57 Famous French Songs

French is historically known as the language of love. And sure there are some great French love songs out there, but French musicians cover oh so much more.

Here’s our pick of famous French songs across subject matters.


1. “Suavemente” by Soolking

Song Year: 2022

The track is part of Soolking’s third album, Sans Visa. It debuted at number one on the French Singles Chart. Lyrically, Suavemente is a triumphant declaration of the singer’s triumph over adversity, while also paying tribute to those who contributed to his success. Soolking boasts about his wealth and splashing cash on ladies and parties.

2. “Tout va bien” by Alonzo ft. Ninho & Naps

Song Year: 2022

The track’s catchy beat, mellow sound, and particularly Ninho’s smooth vocals in the “Tout va bien” chorus have won it widespread acclaim. It became an instant hit, debuting at the top of the French Singles Chart.

The song celebrates prosperity in all areas of life, love, friendship, and finances. Alonzo is happy about being able to afford all the nice things and is content with his life’s direction.

3. La Vie En Rose by Edith Piaf

Song Year: 1947

A list of French songs without La Vie En Rose is incomplete. The song was written during a period of great upheaval. It holds a special meaning for French people, particularly those that had a chance to witness the destruction of World War II. It’s a heartfelt ballad about love and pain popular among non-French speakers.

4. “Papaoutai” by Stromae

Song Year: 2013

The track became popular immediately after its release, solidifying Stromae’s position as a formidable contender in the Francophone music scene. It features a serious message, but its powerful beat and infectious melody make it perfect for dancing. The track’s emotionally powerful lyrics talk about the void that an absent father creates in a child’s life.

5. “Tous Les Garçons Et Les Filles” by Françoise Hardy

Song Year: 1962

The tune has a catchy, upbeat rhythm and is one of the best representations of Hardy’s powerful voice. Lyrically, the song is about a teenager who hasn’t had a chance to fall in love, making her envious of all the happy couples she sees around. It’s a feeling that many individuals can identify with at some point in their lives, and Hardy’s delivery amplifies the emotion further.

6. “Basique” by Orelsan

Song Year: 2017

Orelsan describes the fundamentals of life that, in his opinion, should be known to all. He centers around culture, politics, and society, and the entire song is about him dropping truth bombshells on the audience.

He talks about things like politicians lying to electorates to secure their votes and the realization that you’re the issue if you frequently find yourself alone with your problems.

7. “J’ai cherché” by Amir

Song Year: 2016

The track’s lyrics talk about the singer’s love for music. Initially, he’s somehow lost, but as the song progresses, he meets someone who completes him and makes the other half of his world. That someone is music because it helps him find meaning in his existence and strengthens him.

8. “Dégaine” by Aya Nakamura ft. Damso

Song Year: 2022

The song is all about living life to the fullest. The singer and the guy she’s eyeing aren’t seeking to take any leisurely beach strolls. Rather, she craves a “bad boy,” and she’s ready to act the part. The track exudes self-confidence as Aya sings about how she knows how to exploit her alluring figure to get anything she wants. Damso’s verse is also full of energy.

9. “Le Sud” by Nino Ferrer

Song Year: 1975

The track’s lyrics paint a picture of a tranquil backyard terrace with laundry blowing in the wind, where the days are long and the nights are warm. It’s a dreamy tune about how things could and should be, except it references the War in the South.

The singer talks about France, Louisiana, and Italy. However, the question of which “south” is open to interpretation because there have been conflicts in many parts of the world.

10. “Cendrillon” by Téléphone

Song Year: 1982

The song’s protagonist, Cendrillon, is a young lady who craves a guy she believes would make an excellent match. Her hopes and ambitions become miserable when she learns that true love doesn’t exist and her dream man has feelings for another woman. The song is a gentle reminder that, while fairy tales may be comforting on paper, life is much more challenging.

11. “Au Bout De Mes Rêves” by Jean-Jacques Goldman

Song Year: 1982

The song speaks of the power of dreams and how they can help you achieve your goals. The lyrics paint a picture of a man unwilling to stop pursuing what he believes in despite time moving very fast. The singer emphasizes that hurdles such as imprisonment or going through walls won’t make him give up.

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