9 Songs With Queen In The Title

Today you don’t need to be born into the British royal family to be a queen. The only thing you need is confidence to become a queen.

These songs with queen in the title come from all different genres and a multitude of artists. If you need some girl power, these songs will help pump you up and get you ready to rule.

“Killer Queen” by Queen

Song Year: 1974

Queens have always been powerful, and part of that power is the ability to conquer.

“Killer Queen” is the story of a high-class escort. Even though she’s a sexual object in real life, the members of Queen define her as explosive. With her femininity exploding, it doesn’t matter what she does for a living. She’s still a queen in their minds, and her awe-inspiring aura rules over everyone around her.

“Dancing Queen” by ABBA

Song Year: 1976

The dancing queen mentioned throughout the song is a teenage beauty queen. This girl is having the time of her life on the dance floor and getting all the attention from the men in the place.

The narrator is a teenager, and she’s going through the motions of teasing the men around her. She doesn’t understand how she affects others because she’s feeling the music and doing her best to enjoy her time.

“Queen of Peace” by Florence and the Machine

Song Year: 2015

The queen of peace in this Florence and the Machine song represents the Virgin Mary. The song’s narrator doesn’t understand why she’s praying to the Queen of Peace. She knows she’s strong enough to conquer the world on her own, so she thinks that she doesn’t need to pray.

Florence is the queen in this song. She’s attempting to keep the peace between her and her lover, who is the king, but it’s not working. Once the queen of peace has tried everything, she realizes that traveling and finding her own peace is the only way she’ll be happy.

“Kings and Queens” by Ava Max

Song Year: 2020

“Kings and Queens” is about having a party with everyone around you. Ava Max makes it apparent in the song that queens can be rulers without a king. Women are stronger than they are given credit for. They’re not damsels in distress and don’t need anyone to save them. Women save themselves.

Ava Max creates an environment where the queens are ready to save the world. She believes that women and men can come together and change the world for the better by being “Kings and Queens.” It only starts with one person making a change.

“Kings and Queens” by Mat Kearney

Song Year: 2018

Another version of the “Kings and Queens” title by Mat Kearney depicts the idea that having the right person by your side means you don’t need anything else to be happy.

Happiness isn’t defined by how much you’re worth. Mat Kearney shows a relationship where the man and woman are their own king and queen, despite not having the assets that historical royalty had. Riches can’t buy love, but having love can make you feel like a king or a queen.

“Queens Don’t” by RaeLynn

Song Year: 2018

In this song, the narrator didn’t grow up like queens who have ascended to the throne. She doesn’t have all the riches other people have, but she says those things don’t mean she’s not a real queen. Instead, she believes that authenticity and self-perseverance are the keys to becoming a powerful woman.

The narrator states that nobody is going to take her off the throne. No matter how much she deviates from the idea of a traditional ruler, she’s still a proud queen in her own right.

“Queen” by Ne-yo

Song Year: 2016

This love song by Ne-yo is about a man serenading a woman he’s only just met. The true love at first sight ballad. He’s never seen a woman more beautiful than the one in front of him. However, the man doesn’t know who the woman is. He only knows enough to call her queen.

Ne-yo’s narrator tells the woman that she’s the ruler of his heart. She controls the moon and the stars by doing nothing except smiling. He’s asking the woman if he can call her queen because that’s how he sees her. Her beauty has enchanted him and gives her the power to rule over his heart and mind.

“God Save The Queen” by The Sex Pistols

Song Year: 1977

“God Save The Queen” has become a revolutionary anthem since its release in 1977. Punk lovers use this song to express their anger and rebel against authority.

However, the Sex Pistols didn’t have a hatred for the British regime. They love their queen, and her power is effortless. Her reign has yet to end, and she’s still the symbol of England.

“God Save The Queen” goes through verses begging the monarchy to fix the country that the band loves. They believe that she has the same love for that country and that her status as its monarch means that she is the one who can make their homeland better.

“Queen (女皇)” by William Chan

Song Year: 2012

English-speaking songwriters aren’t the only ones who have a fondness for queens. William Chan, a Chinese singer, actor, and heartthrob released “Queen” as part of his 2012 album, “Pop It Up.”

In “Queen,” Chan sings about a woman who is so majestic and awe-inspiring that she rules his world, making her the queen of his heart. Combined with fierce dance moves and dark visuals, this song is a female power anthem, even if the singer is a man.

Best Songs With Queen In The Title, Final Thoughts

Artists have an extraordinary gift when it comes to empowering women. For example, songs with the word queen in the title tend to lift those who might not have the confidence to rule an empire on their own.

If you’re looking for more girl power, check out our 65 Best Songs about Sisters and Sisterhood or 43 Best Songs With Girl in the Title. After all, nothing helps you take on the world like a great playlist!

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