9 Best Trumpet Stands 2024 For A Steady Hold

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A trumpet is a beautiful investment, and with care, it should last a lifetime. To keep it in top condition it should never be stood on the bell on the floor. This causes scratching and dullness around the end of the bell, and the trumpet will eventually fall over getting dents and dings in the lead pipe and valve slides.

This is why every trumpet player needs a nice trumpet stand to hold the instrument properly and ensure that the outer end of the bell stays shiny and unmarred. The best stands have sturdy legs, are tall enough to keep the bell from touching the stand unless the legs are engineered to hold the end of the bell, and are padded to protect the inside of the bell from scratches.

With that said, let’s look at the best trumpet stands you can buy.

Best Overall: Konig & Meyer K&M 15213 Trumpet In-Bell 5-Leg Stand

Konig & Meyer K&M 15213 Trumpet In-Bell 5-Leg Stand

This stand is by far the best on the market. It has five legs for optimal stability; these five legs ensure that the stand will be able to hold your trumpet securely, even if the surface you need to place it on is a little bit uneven. This is especially nice for musicians who play in bandstands, parks, amphitheaters, and parades where the surface for standing the instrument is uneven or gravelly. The five legs will provide the stability you need for your trumpet.

The legs of this K&M stand can be quickly uninstalled and stored up inside the bell of the stand. This means that the entire stand becomes compact enough to store inside the trumpet bell inside the case during travel. Many musicians do not like to store the stand inside the bell because it may scratch and scuff. However, this K&M stand is made of a plastic bell with a rubber tip so that it will go easy on the trumpet’s finish.

The legs are made of die-cast zinc. This makes them super light so that your trumpet and case are not carrying much additional weight. However, they are still very strong and sturdy and will stand up to many years of travel and use.

Konig & Meyer (K&M) is a very reputable company and makes some of the best music stands and instrument stands in the world. They are made in Germany with careful engineering and precise manufacturing. A K&M stand is a reasonably priced investment that will serve reliably for years to come.

Exjoy Portable Trumpet Holder With 5 Foldable Legs

Exjoy Portable Trumpet Holder With 5 Foldable Legs

This stand is very similar to the Konig & Meyer stand, but instead of a separate rubberized tip that goes inside of the trumpet bell, it is made of a single piece of molded plastic.

  • To guard against scuffing on the inside of the bell, it is made with felt strips stuck on to pad the metal. Users may wish to add additional felt padding to the stand to ensure that no scuffing occurs. However, the design holds the instrument firmly.
  • This stand sports five folding legs which are rubber-tipped to protect wood floors from being scratched when using this stand. These rubber tips also work to increase the stability of the stand. The added grip helps it to not scoot around and get knocked over.
  • The legs on this model fold up into the middle of the molded plastic bell so that the entire unit can be placed inside the bell of the trumpet for easy transportation. It also comes with a velvet bag. It is always recommended to put the stand inside the velvet bag before storing it in the trumpet bell to avoid any scuffing.

Hercules Trumpet Stand DS510BB

Hercules Trumpet Stand DS510BB

This stand has only three legs, which can be a negative. However, they fold out securely, are wider and more sturdy than other stands, and have heavy square rubber tips. The way the legs sit flatter to the floor makes this more stable than other tripod stand designs. This stand would likely handle some uneven flooring pretty well. It also will not scratch wood flooring due to the rubber leg tips.

It has a unique design that seeks to touch the inside of the trumpet bell as little as possible while still holding the instrument securely. The stand has a velvet tip that goes up into the bell, while the lower part has velvet fins that hold the bottom of the horn securely and softly while touching as little of it as possible. This stand is designed to avoid scratching and scuffing the metal of the bell as much as possible.

  • The middle shaft of the stand is adjustable to accommodate multiple sizes of horns from cornets to flugelhorns securely.
  • The Hercules stand can be adjusted higher or lower as needed for easy access and use. This is advantageous also for those who find that other stands do not hold the trumpet at a convenient height during concerts.
  • The adjustable height makes this stand able to be compacted down very small when folded up but then adjusted to a convenient size for use. This is a big advantage of using this stand.

Finally, this stand can be disassembled and stored in a small carrying bag that is provided with the stand. It depends on what kind of a trumpet case you have, but many users find that they have enough room in the case to also fit this little stand when it is disassembled.

Nomad NIS-C011 Trumpet Stand With Cushioned Bell Mount

Nomad NIS-C011 Trumpet Stand With Cushioned Bell Mount

The NIS-C011 is another tripod stand, but it’s less desirable than ones with more feet. The three legs are rubber-tipped which does help to increase the stability and reliability of the stand. This would be a fine stand for those whose playing keeps them in relatively predictable circumstances, or for storing the horn at home in-between practices.

The big design benefit to this particular stand is the adjustable height combined with a spring-loaded bell support.

  • This stand has a rubber tip that fits up inside the bell to support the weight of the instrument. This rubber tip is sturdy enough to hold the weight of the instrument without marring the inside of the bell as it is taken on and off of the stand.
  • As you place the trumpet bell on the stand, a cushioned bell support piece fits into the bottom of the bell and moves downward with it to eliminate shaking and hold the bell securely while the horn is on the stand.
  • This spring-loaded design also ensures that the bell does not wobble and get dinged or scuffed while moving the horn on and off of the stand. This is a unique way to solve the problem of putting long scuff lines on the horn from putting the horn on the stand. With this stand, the bell is stabilized from the beginning.

The middle stand shaft is also adjustable with a tightening screw. This makes the stand easier to use during concerts and gigs because you can ensure that the horn is at the right height for you. Many users who play standing up require stands with a height adjustment to help avoid having to bend over to retrieve the instrument during the concert.

This stand does not fold up as compactly as the others. It is a single unit design, so it does fold up quickly, but it is carried more like a folding music stand. Some users have room in a gig bag or trumpet case for this trumpet stand, but it may be too long to fit. The length of this stand is 15-inches.

Hercules DS513BB 2 Multi Stand

Hercules DS513BB 2 Multi Stand

Not every musician plays a single instrument. In fact, musicians are notorious for playing anything and everything they can get their hands on. Many horn players have multiple instruments and multiple kinds of instruments that they play. Many gigging musicians bring several different instruments to play in different pieces. This requires a stand that can handle more than one horn at a time.

The Hercules DS513BB 2 Multi Stand is a larger tripod-style stand that can hold up to three small brass instruments at a time. This stand can hold cornets, trumpets, flugelhorns, and bugles. The wider stance of this stand makes it more sturdy than stands that hold multiple instruments on an elongated base.

  • This Hercules stand has three legs that swivel into place. The legs are sturdy and tipped with square rubber tips. These tips protect flooring and help provide additional stability.
  • Each leg has an independently height-adjustable peg so that you can set the height desired for each instrument that you are storing on this multi stand.
  • The stand will be less stable with fewer instruments, so be sure to weight-load each leg if you are using it with only one or two instruments. Alternatively, you could load the middle of the stand with a little weight. This is not strictly necessary, but it will increase the overall stability of this tripod stand if it is not full.
  • The stand comes with two trumpet pegs and one flugelhorn peg. You will need to purchase another trumpet peg from Hercules in order to use the third peg for a trumpet, cornet, or bugle.
  • It can be used for a piccolo trumpet, but you need to purchase a clarinet peg from Hercules and retrofit one leg of the stand to hold the piccolo trumpet.

The trumpet folds up and comes with a carry bag for your convenience.

Hamilton KB7000 System X Trumpet Stand

Hamilton KB7000 System X Trumpet Stand

This is another tripod stand, but when the legs are extended the center peg sits in the bracket on the ground. This adds a lot of stability to the stand. Additionally, this stand is completely adjustable.

  • The flair of the bell cup that supports the bell of the trumpet can be adjusted in circumference. This means that you can adjust it to securely hold several different instruments without needing to change the peg style.
  • The size of the bell bore adapter is adjustable which also makes it useful for multiple instruments and enables you to adjust for a secure fit.
  • The legs fold down and lock into place with screws and self-locking nuts. This makes it very compact and convenient. Check the screws frequently to make sure that they are not loosening up. Always keep them tight to protect your instruments.
  • The legs are designed with slots on the top to take doubling pegs. This could theoretically allow you to store four, or possibly even more instruments on a single stand.
  • This doubling feature would require careful analysis of weight distribution. Always be sure to counterweight your instruments if you are not fully loading the stand. This will help to make sure that the stand does not become unbalanced and fall over.
  • This stand will fold up to a slender size, but at 19-inches long, it will need a carry bag or a big space in your gig bag.

Hercules DS410B Travlite In-Bell Trumpet Stand

Hercules DS410B Travlite In-Bell Trumpet Stand

The Hercules Travlite is a nice little trumpet stand that is designed to fold up and fit inside the bell of the trumpet for convenient carrying. It is not a super sturdy stand because the legs are very small. However, with five legs, it is sturdy enough for gig use in controlled situations.

It comes with a velvet bag that must be put on the stand before the stand is placed inside the bell of the trumpet for storage and transportation. Some users also place this bag over the stand when it is in use as an added layer of protection against scuffing the interior finish of the trumpet bell.

The bell stem has a rubber tip that fits inside the bell to hold the instrument up. The bell of the trumpet then rests on the base of the stand where it meets the legs. This area is made to protect the finish of the bell.

The design of this stand is made to touch as little of the trumpet as possible, protecting the interior finish from scuffing with repeated use.

Nomad NIS-C041 Compact Trumpet Stand

Nomad NIS-C041 Compact Trumpet Stand

This is a very tiny little stand for the player who wants something that holds the bell just off of the floor. When the trumpet is on this stand it almost looks like it is sitting on the bell on the floor. This is great for the band musician who wants a super lightweight and compact stand. This is also fine for home storage in-between practicing.

There is not any significant protection from scratching or topping other than the five legs that make it more stable than sitting on the bell alone. It is designed so that the lip of the bell rests on the velvet-covered part at the base of the stand. This may not be acceptable for those who have invested a lot in their trumpets, but it is fine for students.

  • The legs fit into the middle of the stand. The entire stand fits inside the bell of the trumpet for easy and convenient storage.
  • Five legs provide more stability during storage than tripod-style stands. However, the legs are very thin. This stand is not designed for gigging musicians.
  • The entire stand weighs only 4.5 ounces. When it is stored in the case you probably will not even notice it is there.

String Swing Trumpet Holder

String Swing Trumpet Holder

This final recommendation is for those who wish to wall-mount their trumpet at home, in a practice room, or in a studio. For those with many instruments, wall mounting is the perfect solution for storing instruments. While instruments are best protected and kept very clean inside cases, devout musicians end up with instruments piled in cases instead of being appreciated for the beautiful works of art that they are.

String Swing manufactures all-steel wall-mounted trumpet holders that keep your trumpet safe and sound, and out for all to see and admire. This is an excellent alternative to a wobbly bell mount floor stand for those who simply want to keep the trumpet accessible at home or in the studio.

This type of trumpet mount allows you to display and readily access your beautiful brass instruments just as you would your guitars or pianos. You can install as many of these trumpet holders as you need. These are also suitable for studio use to organize an instrument library. 

  • The bell rest is adjustable via a small recessed screw. This allows you to adjust the height to fit many different-sized brass instruments such as trumpets, cornets, flugelhorns, bass trumpets, and piccolo trumpets.
  • The bell rest is all designed to be soft and padded, and never scuff or scratch your instrument even over years of use. The padding can also be customized for your particular instrument’s size requirements.
  • The String Swing company backs their products with a lifetime structural warranty.
  • The String Swing trumpet holder comes with a wall-mount kit that includes drywall anchors. Drywall anchors should always be used only as an alternative when you are unable to anchor the stand directly to a wall stud.
  • This trumpet holder is made of steel so it is guaranteed to be strong enough to hold your instrument safely for as long as you own it.

Top Trumpet Stands, Final Thoughts

While there are many great trumpet stands out there, as you can tell from above, the one we recommend above all else is the K&M 15213. This K&M stand offers great support with its unique design, it’s a well trusted brand, and it quite simply does a great job.

If for whatever reason you decide it’s not for you (highly unlikely) there are some great alternatives on this list too.

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