31 Best Unity Candle & Sand Ceremony Songs For Weddings

Best Unity Candle & Sand Ceremony Songs For Weddings

The unity candle and sand ceremony are two of the most popular wedding traditions for couples looking to symbolize their union. They’re an excellent way to honor the joining of two families and two souls. A unique part of these traditions is selecting relevant music for the ceremony. We’ve compiled a list of the best unity candle songs for your special day.

1. Sea of Love” by Cat Power

Song year: 1999

The Phil Phillips track’s rendition has a unique tone that’s both striking and moving. The song’s lines talk about a profound and enduring love, expressing the singer’s dedication and longing for their significant other. Typically, most people play the track during the first dance at weddings and receptions.

The song’s love message appeals to listeners of all ages and is easy to understand. It’s a perfect choice if you wish to set your wedding ceremony’s mood with a timeless classic or want to listen to a lovely and moving ballad.

2. Beautiful in My Eyes” by Joshua Kadison

Song year: 1993

The song has a gentle, folk-like vibe and talks about the singer’s love and adoration for his lover, stating that they’re lovely in his eyes regardless of other people’s thoughts about them. The tune is soothing, and the lyrics are simple but heartfelt.

The track is among the favorite sand ceremony songs since it celebrates the depth and permanence of love between newlyweds. The song’s ability to elicit feelings and express the essence of real love renders it an all-time classic.

3. “Grow Old With Me” by Mary Chapin Carpenter

Song year: 1999

The track talks about lasting love. Lyrically, the singer expresses their wish and hope to spend the rest of their lives with their partner. It celebrates the presence of love in times of joy and sorrow. The track is soothing and calm, creating an atmosphere just right for a wedding. The tune is common during the first dance, unity candle, or the sand ceremony.

The song’s powerful message of love and dedication and its sweet melody is bound to invoke emotions, creating a memorable moment. It’s a great pick if you’re seeking a track to demonstrate your undying love for your spouse or want to add a romantic touch to your big day.

4. “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri

Song year: 2011

“A Thousand Years” has been used in numerous films and TV series, rendering it one of the most popular choices for a unity candle or sand ceremony song. The singer speaks about how true love lasts forever.

The track’s romantic lyrics and beautiful melody will add an emotional touch to your wedding ceremony. You can also play the song during the first dance or at the reception.

5. “I Chose You” by Caleb Edens

Song year: 2015

“I Chose You” is a heartfelt song perfect for a unity candle or sand ceremony. The track talks about a love that has stood the test of time to reach maturity. The lyrics convey the singer’s appreciation and happiness for finding true love.

The track is soothing and has a beautiful acoustic guitar accompaniment, creating an inviting, romantic atmosphere. The beautiful love story is sure to move your guests.

6. “Amazing Grace Song” by Geisel

Song year: 2015

The track’s lyrics express gratitude for God’s grace and the transforming power of absolution. Because of its universally appealing melody, the track is a favorite in religious ceremonies such as weddings.

The song’s beautiful message of faith and love will move every guest in attendance. It’s a perfect pick for a unity candle or sand ceremony because it reminds you of all the blessings in store for your marriage.

7. “Forever and For Always” by Shania Twain

Song year: 2002

The heartfelt track is about the love and dedication that two lovers have for one another. The lyrics reflect the singer’s promise that she’ll always love and appreciate her partner, despite the difficulties they may experience together.

It features Shania Twain’s melodic voice and is a quiet tribute to the strength of true love. It’s a common wedding selection during the first dance, unity candle, and sand ceremony.

8. “Because You Loved Me” by Celine Dion

Song year: 1996

The song explores the depths of love and affection. The lyrics are the singer’s gratitude to their partner for sticking with them in good and bad times and giving them strength to overcome obstacles that come their way.

The song’s charming coordination and vocals have made it a wedding favorite. The track is an excellent choice for the sand ceremony and first dance to establish a romantic mood to celebrate your love’s journey.

9. “Make You Feel My Love” by Adele

Song year: 2008

The song’s soft melody and passionate lyrics make it a fitting selection for a wedding service. The singer talks about how much they’ll go to ensure their significant other feels loved and appreciated.

Adele’s heartfelt vocals give the track a profound emotional depth, rendering it a good pick for a sand ceremony, unity candle, and first dance. The gentle acoustic guitar accompaniment will fill the place with emotion, creating a special moment.

10. “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley

Song year: 1994

The lyrics are about love, commitment, and finding restitution or meaning in life. Jeff Buckley’s distinctive vocals bring extra emotional appeal to the track’s lovely tune.

It has grown in popularity as a selection for wedding ceremonies, especially during the unity candle and first dance. The song’s appealing melody and the sentimental message about love and dedication make it a perfect choice for your big day.

11. “One Plus One” by Lawson Bates

Song year: 2019

The lyrics talk about the happiness of spending time with loved ones and the power of love. It’s perfect for a wedding because of its cheerful melody and uplifting words.

Olivia Collingsworth’s presence creates a distinctive and exciting vibe, making the track famous for sand ceremonies, unity candles, or the first dance. Typically, choosing a song with a lively melody like this one guarantees your ceremony is filled with emotions and delight.

12. “This I Promise You” by NSYNC

Song year: 2000

“This I Promise You” is a timeless classic perfect for any unity candle or sand ceremony. The track is about the singer’s promises to their significant other and their willingness to go for them. The lyrics are romantic and heartfelt and will add an extra special touch to your ceremony.

The song’s soulful harmonies and gentle melody make it a great selection when you share your commitment with family and friends. Furthermore, the powerful love message is sure to resonate with your guests.

13. “Everything I Do” by Bryan Adams

Song year: 1991

The song’s lyrics are about a man who will always love and cherish his partner, no matter what. It’s an expression of love and devotion to a loved one. The heartfelt tune makes a wonderful choice for a unity candle or sand ceremony, as it captures the special moment’s emotion.

14. Big, Big Plans,” by Chris Lane

Song year: 2019

The decision to tie the knot is an important milestone because it symbolizes the beginning of a new chapter as a married couple in your life. The singer talks about all the plans he has for his significant other.

The song is ideal for playing during your unity candle or sand ceremony because it celebrates beautiful things, such as exploring the world together, constructing a home, and starting a family.

15. “Perfect Symphony,” by Ed Sheeran, Andrea Bocelli

Song year: 2017

The song’s lyrics tell the story of two individuals who fell in love as youngsters but never got to act on their feelings. Now that they’re both grown up, they’re ready to work on building a relationship that will last a lifetime. Everything is perfect, and so will their union.

With lyrics of love, commitment, and devotion, the song will surely fill the room with emotion during the unity candle or sand ceremony.

16. “Here, Right Now,” by Joshua Radin

Song year: 2019

The song’s lyrics talk about how the singer’s life experiences, including difficult times and poor choices, have led to this ideal person. Sand ceremony and unity candle represent the merging of two individuals to form a new family unit. The track’s acoustic melody and reverberating harmonies serve as the ideal background for this moment.

17. “I Do,” by Casi Joy

“I Do,” by Casi Joy

Song year: 2018

“I Do” is an excellent choice for the sand ceremony since it has a lively melody and lyrics written explicitly for weddings. The singer pledges their undying love and devotion to their future lover throughout the track. The song overflows with nice metaphors and descriptions of the future together as husband and wife.

18. Better Half,” by JJ Heller

Song year: 2021

Once you tie the knot with your significant other, you merge two individuals into a new family. The song beautifully captures the feeling of coming together with your soul mate.

Use the track during your unity candle or sand ceremony to describe how your lives have changed for the better. The guitar, strings, and piano accompaniment creates a calming and romantic atmosphere that will appeal to your guests.

19. “Lover” by Taylor Swift

Song year: 2019

The song demonstrates Taylor’s storytelling prowess as she sings of the happiness of being with somebody who brings out the best in her and a young relationship’s thrill.

The message of finding contentment in being together is something that every couple can relate to, making it a perfect song for a unity candle or sand ceremony. It’s the perfect slow dance track for individuals who enjoy dancing and singing along to cheery love songs since it has a captivating melody and memorable lyrics.

20. “I Do (Cherish You)” by 98 Degrees

Song year: 1999

The folk song demonstrates the lead singer’s ability to deliver a vocal performance that’s both passionate and heartfelt. The song is the singer’s tribute to their partner, conveying his relentless dedication and loyalty to them.

The track expresses the nature of love with its gentle piano melody and heartfelt lyrics, making it ideal for a sand ceremony or unity candle. It’s an all-time favorite for lovers with its harmonious chorus.

21. “Everything” by Michael Buble

Song year: 2007

The song is about the singer praising his wife and thanking her for the extent to which she goes to see him happy. The heartfelt ballad is perfect for expressing your love and devotion since it conveys that you’ll always be there for each other no matter what happens.

The gentle melody and romantic lyrics offer a beautiful background during the unity candle or sand ceremony.

22. “When I Fall in Love” by Nat King Cole

Song year: 2004

The track carries a message of unending love and dedication, rendering it an excellent choice to play at a sand ceremony where two individuals unite into one.

The lyrics speak about committing to stick by each other irrespective of what life throws at you. The song’s gentle melody is calming and emotional. Nat King Cole’s comforting vocals create a welcoming ambiance for the newlyweds and their loved ones to celebrate the union.

23. “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)” by Marvin Gaye

Song year: 1965

The track celebrates the happiness and contentment that comes from being loved by another person. The song talks about the solace and safety a person gets from their significant other.

It’s an excellent selection for a sand ceremony as the newlyweds pledge their love and dedication to one another. Furthermore, it has an upbeat melody, creating a jubilant atmosphere during the ceremony. The song’s lively rhythm conveys positive emotions, such as excitement and hope for the partners’ future.

24. “Come Away With Me” by Norah Jones

Song year: 2002

The song expresses the singer’s desire to be with their lover and to go far away with them. The track’s soothing melody and quiet orchestration make it an ideal wedding selection for the first dance, unity candle, or sand ceremony. The song’s lyrics can elicit strong feelings and create a sense of unification.

25. “What a Wonderful World” by Bob Thiele

Song year: 1967

The song is about appreciating the little things in life and the world’s natural wonders. The track’s lively melody and uplifting message render it an excellent option for a wedding ceremony.

Even though there are many renditions of the track by various artists, it still preserves the everlasting message of optimism, happiness, and love. Most people play the tune during the first dance, unity candle, and sand ceremony.

26. “I Would, I Could, I Do (Duet)” by Treela

Song year: 2018

The track speaks of a powerful, profound, and unshakeable love. The lyrics convey a message of the singer’s loyalty and affection for their significant other.

The tune has a happy, optimistic vibe, ideal for a wedding celebration. Playing such a track during the sand ceremony creates a romance since everyone can relate to the lyrics.

27. “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by G. Weiss, H. Peretti & L. Creatore

Song year: 2003

When you light a unity candle or combine sand, you create a new family link. The song’s lyrics, which speak about the strength of love and the long-lasting connection it establishes among two individuals, make it an excellent choice for a unity candle or sand ceremony.

It also has a romantic melody, which is sure to add a sense of excitement to your big day.

28. “No Matter Where You Are,” by Us, the Duo

Song year: 2013

The song’s lyrics are perfect for a unity candle or sand ceremony since they highlight the strength of love and devotion and how it might overcome time or distance between two people.

The singer promises their significant other that regardless of where they go or the decisions they make, they’ll stick with them. The track’s appealing melody sets the mood for a memorable occasion. The sweet and gentle tune encourages lovers to be true to one another regardless of the future.

29. “I Prayed For You,” by 4th & Main

Song year: 2019

The upbeat, love melody speaks about the singer finally meeting their soulmate. Playing this track during the unity candle or sand ceremony perfectly shows your guests how serious you’re about spending the rest of your lives together.

String bass and acoustic guitar harmonize beautifully in this tune. Your guests will likely relate to the track’s unending love and unbreakable bond message.

30. “Guiding Light,” by Foy Vance ft. Ed Sheeran

Song year: 2013

The heartfelt and moving tune by Ed Sheeran is about being led, supported, and united. The song’s lyrics expressing the significance of two people merging to become one makes it an excellent selection.

The song inspires endurance and persistence in the face of adversity. That’s especially important during a sand ceremony when the partners are symbolically promising to stand by each other no matter what.

31. “Could I Love You Any More” by Reneé Dominique ft. Jason Mraz

Song year: 2019

The lyrics focus on two people’s undying love for each other and the lengths they would go for one another. The song charmingly combines two different lives into one, making it relevant during a sand ceremony. In addition, the track’s melody is soft and soothing, evoking feelings of closeness and devotion.

Top Unity Candle Songs For Weddings, Final Thoughts

Lighting a unity candle or a sand ceremony is a beautiful way to commemorate two people’s union. Choosing the right songs might make the traditions even more memorable. Many songs suit any taste, including religious, modern, and classical.

You’ll need to pick unity candle songs that both of you enjoy and that have some meaning for your relationship. Our list of 31 of the best unity candle songs might be a good starting point.

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