Free Unused Song Lyrics – No Attribution Required

Coming up with lyrics is hard.

If you’re feeling inspired, and in flow, then a song can come together quite quicky. The problem is that these moments only seem to come around every now and again, and if you don’t capture them in the moment, you could easily lose out on some great ideas.

But if you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, well, you’re in the right place at the right time. Here are some unused song lyrics you can take advantage of now – no attribution required.

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Read First: How To Use These Lyrics

The following lyrics were written by me. You can use them royalty free, and you are not required to give credit, assuming you use them for fun and not profit.

The only exception is if you want to republish these lyrics on another website. If you plan to republish them elsewhere, please link to this article as credit.

Now, let’s get to those lyrics. I’ve covered some of the most popular lyrical themes in the sections that follow.

Falling In Love

Falling in love is a near universal experience for human beings. Whether it’s a crush, lust, or falling head over heels, we’ll all run into someone that captures our attention.

To be fair, songs are more likely to be about breakups than love, especially nowadays. It could be because musicians aren’t always inspired to write when they’re happy. But we’ll get to breakup songs a little later.

Some of the best love and romance songs of all time include “Something” by The Beatles, “Endless Love” by Lionel Ritchie, “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley, among others.

The following song is called “Love is Real” and it follows the story of the narrator who has only ever experienced tragedy in love.

Unused Lyrics – “Love Is Real”

Title: Love is Real

Verse 1:

How many times I’ve been disappointed
How many times I’ve endured the pain
I never thought I’d find anyone
I thought it would always be the same
Every time it would end
One disappointment after another
I was sure there was nothing else
No option but to suffer


But whenever I stumble
You’re there to catch me
Whenever I’m not funny
You still laugh with me
Even when I mess up
You’re there to remind me
That time can heal, and love is real
When I’m lost you find me
Love is real, love is real

Verse 2:

My mistakes were never forgiven
Every crime against me
Sins of omission and commission
Always there to haunt me
My words misunderstood
They were always used against me
Sentenced to loneliness
My service did not save me


I was sure there was no one like you
I was sure it was all so cruel
But now I know otherwise
Love is real, love is real


Breakups are bar none the most popular theme in music. These types of songs can take many forms, though, whether it’s vindictive, angry, lighthearted, or emotional.

Some of the greatest breakup songs of all time include Prince’s “Purple Rain,” Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know,” Adele’s “Someone Like You,” among many others.

What follows is a rather emotional breakup song. It’s called “Never Enough,” and it follows the story of the narrator who does everything they can to satisfy their partner but still comes up short.

Unused Lyrics – “Never Enough”

Title: Never Enough

Verse 1:

I did everything I could
Left nothing to chance
Every time you were near
I was sure to romance
Even when you asked
For more than I could give
I was there to satisfy
In everything I did


I thought you would be happy
But you don’t know how
I thought you would melt
Learn to live in the now
But all you ever see
Is what you don't have
I can’t make you complete
Because it’s never enough for you

Verse 2:

I brought you a flower
You tossed it aside
I gave you chocolates
Your thanks were a lie
I gave you myself
Then you backed away
I gave you my all
I wanted you to stay


Your impossible standards
Are too much for anyone
I care too much for myself
To keep on like this
I’ve got to give up
Because It’s never enough
I’ve got to give up
Because it’s never enough


Desire is the feeling of wanting and waiting for something. It could be a partner, a goal you’ve been working towards, or longing for a different circumstance. Some accompanying feelings could include missing someone, hoping, and frustration.

Some of the best songs about desire include “All I Need” by Radiohead, “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift, and “I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt.

I’ve kept the following lyrics quite general, so they’re open to interpretation. The song is called “Destined to Win,” and it’s about the desire to succeed against all odds.

Unused Lyrics – “Destined to Win”

Title: Destined to Win

Verse 1:

They issued a challenge
They said no one could win
It’s much too difficult
You won’t know where to begin
Cards stacked against you
You’ve been trumped already
Play your hand if you will
Your chips are theirs already


This is my moment
There’s no way I can lose
It’s everything I want
It may not come around again
It’s a chance of a lifetime
I’ve got to give it my all
I was destined to win

Verse 2:

I trained for this day
Prepared for the battle
Endured some pain
Got back up again
The fire in my heart
It will never go out
No one can stop me now
I’m not going down


I don’t need to know the odds
There’s no turning back now
The only way is forward
I was destined to win


Whether it’s losing a pet, a friend, a family member, or a spouse, there can be many difficult and complicated feelings that come with loss.

Some songs that have stood the test of time in this category include Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On,” “Wake Me Up When September Ends” by Green Day (the song that follows is kind of in that style), and “Tears In Heaven” by Eric Clapton.

The following lyrics describe the numbness and futility that loss can usher in. “All I Can do” expresses the hopelessness and helplessness you can feel after you lose something that matters to you.

Unused Lyrics – “All I Can Do”

Title: All I Can do

Verse 1:

Every morning I’m greeted
By the colorless sky
I’m haunted by the monochrome
Of moments gone by
Too many days have passed
Does anybody know the time?
Another sigh only reminds
Of what’s already gone


If I only had one wish
I would wish this moment away
All I can do is wait
I can’t feel anymore
Because I’ve used up my feelings
All I can do is wait
There will be no healing
Time is not my friend
But all I can do is wait

Verse 2:

I make myself food
But I don’t want to eat
I take another shower
But my heart is devoured
Is there anything I can do?
There isn’t anymore
I turn it over again
My memories are turning


There is no way back
I can’t return in time
Nothing can be done
And I’m losing my mind


Jadedness is a rather interesting theme. It generally describes the state being worn out, often from overindulgence.

But it can also mean that you can’t possibly see anything going well, because experience has shown you otherwise. Or it can mean that you’re washed up, old news.

Aerosmith, Drake, Disclosure, and Operation Ivy have some of the most popular songs about jadedness (could it be because their songs are all titled “Jaded?”).

Here’s “Someone Told Me,” a song about feeling washed up and like nothing good is ever going to happen again.

Unused Lyrics – “Someone Told Me”

Title: Someone Told Me

Verse 1:

How many times can you say
“Your best days are still ahead”
And still mean it?
As life takes you on a wild ride
And you get swept up in its tide
Hope to survive from its waters unscathed


Things don’t work out
And that’s okay I guess
I just wish someone told me
I bought into the lies
That I could have it all
I just wish someone told me
I just wish someone told me

Verse 2:

How many times can you say
“It doesn’t matter anyway?”
And stubbornly endure it?
Shake the hand of sadness
Embrace the body of depression
And lie down with your fate?


Someone told me
Keep a positive mind
Everything will work out fine
Someone told me
It’s just a setback
Wait until your comeback
Someone told me
You’re washed up now
You’d better give up now
Someone told me
Yeah, someone told me


Lyrics you can use

Inspiration is a vague theme, but then again, most songs are made to be about as vague as possible so they can appeal to a larger audience.

There are many things in life that can light you up, whether it’s finding someone to fall in love with, getting married, moving to a new city, traveling the world, reading a book, or otherwise.

The most popular songs about inspiration aren’t about inspiration so much as they are inspiring. Songs like “Beautiful Day” by U2, “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor, “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey, and others.

The following song is titled “How Much You Can Take.” I hope it’s inspiring, but if not, you could also see the lyrics for “Destined to Win” under the “Desire” header.

Unused Lyrics – “How Much You Can Take”

Title: How Much You Can Take

Verse 1:

It’s 6 AM and it’s raining outside
You’ve got to get up, it’s time
Did you even sleep? You don’t know
But now you’ve got places to go
There’s no reason to be excited
It’s going to be hell at work
You’ve got to struggle through
And start it all over tomorrow


You may think it’s all but done
And there’s no way to change
You may think it’s hopeless now
Your misery arranged
But take one more step
Do it all in faith
Get up one more time
It’s about how much you can take

Verse 2:

It’s 8 PM and it’s raining outside
You finally made it home, just in time
You need to put the laundry in the dryer
The food in the microwave
There’s no time to sit and think
Dishes go in the sink
You don’t know how
But there’s got to be a way


It’s all up to you
You’ve got what it takes
It’s all up to you
You’ve got what it takes


Aspiration is about wanting to be something more. Songs about aspiration, though, are generally about chasing your dreams and rising to the occasion.

Some songs that seem to fit the bill are Eminem’s “Lose Yourself,” Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song,” and Sara Bareilles’ “Brave.”

We’re kind of walking a fine line when it comes to inspiration / aspiration, but oh well… I’m a lyricist, I can do something with this.

This song is called “I Rose Higher,” and it’s about overcoming personal struggles.

Unused Lyrics – “I Rose Higher”

Title: I Rose Higher

Verse 1:

It’s deeper than I thought
I can’t see the bottom
I looked up once again
Let out a sigh
It’s been getting in the way
It’s unconquerable now
I’ve been left out again
I’m alone in this pain


I rose higher
Because I couldn’t stay where I was
I rose higher
To see what was above
I can see the day
Where I’m okay
There's always another way
I rose higher
And I found my strength again

Verse 2:

“You’d be crazy to continue on”
I felt like I was being strung along
Once they were so friendly
Now they appear enemies
It’s so easy for them
I don’t have the answers
But I’m done with excuses
And I’ve only got one choice


I don’t know when
But that day is coming
I don’t care if everyone sees
Because I don’t know when
But that day is coming
And I will find a way


Nostalgia is generally about looking back fondly on the past. The past may not be quantifiably better, but many of us will look back on simpler times, easier times, better times, and reminisce on them.

Some of the best songs on nostalgia include “Summer of ‘69” by Bryan Adams, “The Boys of Summer” by Don Henley, and “Tuesday’s Gone” by Lynyrd Skynyrd, among others.

I’ve titled the following song “Chips and Cola,” and it’s a playful, lighthearted take on nostalgia (I think I ought to write at least one number that isn’t so serious), all about reminiscing on playing video games with friends all night.

Unused Lyrics – “Chips and Cola”

Title: “Chips and Cola”

Verse 1:

I can’t wait for the weekend
I can’t wait for tonight
I’m going to join my friends
In a dark basement
Controllers in hand
We’ll play games all night
Drink some cola
And forget about our lives


Boom, I gotcha!
Walked into my rocket launcha
Better watch where you’re going
When you step around the corna
Tonight, we feast on chips and cola
Whoa, it’s a monsta!
Better call the coppa
Don’t you stick your fingers in my bowla
Tonight, I’m about the chips and cola

Verse 2:

What time is it again?
Oh well it doesn’t matter
We’re here all weekend
I don’t care if I’m tired
There are so many games to play
So many dragons to slay
Let’s enter the dungeon
And level up again


“What a great moment”
I think to myself
This is the best
Is there any way to top this?
But then I have an idea
I know what my friends will say
“Let’s get some pizza”


At times, we all wish we had it a little easier, don’t we? Whether it’s boredom, a breakup, rejection, unrequited love, death in the family, financial troubles, lawsuits, or otherwise, life always seems to show up with a fresh set of challenges just when things seem to be going our way.

One of the best songwriters in the realm of escapism is undoubtedly Jimmy Buffett, but it’s fair to say it’s a very popular song theme across the board – Gwen Stefani, Depeche Mode, The Weekend, MGMT, Travis Scott, Enrique Iglesias, and many others have a song or two about escapism.

Many songs are about drawing our attention away from the things that bother us in general.

In honor of Parrotheads, I’ve titled this song “Life is a Buffet.” In my mind, it occupies the same space as “Cheeseburger in Paradise” but think what you will.

Unused Lyrics – “Life is a Buffet”

Title: Life is a Buffet

Verse 1:

This place is just too much
So, I’ve made up my mind
I’m going to pack up my bags
And leave it all behind
The further the better
Somewhere beautiful and warm
I’ll start a new life there
And I’ll be happy again


Life is a buffet
You take what you want
You can leave the rest
Always enjoy the best
Life is delicious
You take what you want
You lounge all day
All work and no play

Verse 2:

I don’t want responsibility
Why should I go to school?
I don’t need a job
A partner is trouble
Kids just sound like work
And everyone with a mortgage
Is all stressed out
I don’t need any of it because…


It doesn’t always go right
But that’s okay
You can always drink your tears away
It doesn’t always feel good
But it’s alright
You can always drink your fears away
Drink up tonight

Free Unused Song Lyrics, Final Thoughts

If you struggle with writing lyrics, you’ll be glad to know you’re not the only one! Even though it’s rare to hear pros admitting to this weakness, groups like the Beastie Boys acknowledged that they sometimes left lyric writing to the very last minute!

Talking Heads’ David Byrne says his method to madness was having each band member work on a lyric, rhythm, or a fragment of an idea with the intention of later bringing together the various elements to create a song (basically, no one was under pressure to write an entire song).

Some bands admit to using the punchbowl technique, of taking a bunch of word clippings (from magazines, papers, etc.), mixing them up, drawing them out of the bowl one by one, and stringing them together to make a song.

Even when it comes to lyric writing, there aren’t many rules. Assuming you aren’t outright copying someone, there are plenty of opportunities.

I hope you enjoyed the above, and I can’t wait to hear what you do with it.

P.S. Remember though, none of what you've learned will matter if you don't know how to get your music out there and earn from it. Want to learn how to do that? Then get our free ‘5 Steps To Profitable Youtube Music Career' ebook emailed directly to you!

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