27 Songs With The Name Amy In The Lyrics Or Title

“Ma Belle Amie” by Tee-Set

Song Year: 1969

Okay, “Amie” isn’t a woman’s name here, but French for “friend.” Still, it goes on this list if for no other reason than it’s homophonic.

The lyrics are a jumble of French, Age-of-Aquarius-style mentions of birds, sky, sun, and love, and words of affirmation for the friend the narrator loves. Not the best love song of its decade, but fun.

“Amy’s Eyes” by Charley Pride

Song Year: 1989

In “Amy’s Eyes,” Charley Pride’s narrator sits down with his daughter Amy to look at a picture she drew with her crayons because that’s what you do when your kid makes a drawing.

He realizes his split with Amy’s mom has had a bigger effect on their child than he imagined. He sends the drawing to the child’s mother in hopes that she’ll realize the girl needs both parents in the house.

“Amy’s in the Attic” by Insane Clown Posse

Song Year: 2010

You’d be right to doubt that the same guys that wrote lyrics asking how magnets worked could write a rap that’s a straight-up ghost story. But ICP did it. “Amy’s in the Attic” eschews the scatological humor ICP’s songs usually contain in favor of painting a scary picture.

Amy was murdered and now haunts the house. She sometimes appears in the mirror and generally scares the crap out of our narrator. Don’t listen alone.

“She’s No Amy” by Ryan Turner

Song Year: 2005

This song is an interesting take on the lost love trope. The narrator spends most of the song extolling the virtues of his beloved— she laughs at his jokes, she loves him, and all that— but near the end, he confesses that her one flaw is that she isn’t Amy— presumably his lost true love. Poor Not-Amy.

“Amy” by Ryan Adams

Song Year: 2000

Alt-country star Ryan Adams has a knack for writing beautiful melodies like this one. It’s made more beautiful by the heart-rending subject matter— Amy is the star of the album from which this song came: “Heartbreaker.”

Whether her name was Amy in real life, a woman walked out on Adams and left him deeply hurt. The album sprang from that experience, and the loss of Amy sits at the heart of it.

“Amy” by Roy Orbison

Song Year: 1969

Many of us have sat, in the ashes of an ended relationship, wishing something along these lines:

  • I wish I’d never met her/him.
  • I wish I’d never been born.
  • If only I could wipe the whole experience from my mind.

Those feelings make up the gist of Orbison’s “Amy,” a song in which the narrator finds himself unable to escape the memory of the woman who broke his heart. Everything he sees reminds him of her.

“Amy’s Song” by Matt Simons

Song Year: 2018

Simons co-wrote “Amy’s Song” with Any Kuney, a queer songwriter from a religious family. Her coming-out experience was harrowing, and to address the anti-LGBTQ stances of many conservatives, she began writing “Amy’s Song.”

It pointedly asks if anyone’s god cares about who they love and quietly points a finger at judgmental people.

“America (Wake Up Amy)” by Bowling for Soup

Song Year: 2009

“America (Wake Up Amy)” is one of the few songs with Amy in the lyrics that isn’t about a woman named Amy. It’s got nothing to do with love, at least not romance.

Instead, “Amy” is a nickname for America, and Bowling for Soup frontman Jaret Reddick sings about America as if instead of a country, it was a kid. He says she’s a bully, but she’s something of a blessing to the world. She’s pretty but damaged.

Songs About Amy, Final Thoughts

You can always find a song about a girl. Songs with Amy in the lyrics are nearly as common as those with other names, but these represent a wide variety of styles, and we even found one that’s a ghost story.

What “Amy” song that you love did we leave out? Let us know.

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