21 Best Songs About June

There are tons of songs about June that can help you celebrate the beginning of summertime.

From upbeat pop songs and romantic ballads, to heart-pounding metal tracks and twangy country ditties, these top songs about June will keep you coming back for more all year long.

“Memphis In June” by Nina Simone

Song Year: 1961

If you're looking for a relaxing soft jazz tune that speaks to slow-paced summertime reminiscing, this song is for you.

Nina Simone's soulful voice is bewitching, and her story-like lyrics drip with sincere sentimentality.

The crooning chorus creates a sensation of stand-still relaxation that's pleasantly accompanied by moments of faster-paced piano, with each verse harkening back to pleasant childhood memories and long-past summertime.

In short, this tune is tailor-made for lazy June afternoons.

“June on the West Coast” by Bright Eyes

Song Year: 1998

Bright Eyes (Conor Oberst) is one of the biggest names in the indie folk and emo music scene.

While he achieved some mainstream success in the mid-2000s after the release of “First Day Of My Life,” many of his earlier tracks are equally beautiful and worthy of celebration, including this simple love song.

Each line of this tune is poetry, but Obert's bright West Coast accent and earnest delivery ensure that none of it sounds pretentious or forced.

Detailing visits to different areas along the West Coast and how each new place coincides with a personal journey through a heartbreak-induced depression, this song is a little bit sad and entirely uplifting.

“The Thirty-First of June” by Petula Clark

Song Year: 1966

Before you get out your calendar, let's make one thing clear; June only has thirty days, not thirty-one. But that's part of this song's charm and message.

We'll never get to experience the 31st day of June. It's simply an impossibility. The same could be said of the unrequited love Petula Clark sings about in this song.

Although this song tells a sad story, its big band backing and Clark's powerful voice make it danceable. If you're a fan of 1960s British pop or rock music, there's an excellent chance that this tune will become a new favorite.

“Evening in June”  by Van Morrison

Song Year: 2003

This upbeat, bluesy song is undeniably romantic.

Morrison sings about being unable to stop thinking about the person he loves and how he looks forward to spending time with that person during—you guessed it—an evening in June!

If you've ever had a summer romance, you know how magical the sunshine-filled days and warm summer nights can be when you're with that special somebody.

This catchy song describes this phenomenon; just like falling in love, you might not be able to get it out of your head.

“Girls In June” by Dirty Art Club

Song Year: 2013

Lo-Fi (also spelled LoFi) music has had a glow-up over the last several years, becoming the go-to genre for those wanting to enjoy lyric-free tunes that encourage greater focus and relaxation.

This song by Dirty Art Club is an excellent example of Lo-Fi music done right. It has a trappy, almost hip-hop introductory beat that slips into a more experimental electronic jangle, with a jazzy electronic guitar to make the listening experience even more of a journey.

Even though this song doesn't have lyrics, it casts a relaxing and slightly sensual summertime spell that can make any day a little brighter.

“Rainy Day in June” by The Kinks

Song Year: 1966

Many songs about June are happy, celebrating the month's associations with summer holidays and pleasantly warm weather. But this song by The Kinks takes things in the opposite direction.

Starting with the loud rumbling of nearby thunder, this song's fairytale-like lyrics tell the story of a massive rain cloud with seemingly evil intentions.

But although this song is about hopelessness and despair (and lots of rain), it has a catchy, hand-clapping chorus that saves it from being too dark.

“Snow Falls in June” by Ryan Bingham

Song Year: 2015

Unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere, there's little chance you'll see snowfall in June. But it's crucial not to take the lyrics of this Ryan Bingham song too literally.

Instead of being about unusual weather conditions, this song is about unexpected tragedy befalling someone you love and about offering that loved one your complete support.

It's a romantic and beautiful song, and Bingham's gravelly voice is reminiscent of early Johnny Cash.

If you're a country rock music fan searching for a song to lift you up during a hard time, you might want to check this one out.

“June Hymn” by The Decemberists

Song Year: 2011

Like Bright Eyes, The Decemberists are fairly big within the indie music scene, and their folk aesthetic is evident throughout this song.

This tune is truly a hymn to the mid-year month. It details the natural sights and sounds of June and summertime, though the lyrics have a tinge of reminiscence and longing.

The harmonies are raw, and the harmonica and acoustic guitar make this track feel homespun.

“Paris in June” by Johnnyswim

Song Year: 2014

Fans of folk would be remiss to miss out on the husband-and-wife duo that is Johnnyswim.

The dulcet, pitch-perfect tones of Abner Ramirez get perfectly complimented here by the rich sound of Amanda Sudano's vocals. Their duets are often powerful and passionate, and this song about June is no exception.

It features sweeping strings, incredible harmonies, and lyrics that pull at the heartstrings. This track could be an excellent “first dance” song at a wedding—it's romantic and beautifully performed.

“June in January” by Bing Crosby

Song Year: 1934

We can't talk about the best songs about June and not mention this hit song performed by Bing Crosby!

Crosby's laid-back crooning is an ideal fit for this tune's lyrics, which discuss how love can make one feel full of summertime sunshine, even in the depths of a bitterly cold winter. It's full of old-fashioned charm, making it great for slow dancing.

Sure, it's not the most lyrically or instrumentally complex song, but it's a bonafide classic.

“Day in June” by Kid Astray

"Day in June" by Kid Astray

Song Year: 2015

This indie song about June has strong electronic influences, with some similarities to early MGMT and Vampire Weekend tracks. It's extremely catchy, so if you're not fond of earworms, watch out!

That said, this song's catchiness masks the meaning of the lyrics, which explore the bitterness of breaking up. Still, this tune remains fun, with punchy drum beats and mellow choral harmonies that keep the overall tone light.

Enjoying an indie-music-filled summer is far easier with this song at the ready.

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