37 Best Songs About Football AKA Soccer

Best Songs About Football AKA Soccer

You might be building a playlist of songs about soccer as background music for the next big match. You might also want an energetic playlist that will work as dancing music for any occasion. Whatever your reasons, let’s explore some of the best songs about football!


“Ole Ole Ole (The Name of The Game)” by The Fans

Song Year: 2016

This track, opening with the classic sounds of a football crowd cheering, contains one of the most well-known soccer chants. From The Fans’ 2016 album The Name Of The Game, the lyrics constantly reference soccer, and everyone listening will automatically chant “Ole Ole Ole”!

“Live It Up” by Nicky Jam ft. Will Smith & Era Istrefi

Song Year: 2018

If you recognize the track “Live It Up” by Nicky Jam, from the 2018 album of the same name, that is because it was the theme song of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia—music plays a crucial role in the World Cup. The track, which features contributions from Will Smith and Era Istrefi, has a high-energy and driving beat with lyrics that are all about living in the moment and enjoying the excitement of the game.

“We’re On The Ball” by Ant & Dec

Song Year: 2002

The British pop group Ant & Dec put out the single “We’re On The Ball” in 2002 for the FIFA World Cup, and it became the official song for England. The track opens with a comedic dialogue between the duo, followed by lyrics and singing that resemble chanting at an exciting football game.

“The Cup of Life” by Ricky Martin

Song Year: 1998

From the 1998 album Vuelve, Ricky Martin’s “The Cup of Life”—or “La Copa de la Vida” in its Spanish version—is a Latin song with samba and salsa rhythmic grooves and lots of exciting shouting in the chorus. FIFA adopted the song as its official 1998 anthem for the World Cup.

“You’ll Never Walk Alone” by Gerry & The Pacemakers

Song Year: 1963

“You’ll Never Walk Alone” is a 1963 song by Gerry & The Pacemakers. It has since become one of the most famous anthems in the football world, usually accompanied by screaming fans belting out the lyrics. Today, the tune is most associated with the Liverpool Football Club.

“Vibra Continente” by Léo Santana, Karol G

Song Year: 2019

Released in 2019 on an album by the same name, “Vibra Continente” is a song in Spanish filled with high-energy Latin rhythms. The track became the official anthem for the 2019 South American Football Championship—or Copa América—and has choruses that are easy to sing.

“We Are One (Ole Ole)” by Pitbull featuring Jennifer Lopez & Claudia Leitte

Song Year: 2014

Pitbull’s “We Are One (Ole Ole)”, which came out in 2014 on the album Globalization, is an energetic track that features Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte. As the official FIFA World Cup song of 2014, the song is well known internationally and has a strong association with soccer.

“I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles” by Cockney Rejects

Song Year: 1986

“I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles” is the official song for West Ham United, played at the beginning of every match with an excited crowd screaming along to it. While the above version is a fun punk-style recording, you can also hear a more standard recording of what this anthem sounds like at a football match.

And if Westham is your team, make sure you get these tracks about celebrating a win ready to go as well!

“La La La (Brazil 2014)” by Shakira featuring Carlinhos Brown

Song Year: 2014

Shakira’s 2014 song “La La La”, which features Carlinhos Brown, appears on the World Cup album of that year as the second theme song. The music has driving rhythmic energy for excitement, and the music video includes appearances by famous soccer players such as Lionel Messi, Neymar, and Cesc Fàbregas.

“Hot Shot Tottenham” by Chas & Dave

Song Year: 1987

The English football team Tottenham Hotspur released this song in 1987 as a celebration of reaching the final game of the 1987 FA Cup (Football Association Challenge Cup). It includes music by the British duo Chas & Dave and made it to the number 18 spot on the UK Singles Chart.

“Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)” by Shakira

Song Year: 2010

You are probably noticing a common theme in this article of songs associated with FIFA World Cups, and “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) is a Shakira song that was the official anthem of the 2010 tournament. The title is because the 2010 World Cup took place in South Africa.

“Vida” by Ricky Martin

Song Year: 2015

Ricky Martin’s “Vida”, from his 2015 album Personalidad, is yet another track featured on the 2014 FIFA World Cup collection. The song, sung completely in Spanish, has a Latin rhythmic foundation and features other Caribbean instruments to give overall celebratory energy.

“It’s Your Thing” by The Isley Brothers, Studio Rio

Song Year: 1969

You will likely recognize the opening lines of this tune right away. The Isley Brothers’ “It’s Your Thing”, from their 1969 album It’s Our Thing, was included in the 2014 FIFA World Cup album. This version also includes Studio Rio which helps to give the musical accompaniment a Latin feel.

“Colors” by Jason Derulo and Maluma

Song Year: 2018

Coca-Cola chose Jason Derulo’s track “Colors” as their promotional anthem during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. This particular recording is a version in Spanglish with Maluma that they recorded one month after the original release. The opening of the music video features Maluma talking about the dream of becoming a professional soccer player.

“Z-Cars Theme” by Johnny Keating and his Orchestra

Song Year: 1960

Z-Cars was a 1960s TV show, and this song by John Keating and his Orchestra was the theme music at the opening of the show. The music originally comes from an older English folk song named “Johnny Todd”, but the track recorded by Johnny Keating is now the primary anthem for the Everton Football Club.

“Futbol Y Rumba” by Anuel AA and Enrique Iglesias

Song Year: 2020

Anuel AA, on his 2020 album Emmanuel along with contributor Enrique Iglesias, released the song “Futbol Y Rumba” (Football and Rumba) as a featured single. Besides the lyrics that constantly mention football, the music video also features the famous soccer star, Lionel Messi.

“Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home)” by The Lightning Seeds, Frank Skinner, and David Baddiel

Song Year: 1996

The Lightning Seeds, along with Frank Skinner and David Baddiel, released the song “Three Lions” in 1996 on their album by the same name. The nickname of the song, “Football’s Coming Home”, is due to the line being repeated in the chorus and the fact that the song celebrates England participating in the UEFA European Championship. You can hear clips of soccer announcers throughout the track.

“LOVE” by Gianluca Vacchi and Sebastian Yatra

Song Year: 2018

Gianluca Vacchi and Sebastian Yatra released the track “LOVE” in 2018 on their album Mantra. The song, which features lyrics in both English and Spanish, was the official anthem for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. It mixes high-energy/rhythmic music with slower more lyrical sections.

“Leeds! Leeds! Leeds! (Marching on Together)” by Les Reed and Barry Mason

Song Year: 1972

While this tune is officially called “Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!”, it is better known by the title “Marching on Together”. Les Reed and Barry Mason originally recorded this track in 1972, but it was this version from the B-side of the album—which included additions from football players and fans—that took off in popularity.

“Tatu Bom de Bola” by Arlindo Cruz

Song Year: 2012

Arlindo Cruz’s “Tatu Bom de Bola” was released in 2012, but it is famous for being the official FIFA World Cup Mascot Song in 2014. The music has a Brazilian samba feel in both rhythm and instrumentation.

“Night & Day (Carnival Mix)” by Baha Men

Song Year: 2014

This song by Baha Men was released as part of the 2014 FIFA World Cup official album One Love, One Rhythm. The music has a steady beat and fun energy, and the lyrics are all about embracing life and living each day like it will be your last.

“World in Motion” by New Order

Song Year: 1990

This New Order song opens with the sounds of football announcers in the background. The England national football team joined New Order for this track, which they recorded to encourage England in the 1990 FIFA World Cup. The track also made it to the top of the UK Singles Chart.

“Vindaloo” by Fat Les

Song Year: 1998

Fat Less released the track “Vindaloo” in 1998 on their album by the same name. Comedian Keith Allen wrote the lyrics to this song, which was supposed to make fun of football anthems and features over-the-top chanting in the background singing. But the 1998 FIFA World Cup eventually used the track as the unofficial anthem that year.

“Blue Moon” by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart

Song Year: 1934

You might recognize this song not from the original songwriters Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart but rather from some of the famous cover versions such as Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. But if you are an English football fan, then you know this tune as the official Manchester City football anthem, which it has been since 1990.

“Soccer Field” by Devonté Hynes

Song Year: 2014

Devonté Hynes recorded this Alternative/Indie track for the 2014 album Palo Alto. It is a purely instrumental song that slowly builds in energy throughout. Check out this track if you enjoy electronic instrumental music and want to hear something different!

“No Hay 2 Sin 3 (Gol)” by Cali & Dandee featuring David Bisbal

Song Year: 2012

Like many other songs in this collection, this Latin/Europop song opens with football announcers excitedly speaking about a game, including the classic screaming of “gol!”. The lyrics are mostly in Spanish, and in between Reggae-style rapping in the verses, the choruses are big and lyrical with passionate singing and chord progressions.

“The Anfield Rap (Red Machine in Full Effect)” by Liverpool Football Club

Song Year: 1988

As soon as you start listening to this track, you will likely hear that it is partly a parody of the hip-hop style of the 1980s. Released in 1988 before the final game of the 1988 FA Cup, the track was recorded by members of the Liverpool Football Club. The song even made it to the number 3 spot on the UK Singles Chart.

“Soccer Ball” by Baby Blue

Song Year: 2016

Baby Blue recorded their song “Soccer Ball” in 2016 and released it in 2017. Unlike many of the other tracks in this collection that are official FIFA songs or football club anthems, this track is not explicitly about soccer. But considering the title, it is a nice contrast and it’s a fun song to throw into your football collection.

“Superstar” by Pitbull featuring Becky G

Song Year: 2013

This version of “Superstar” by Pitbull features Becky G, and it is high-energy and fun. The track was the official song for the South American Football Championship (Copa América). Besides the electronic musical accompaniment and singing by Becky G, you can also hear football fans chanting in the background throughout the track.

“Wavin’ Flag” by K’Naan

Song Year: 2009

K’Naan released this song in 2009 on the album Troubadour, and it found some popularity as an anthem for the people of Somalia. The track also became a fundraiser for victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake. But regarding the best songs about soccer, you will know this track as the Coca-Cola promotional anthem for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

“This Is Our Time (Agora é a Nossa hora)” by MAGIC!

Song Year: 2014

Next up is another track from the 2014 World Cup Official Album, One Love, One Rhythm. MAGIC’s “This Is Our Time” is a medium-tempo song with passionate singing and constant references to the excitement of soccer.

“Go, Gol” by Rodrigo Alexey featuring Preta Gil

Song Year: 2014

Most football fans will be familiar with the announcer screaming “Gol” after someone scores a goal during a soccer game. This track, another one featured on the 2014 FIFA World Cup Official Album, is animated and a perfect warm-up song before starting a game.

“Soccer (Instrumental)” by Jonpaw

Song Year: 2017

Up next is another track that is great for fans of instrumental music. Jonpaw released this tune in 2017, and it is an intense and driving song that will put you into the zone for playing or watching an upcoming soccer game.

“Football in the Snow” by Soccer Hooligans

Song Year: 2011

Soccer Hooligans, on their 2011 album by the same name, released the song “Football in the Snow” as a reference to the hooliganism infamous amongst the fans of English football clubs. After a deceivingly soft and relaxed opening, the song quickly develops into a fast-paced punk rock style with driving rhythms and passionate guitar playing.

“Gol” by Cali y El Dandee

Song Year: 2012

As with many tracks in this article, this song opens with football announcers and screaming crowds before progressing into the music. Released on Columbian Latin pop duo Cali y El Dandee’s 2012 album 3 AM, the song’s music video features clips of exciting moments from soccer matches and crowds excitedly cheering.

“Tico Tico” by Bebel Gilberto, Lang Lang

Song Year: 2014

The song “Tico Tico” by Bebel Gilberto and Lang Lang is another track featured on the 2014 FIFA World Cup Official Album. It features the Brazilian style of music known as choro. Despite the recent recording date, the producers make the recording sound like it comes from centuries earlier, which helps capture the long history of FIFA and the World Cup.

“The World Is Ours (Coca-Cola 2014 World’s Cup Anthem)” by Aloe Blacc X David Correy

Song Year: 2014

“The World Is Ours” is a passionate song by Aloe Blacc X David Correy that opens with impressive singing. Coca-Cola used this song as their 2014 World Cup Anthem, and there is a mix of passionate lyrical singing and energetic Latin rhythms. The lyrics are inspiring and inclusive of a vision for the world coming together, with constant references to living life to the fullest and believing in your dreams.

Top Songs About Soccer, Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are tons of great songs about football and soccer to get you pumped up for the next big match. From official FIFA World Cup music to energetic instrumentals to the football anthems of your favorite teams, these songs will pump you up with their high energy. So give these great tracks a listen and add them to your soccer playlist!

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