11 Best Songs About Being 9 Years Old

Not everyone remembers being nine years old since it's still quite young. It's the age right before you finally hit double digits, which could be an important time for some.

While it's not the most common age people write music about, some songs mention someone who’s 9. Here are the best songs about being nine years old.

“9 Years Old” by David Archuleta

Song Year: 2020

David Archuleta released “9 Years Old” on his eighth studio album, “Therapy Sessions,” which is very fitting when you take the time to listen to the song's lyrics.

The song has excellent instrumentals and is fun to listen to, but the lyrics are a little sad when you think about the meaning behind them. Many of the lyrics are about how he felt like he could be more himself at nine years old, wishing he could return to that feeling and not have so many worries bogging him down.

“Outro (9 Years Old)” by TYGKO

Song Year: 2019

TYGKO is a hip-hop and rap artist who released this song on their 2019 album, “Breakfast.” The song starts pretty slow, and the beat is comforting once it starts playing. While the song's title mentions being nine years old, the lyrics featuring this age aren't until further along in the song.

Despite the lyrics not mentioning the age until later, the song is sad about the artist's struggle with drug use and his family's. It's about how he was nine years old and “higher than most.” While his lyrics aren't about a thoroughly happy time at nine years old, it's still an impactful song about being nine years old.

“Rambling Pony No. 2” by Fleetwood Mac

Song Year: 1969

Fleetwood Mac is known for their great songs about wandering and excellent instrumentals. “Rambling Pony No. 2” is a re-recorded version of “Rambling Pony.” The song is more about the music rather than the lyrics, but they still mention being nine years old a few times throughout the song.

While the meaning behind the song isn't widely known, the artists sing about looking for someone to give their love to despite being someone who wanders and doesn't stay in one place for too long. Whether it's a woman they can love romantically or a nine-year-old, they can love like a parent.

“Rich Girl” by Kyla Greening

Song Year: 2021

Kyla Greening released her song “Rich Girl” in 2021. Her angelic voice captures a variety of situations she was in when she was nine years old. While the whole song doesn't revolve around being nine years old, it is a theme throughout what some would potentially call a love song.

When she talks about being nine years old, she talks about how broke her family was. She sings about how they drive the same car they've had since she was nine, how she learned the value of a dollar at a young age, and how to survive without being rich. From there, the song is all about how she found someone who loves her and makes her feel rich, despite being poor.

“Lucky” by Sonni Montata

Song Year: 2021

“Lucky” is a song by Sonni Montana that mentions being nine years old as well as a few other ages growing up. The song is pretty dark and has some themes that, unfortunately, too many people can relate to. This hip-hop and rap song might just be your new favorite if you love that genre of music.

The lyrics are explicit, so you don't want to listen to this song around children. Sonni Montana sings about how they first learned how to shoot a gun at only nine years old. The rest of the song is about his upbringing and the situations he was put in due to his circumstances.

“No Place for Young Men” by Tall Paul

"No Place for Young Men" by Tall Paul

Song Year: 2021

One of the newer songs about being nine years old is “No Place for Young Men” by Tall Paul. The song tells the story of children being sent to a boarding school that they felt was more like a jail rather than a school, thanks to forced religion.

The artist reflects sadly on how difficult it is for children to learn so much at nine years old. Furthermore, the song's title highlights the fact that the boarding school is not where a young man (even a nine-year-old) should be.

“Turn Off the Clock” by Sean Monroe

Song Year: 2020

Another great song about being nine years old is “Turn Off the Clock” by Sean Moore. The song is relatively lighthearted and mentions all the best things about being a kid, precisely nine years old. Some of the lyrics mention all the simple things we took for granted at that age.

The artist sings about how they want to rewind time and go back to when all they had to worry about was playing on the playground, laughing and playing with friends, etc. Another critical component of this song is how they want to rewind time and stop the clock once they're nine years old.

“Nine Years Old” by Policy of Three

Song Year: 1995

Nine Years Old is a somber song about a boy who likes to be alone and stare at the sky. However, some older boys approach him one day and beat him up. Then, they take it a step further by dragging him into the water, where he drowns because he doesn’t know how to swim. The vocals express the anger and sadness of a young boy’s life lost in such a tragic way.

“Taking Over” by Makayla Malaka

Song Year: 2021

Makayla is a British-Nigerian singer and dancer who started recording songs when she was just six years old. She has already released three albums named “Eight,” “Nine,” and “Ten,” corresponding to her age at the time.

The song is about Makayla taking over the music industry at the age of nine. She sings about her determination to succeed and how she will not let anyone stop her from achieving her dreams. It’s an empowering song for young people with an upbeat and catchy tune.

“Child of Sin” by Tim Lindemann and Kovacs

Song Year: 2023

Lastly, we have “Child of Sin” by Tim Lindemann. The song features lyrics that talk all about how they were at different ages in childhood. The central theme of this song is how he was a child of sin and constantly getting up to something mischievous.

The part where he sings about being nine years old comes with the second verse. He says he would terrorize the streets when he was nine years old. You can use your interpretation of what terrorize means. Most choose to take it as they were just pulling silly pranks, while others believe he meant something more serious.

“Dreams” by Ashanti

Song Year: 2002

Ashanti is one of the best voices to come from the early 2000s, and her song “Dreams” is literally all about dreams. Not the ones you have when you fall asleep, but your dream job or what you dream about doing with your life.

The first line in the song is Ashanti speaking at nine years old about how she wants to grow up to be a singer. While that's the only real mention of being nine years old throughout the song, the entire song is based on her dream when she was that age and how dreams can become a reality if you work hard and never give up.

Top Songs About Being 9 Years Old, Final Thoughts

From talking about turning nine, a life event that happened at that age, or something else, these are some of the best songs themed around the age of nine. So regardless of the mood or occasion, we hope you’ve discovered some new songs that will be a perfect fit for your playlist.

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