED Mask: Best Budget Option

Halloween Light-Up LED Mask

There is no need to spend a lot to get one of the best LED rave masks. This light-up mask from Bibigood (compare price on Amazon) is a face mask you can combine with another rave accessory or use to emphasize a colorful makeup look.

This mask fits like a cowl that you wrap around the lower portion of your face. The cowl design makes it easy to hide the small battery compartment.

You can choose between a model with a design that looks like a scary monster with imposing teeth or a gas mask. The most interesting feature is that the mask progressively illuminates in sync with the EDM music from the rave. We like the monster design because it creates the impression that the monster progressively opens its mouth.

LED Face Mask by Teczero: Best Face Mask

LED Face Mask by Teczero

Simple but eye-catching, this LED face mask is a colorful accessory that will take your rave outfit to the next level (compare price on Amazon).

This face mask uses quality LED lights to create illumination and flashing effects. You’ll get up to five hours of use on a two-hour charge, and you can play with the seven different colors and four flashing modes thanks to the discreet controller on the side.

Another reason to consider this fun LED mask is that the shape and fit are ideal if you want to wear a COVID mask underneath.

The Purge LED Mask: Creepiest Mask

The Purge LED Mask

Make a statement with this chilling LED mask inspired by the movie The Purge: Election Year (compare price on Amazon).

You can complete the look with a Lady Liberty crown, or use this mask to create an original character. There are seven colors available, but the LEDs don’t change colors. However, you can switch between three different modes to create flashing effects.

The quality of the LED lights is excellent given the budget-friendly price range!

Ompusos LED Mask: Best for Customization

Ompusos LED Mask

This innovative rave mask from Ompusos stands out with its advanced tech features (compare price on Amazon). It features 3,600 LED beads that create complex patterns and illumination effects.

Once you download the companion app on your phone, you’ll be able to pair your mask and choose from over 70 different patterns.

You can also draw unique patterns in the app, upload GIFs or videos, and write texts. The possibilities are endless.

We also like the fact that you can have illumination effects sync with your voice or techno music. The mask even comes with a music equalizer pattern that reflects external sounds.

Sound-Reactive LED Mask: Most Original Designs

Sound-Reactive LED Mask

This sound-reactive mask comes in three designs inspired by animals and superheroes (compare price on Amazon). Instead of using unique LED beads, this mask uses reflective material to create a more consistent illumination effect.

These illuminated surfaces flash and change colors in sync with the ambient music or your voice if you turn the sensitivity down.

Demon Slayer LED Mask: Best Anime-Inspired Mask

Demon Slayer LED Mask

Ravers often create unique personas and costumes. Some of these characters borrow elements from science fiction or the cyberpunk genre, while others embrace anime.

This fun anime-inspired mask mimics the cat mask that Sabito wears in Demon Slayer (compare price on Amazon). The large scar makes the mask instantly recognizable, and the use of LED lights results in a modern and festive look.

We like the LED strip that borders the mask and makes its unique shape stand out. There are three color combinations to choose from, and even though the LEDs won’t change colors, you can cycle between three flashing modes.

TSLED Rave Mask: Best Text Mask

TSLED Rave Mask

This budget-friendly programmable LED mask fits like a regular face mask (compare price on Amazon). Its unique feature is the ability to display text that you type into the companion app.

It’s one of the best rave LED masks for displaying texts because the app gives you the possibility to add different colors and effects to your text. You can also add emojis and simple patterns.

The mask also includes a built-in filter that you can replace. It’s not as effective as a medical-grade mask, but it offers some level of protection in a crowded environment.

What To Look for in LED Rave Masks?

A rave mask should look fun and match your style, but there are a few additional things to consider.


How much coverage should a rave mask offer? Some manufacturers specialize in full-face masks while others offer accessories that cover the lower part of your face.

A full-face mask is a better option if you want an accessory that can display larger patterns or would rather hide your features completely to create a mysterious effect.

Some ravers prefer masks with less coverage because they allow for better visibility and feel less restrictive. They also open the possibility of creating a unique look by combining different accessories, such as goggles or visors.

Static or Changing Designs

Some rave masks use an LED display with thousands of beads that can change color and create changing designs. Other products use static LED strips.

Static masks tend to be more affordable, and they sometimes feature a specific character or recognizable design you can use to create a costume. If you’re going to a rave with a group of friends, a static mask design will make it easier to stay together.

Masks with changing designs tend to cost more, but they open up more possibilities and allow you to change patterns to reflect your mood or simply have fun with different designs.

Sound Reactivity

Not all rave masks come with this feature, but sound reactivity is one of the most fun and eye-catching features of LED masks.

Sound-reactive masks can sync with ambient music and display light-up effects that match the beat of the music. It’s a fun interactive feature that can make an LED mask feel more expressive.


There are a few practical things to consider when comparing the best LED rave masks. You’ll typically wear these accessories for hours at a time. If you’re dancing or attending an event in a closed space, you will likely sweat quickly.

It’s best to opt for a mask that feels lightweight and breathable. Look for soft padding so the mask doesn’t dig into your skin, and make sure the mask comes with a wide elastic band that you can adjust.

Best LED Rave Mask Brands

If you’re looking for a quality accessory, we recommend the following brands.

MEGOO is an innovative brand with a strong presence on Amazon. This manufacturer specializes in LED masks that use Bluetooth connectivity and smart features. We also recommend this brand because it tests all its products.

Neon Culture is a popular brand among ravers. You won’t find their products on Amazon, but this manufacturer offers some unique designs and stands out thanks to its sound-reactive masks.

If you’re looking for a unique LED mask, the Rave Cave is an excellent option. This manufacturer creates intricate designs with animals and other original elements.

Rave Ready is another option to consider. This brand stands out thanks to its huge selection of face masks and full-face accessories.

Top LED Rave Masks, Final Thoughts

An LED rave mask is a fun and exciting way to enhance a party outfit. If you’re looking for a full-face mask, we recommend this affordable option from MEGOO or this premium programmable mask from the same brand.

If you’d rather wear a face mask, this simple but colorful light-up mask is a comfortable and budget-friendly choice.

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