33 Songs With Good Bass You’ll Really Feel

Nothing makes you dance around to a fantastic tune like a chunky bassline. Bass heavy songs spans cultures and genres. You can find something deep and rhythmic that you can really feel.

If you’re looking for some excellent bass, we’ve got you covered. Read on for some top songs with great bass.

Another One Bites the Dust by Queen

Song Year: 1980

Few more iconic bass lines could kick off this list. You’ve likely heard this song played at sports events, concerts, and everywhere else.

This bassline is iconic enough that even people who don’t know who Queen is likely to recognize it. It’s also a decently easy song for people learning bass, making it popular among beginners.

Feel Good Inc. by Gorillaz

Song Year: 2005

Feel Good Inc. is another great example of a song bass players learn when starting to practice. It’s a lot like how you can’t walk into a guitar shop without hearing Smoke on the Water.

Feel Good Inc. is a staple for bass players, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a bassist that doesn’t know the tune. It’s a catchy, danceable tune that makes even the most casual of music fans tap their feet.

Around the World by Daft Punk

Song Year: 1997

Daft Punk exploded onto the music scene in 1993 in Paris, France. Quickly becoming a sensation in the United States, Around the World became a fan favorite. Unarguably the most popular song from the 1997 album, Homework, Daft Punk’s fame solidified dance music.

Daft Punk is more known nowadays for their hit Get Lucky, but Around the World remains one of their most popular tracks. Though the group has recently disbanded, their catalog of bass-heavy hits remains immensely popular.

Synthesize Her by TWRP

Song Year: 2018

One of the newest tracks on our list, TWRP, isn’t quite as well-known as many of the groups here. However, the band’s focus on basslines is stunning, providing chunky basslines that get stuck in your head through the whole week.

Synthesize Her is one of their most popular songs and features a quick slap bass style that helps keep the rhythm up. It’s a funky groove that you’ll have on repeat in your head for hours.

YYZ by Rush

Song Year: 1981

Rush is a band that nearly everyone knows by now. Even if you don’t listen to them, there’s a high chance they influenced one of your favorite bands.

A big part of that fame thanks to the fantastic basslines that Geddy Lee put on the track. This prog track has one of the most memorable basslines in Rush’s discography. It’s hard to believe the song is already four decades old, but it’s just as fantastic today as it was on release.

Panic Attack by Dream Theater

Song Year: 2005

Dream Theater’s Panic Attack is one of the heavier tracks on this list. It starts with a blisteringly fast bassline.

The quick assault of bass right at the song’s start catches you off guard the first time. With no other instruments and just a concussive bass hitting you, it’s impossible not to feel this track.

Memorable and heavy, this is a fantastic song for those that want a bit more aggression with their bass. While it isn’t quite something you’d dance to, Panic Attack’sdaunting bass is sure to leave an impression.

Come As You Are by Nirvana

Song Year: 1991

Nirvana has remained one of the most popular bands around well after the passing of frontman Kurt Kobain.

Nevermind is full of hits, but Come As You Are features one of the most prominent basslines. It’s a catchy tune that stays in your head and leaves you replaying the song over and over.

Sail by AWOLNATION, A Bass Heavy Song

Song Year: 2011

AWOLNATION launched onto the scene about a decade ago with Megalithic Symphony. While the album is full of popular songs, Sail is unarguably the most iconic song. Keys and synths accompany a chunky, moving bassline throughout the entire piece, hitting you where it counts.

As the song continues, it grows more and more intense until reaching an apex. Once the song starts slowing down again, you’re still left with the constant hum of the bass leading the song out. A real bass heavy song.

Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes

Song Year: 2003

Few bass lines are more recognizable than Seven Nation Army. It’s one of the several bass lines that every budding bassist learns. In fact, it’s probably inspired more bassists since 2003 than most tracks released since then.

This track has been used as an anthem or a theme for countless events, including the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Its use in sports goes quite a bit deeper than that as well, commonly used in political events in the UK. It’s charted in multiple nations (even as a cover from different artists) and has gone multi-platinum.

Can’t Stop by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Song Year: 2002

Flea’s bass playing is legendary and one of the first things anyone thinks about when Red Hot Chili Peppers come up.

Can’t Stop is one of the songs that almost anyone recognizes regardless of listening to the band or not. Opening the song up with a slowly building instrumental, bass isn’t even present at the start.

Once it kicks in, you can’t stop yourself from nodding your head along with it. It’s tough to pick the best bassline in this band’s tracks, but Can’t Stop is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable.

Billie Jean by Michael Jackson

Song Year: 1983

Michael Jackson remains the King of Pop for good reason, and Billie Jean remains one of his greatest tracks. This track is known for making Jackson’s moonwalk famous, as well as his trademark white glove.

Earning two Grammies and considered one of the Greatest Songs of All Time by Rolling Stone, the track’s bassline is a catchy, groovy beat that stays in your head.

Some don’t know that Billie Jean, as a person, doesn’t truly exist. Instead, the idea came from countless fans that had sent Jackson and his brothers obsessive letters.

Regardless of the inspiration, the bassline stays in your head for days at a time.

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