21 Famous Egyptian Songs

There’s a lot of great Egyptian made music out there. Many of their songs have racked up millions of views on Youtube, Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Whether you’re educating yourself on Egyptian music or you’re looking for new classics to add to your playlist, here are some famous Egyptian songs.

1. “Etnaset” by Muslim

Song Year: 2021

After its release, the emotional rhythm of the song captured many Egyptian music lovers. The song’s unique minimalism in the video performance makes it even more popular. The singer regrets leaving his partner, knowing that he loved her. He never thought of a day when they would part ways.

He believes that his partner saw his beauty, and he never intended to leave. But because it’s his fault, he is ready to take her back this time, not letting her slip out of his hand. She expresses how her absence affects him because she is deeply concealed within his heart.

The moment he tries to forget her, his heart breaks into two. He promises to treat her respectfully and live a happy life if she returns.

2. “Bel Bont El3areedh” by Hussain Al Jassmi

Song Year: 2020

Written by the revolutionary Egyptian songwriter Hussain Al Jassmi, the song is undoubtedly one of the sweetest hits you will ever listen to. Since its release on August 15, 2020, the Egyptian dialect song has earned over 600 million views on YouTube.

The singer talks about how he is in love, and the more he thinks about his friend, the more he gets addicted. He believes that meeting her in person is the solution because he will feel like a different person. He describes his potential lover as someone with a heart full of kindness.

3. “Wasa3 Wasa3” by Ahmed Saad

Song Year: 2022

Wasa3 Wasa3 is the best of the three hit singles released by Saad in 2022. The hit combines electric pop and Egyptian dialect with a hip-hop style. Ahmed Saad performed the song during the Soundstorm festival earlier this year.

4. “Mesaytara” by Lamis Kan

Song Year: 2021

You might have heard of this song because even non-Egyptian music lovers are charmed by its lyrics. Many people love the empowering ballad because the women dancers sing it so strongly.

The song talks about how men have power and dominance over their women. While many think that the song is a provocation, the hit addresses those in marriage and why wives should follow their husband’s orders.

The song has destroyed several marriages, including a Jordanian bride who walked from their wedding and ended the marriage immediately.

5. “Ta’ala Adala’ak” by Bahaa Sultan

Song Year: 2021

The song is a perfect mix of Syrian and Egyptian music that will provoke you to dance. The singer confesses that he will give appreciation and that they’ll not disagree with his friend.

He swore he wouldn’t disappoint her because she would do the same if she were in the same position. He claims that all their disagreements will be over and the meeting will be peaceful. It’s a cautionary song to those who constantly get into a disagreement.

The singer assures the friend that their companionship is still there, and because they are loyal friends, their friendship shouldn’t end up in betrayal. The song advises the listeners to solve their disputes and show tremendous respect to those who matter most.

6. “Alo Aleky” by Mohammed Saeed

Song Year: 2022

The singer always tells terrific stories about his lover even if she leaves. He is hurt because they had agreed they would go for a few days, but it’s been a long since they met. The singer believes his previous lover forgot their good old days and hesitates to return.

He expresses his love for his lover and hopes he will soon feel her presence after many years of being away. The singer desires to solve issues with his lover since their affection isn’t lost.

7. “Bel Wara’a Wel Alam” by Riham and Elhakim

Song Year: 2013

Another great Egyptian song. The singer describes a middle-aged American who settles in Egypt for the first time. After living in Egypt for a while, the singer longs for his country. The famous song featured in “Assal Eswed” tells a familiar story that every Egyptian living in America can relate to.

The lyrics are about someone who arrives in a country, and instead of embracing him entirely, it kicks him out. The singer tells of a country that is unjust but will still come to your aid though he isn’t comfortable anymore.

8. “Ya El Midan” by Cairokee

Song Year: 2011

Every Egyptian might have heard about this song because it’s commonly played to commemorate the January 25 revolution. Ya El Midan is a single hit that propelled the band to worldwide fame.

The hit includes numerous references to Egyptians played in the protests, such as treating injured protesters. The song claims the sound of freedom brings people together when they are oppressed.

Although human opinions may differ, the intentions of protesting are pure. The musician states that citizens must protect their country and ensure those who died to get their rights.

He also praises those who fought against oppression and assures them that their spirit will never die because they made the world listen. The song ends with a message informing the listeners that unity is the only weapon to tell the truth about oppressors.

9. “Aho Da Eli Sar” by Sayed Darwish

Song Year: 2019

Aho Da Eli Sar, meaning “This is what happened,” is a revolutionary song about the 1919 Egyptian Revolution. The song was written explicitly as a reaction to the British occupation of Egypt.

The track aimed to inspire the Egyptians to revolt against the oppressive rule of the British government. It explains poverty and the importance of working together as a community.

The country’s vast resources aren’t in the citizens’ hands, and they have to find valuable solutions to avoid blame in the future.

Sayed Darwish discusses why Egyptians should hold their close friends and family members closely because the enemy isn’t genuine. He says that they shouldn’t give the British a chance to gloat. Instead, they should remain united to push away the dishonorable enemy.

10. “Alf Leila We Leila” by Um Kulthum

Song Year: 2015

Alf Leila We Leila is one of the few songs you’ll hear whenever Egyptian music is. Although the singer passed away five decades ago, the song still exists in the country. Many people consider the immortal classic one of the best Arabic recordings in history.

The new generation of dancers has even made the song better, making it a popular hit in Arabic clubs across the country.

11. “Kadeyet Am Ahmed” by Omar Khairat

“Kadeyet Am Ahmed” by Omar Khairat

Song Year: 2014

Written by one of Egypt’s most famous and celebrated musicians, Kadeyet Am Ahmed is a typical song in national celebrations and large music events. The song, meaning “the case of Am Ahmed,” boasts of easy-to-understand lyrics, rendering it a perfect song if you don’t fully understand Arabic.

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