43 Best Songs With Girls’ Names in the Title

Best Songs With Girls' Names in the Title

Songwriters may add a girl's name in the title of their song to represent various relationships. Sometimes, they use a name for a love song, and other times the name means an overall type of girl. However, many of the songs on our list have surprising backstories.


1 “Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)” by The Looking Glass

Song Year: 1972

This song shares the story of a barmaid who pines for a man who left her. Although she would make a good wife, the sailor's heart belongs to the sea. Although this song turned out to be a one-hit-wonder, it's a catchy song with a great tune that's hard not to sing along to.

There was a rumor “Brandy” was a woman named Mary Ellis, though Lurie states that his high school sweetheart, Randy, inspired the song. After this song took off by storm, many girls got the name Brandy in the following years.

2 “Stacy's Mom” by Fountains of Wayne

Song Year: 2003

When you think of early 2000s pop songs, you probably think of “Stacy's Mom” by Fountains of Wayne. This song follows a young boy with a crush on his friend's attractive mom. It's implied that his friend, Stacy, actually has a crush on him, but it's no use; he only has eyes for Stacy's mom.

Songwriter Adam Schlesinger got his inspiration for the lyrics from a friend who had a crush on his (Schlesinger's) grandmother. I guess “Adam's Grandma” didn't have the same ring.

3 “Georgia” by Vance Joy

Song Year: 2015

“Georgia” by Vance Joy is a softly-sung alternative/indie song that describes the love a man experienced with a woman, Georgia. The song begins by depicting an intense attraction, but the remaining lyrics are up for debate.

Some think that “Georgia” is about a man who feels vulnerable from letting love in, fearing pushing her away. Others believe this is a “woman who got away” type of lyrical story.

4 “Meet Virginia” by Train

Song Year: 1998

If you've ever watched a 90s romantic comedy, you're familiar with the character Train describes in “Meet Virginia.” Monahan sings about a quirky girl who is odd but alluring all simultaneously.

It's believed that a friend that Manahan knew partially inspired this song, though he states it's not about any specific woman.

5 “Check Yes Juliet” by We The Kings

Song Year: 2007

You weren't a scene kid in the early 2000s unless you repeated this (then) modern take on the story of Romeo and Juliet. Travis Clark, the band's lead singer, says that “Check Yes Juliet” is an underdog love story inspired by multiple band members' experiences.

It's got an upbeat tune that you cannot help but turn the volume up on once you hear “Run, baby, run!” At the time, “Check Yes Juliet” was their most popular song.

6 “Jenny” by WALK THE MOON

Song Year: 2010

Apparently, Jenny has some killer curves considering a few analogies describe them in this song. This alternative indie song is a fast-paced, fun song that WALK THE MOON fans loved singing along to.

While it's unclear who “Jenny” actually is, this song implies that she was a summer fling that the main character wishes he could continue to see.

7 “Ophelia” by The Lumineers

Song Year: 2016

Rather than a song about a specific girl named “Ophelia” (or a girl at all for that matter), this song is an analogy or comparison between falling in love with a woman and falling in love with fame. Whether love or fame, the beginning is exciting and euphoric.

The lyrics may also imply that fame isn't all; it's as good as it seems. In some cases, the idea of a woman or becoming famous is better than the real thing.

8 “Cecelia And The Satellite” by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

Song Year: 2014

The first time you hear “Cecelia And The Satellite,” you may believe McMahon wrote it for his wife. It has a sweet, happy melody with a loving feel.

In this song, he is trying to understand how different life will be to have a daughter. He actually wrote it about his daughter, Cecelia, whose wife was pregnant with at the time of writing it. However, he loves her already and always wants to be there to take care of her.

9 “Angie” by The Rolling Stones

Song Year: 1973

It was heavily suspected that “Angie” was written about David Bowie‘s wife, whose name happens to be Angela. However, the title was actually inspired by Keith's daughter. While Keith chose the song's title, Bowie wrote the rest of the lyrics.

This slow rock song depicts a woman named Angie, who appears to be struggling emotionally and financially before the main character tries to end things.

10 “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson

Song Year: 1982

If you don't know who Billie Jean is, you at least get the feeling that Michael Jackson doesn't want anything to do with her. Rather than a song about a woman, this song is instead about one of Jackson's stalkers who claimed one of her twin daughters was his.

The unrelenting stalking and letters she sent gave him a great deal of stress. Writing this song was Jackson's way of expressing himself and what he went through without directly calling her out.

11 “Iris” by The Goo Goo Dolls

Song Year: 2015

Iris is a popular song by The Goo Goo Dolls that was written for the movie City of Angels and sung from the perspective of Seth, played by Nicolas Cage.

In the movie, Seth is an angel who was sent to Earth to assist humans in transitioning to the afterlife. However, he falls for a woman and needs to decide if his love for her is worth giving up eternal life.

12 “Jolene” by Dolly Parton

Song Year: 1974

Though the lyrics of “Jolene” depict the main character begging Jolene not to steal her man away, Parton had a surprising inspiration.

Once meeting a 10-year-old fan, Parton noted how gorgeous this little girl was with her red hair and green eyes. Upon asking her name and learning that it was Jolene, this country songwriter and singer knew she had to write a song about her beautiful name.

13 “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond

Song Year: 1969

“Sweet Caroline” is a song that crowds still know today, with even young people chanting “bum, bum, bum” during the chorus. Diamond wanted to write a song for his wife at the time, Marcia Murphie but wanted to use a three-syllable name as it worked better with the melody.

He later stated that the song was an ode to Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of President John F. Kennedy. Many famous artists would go on to cover Diamond's hit song, and it's become an unofficial anthem of the Boston Red Sox.

14 “Breakfast at Tiffany's” by Deep Blue Something

Song Year: 1961

Another song famous for many years after its release, “Breakfast at Tiffany's,” is a song that was inspired by the movie Roman Holiday. This catchy song sheds humor on what it's like during the failure of a relationship.

While one partner wants to end things due to their differences, the other partner focuses on that one special thing they both have in common (such as enjoying the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's).

15 “Hey There Delilah” by Plain White T's

Song Year: 2006

A friend introduced Delilah DiCrescenzo to the lead singer, Tom Higgenson. He thought she was beautiful and felt compelled to write a song for her. As he played his guitar, the lyrics and tune came to him while he thought about Delilah.

Despite the lyrics, he didn't know much about her and had to make up most of the story. Unfortunately, she was with someone else, and he never did get the girl. He did, however, get a hit song.

16 “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” by The Beatles

Song Year: 1967

Lucy O'Donnel, a classmate of John Lennon, inspired the song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” His son had a photograph of Lucy with some star doodles around it and named his masterpiece “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”

Before fans discovered who the real “Lucy” was, there was speculation from the Daily Mail after posting an article claiming that “Lucy” was Lucy Richardson, a British actress.

17 “Come on Eileen” by Dexy's Midnight Runners

Song Year: 1982

This catchy early 80s song sounds surprisingly unlike most other top hits during that time. Perhaps the different aspects of the song made it stand out, causing it to be a #1 hit in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Eileen was a real girl with who Rowland had a romantic relationship when they were 13 years old. He wrote this song to express the feelings of a teenage boy living in an uptight society whose enjoying his first sexual relationship.

18 “Kathleen” by Catfish and the Bottlemen

Song Year: 2014

It seems like everyone dates a “Kathleen” at some point in their life. McCann, the lead singer, expresses the back-and-forth feelings with a girl in this indie alternative rock song.

McCann explains that Kathleen is the type of person who stresses you out, but you can't help but be infatuated with her, even if you know it's not a good idea.

19 “Sweetie Little Jean” by Cage the Elephant

Song Year: 2014

“Sweetie Little Jean” is a song inspired by the tragic events of her kidnapping and death. During vocalist Mathew Shultz's childhood, his brother's 12-year-old girlfriend was murdered. This story became an analogy for dealing with depression within the song.

Despite the heartbreaking inspiration behind it, the alternative/indie song has an upbeat melody to it.

20 “Hailie's Song” by Eminem

Song Year: 2002

Hailie, Eminem's daughter, has clearly always been important to him. The rapper wrote this song as a dedication to 7-year-old Hailie to express that she makes life worth living even during hard times.

After a long custody battle, Eminem ultimately got full custody, inspiring him to write a song. Initially, Eminem had no plans to release the song until Dr. Dre convinced him to add it.

21 “Drew Barrymore” by Bryce Vine

Song Year: 2018

Since there are plenty of love songs focusing on how beautiful a woman is, Bryce Vine wanted to write this indie hip-hop song based on feelings. To him (and many of us), Drew Barrymore is a perfect metaphor for the type of girl he wanted to write about.

Although she's gorgeous, she's more well-known for her somewhat rebellious yet down-to-earth and sweet personality than her looks. Vine stated that even though she's not the hottest, there's something cool about Drew Barrymore.

22 “Dear Luca” by Ayokay

Song Year: 2019

“Dear Luca” is an electronic/dance song about looking back on the past with the realization you were in the wrong. The vocalist sings about Luca, whom he hasn't seen in six years in this song.

So much time has passed that you don't know this person anymore. Even though you've lost touch, you can't help but hope they realize you've changed and hope that they've forgiven you.

23 “Proud Mary” by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Proud Mary by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Song Year: 1969

Though “Proud Mary” became a song about a riverboat rather than a girl, it wasn't always the inspiration. Initially, Fogerty wanted to create a song about a maid working for the rich.

Stu Cook suggested adding the riverboat aspect, then even made paddlewheel sounds for the first couple of cords. From there, the lyrics naturally transitioned from being about a girl to being about a boat.

24 “Amanda” by Boston

Song Year: 1986

Upon releasing “Amanda” after a seven-year break, it would become Boston's first and only number one hit. Although Sholz focused more on the melody than on evoking romance, it's hard to deny how romantic the song is.

This is a passionate hip-hop/rock song about the intense feelings that come with telling a girl you love her for the first time.

25 “Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac

Song Year: 1975

Incredibly famous singer and songwriter Stevie Nicks wrote this song with her boyfriend at the time. Although Nicks was unfamiliar with the story of a Welsh goddess named Rhiannon, upon hearing it, she realized how well the lyrics fit with it.

While writing the song, Nicks stated that she didn't know who Rhiannon was; she just knew she was writing a song about a girl not from this world.

26 “Veronica” by Elvis Costello

Song Year: 1989

“Veronica” is a new wave, pop-rock song about an old lady slowly losing her memory while living in a nursing home. The song was inspired by Costello's grandmother, who sadly suffered from Alzheimer's disease.

Though Costello is the singer and songwriter of “Veronica,” Paul McCartney helped to write it.

27 “Polly” by Nirvana

Song Year: 1991

Like “Sweetie Little Jean,” “Polly” is a song about a young girl's kidnapping. Gerald Friend kidnapped, assaulted, and murdered his victim, who was hitchhiking to get to a rock concert. Prior to its release on their album Nevermind, they would play “Polly” during some live performances.

While lyrics aren't in your face about its topic, once you know the backstory of this punk rock song, you can pick up on some of the analogies.

28 “Marjorie” by Taylor Swift

Song Year: 2020

“Marjorie” is another song that had inspiration from a grandmother. Taylor Swift wrote this song about her grandmother, Marjorie Finlay, who died while Swift was young.

The lyrics share life lessons Swift learned from her grandmother. Moreover, this melancholy country song also expresses the emotions that come with losing a grandparent. You can hear Swift's opera-singing grandmother's real voice during the outro.

29 “Alice” by Avril Lavigne

Song Year: 2010

“Alice” is a song that Avril Lavigne wrote for the Disney film Alice in Wonderland. Avril Lavigne sings this dark tune from Alice's perspective.

Even though it's a Disney song, Avril Lavigne added a gothic feel to it for an interesting melody. She aimed to create a song that encompassed director Tim Burton's movie style in sound, and most would agree she nailed it.

30 “Diane Young” by Vampire Weekend

Song Year: 2013

Although Diana Young is a part of the name of a salon in Manhatten, it's believed it's a play on words. When you say it quickly, it sounds similar to “dyin' young,” especially its use in the song.

This punk rock/pop melody shares lyrics that represent those who are reserved but secretly envy dare-devil types of people.

31 “Chelsea Dagger” by The Fratellis

Song Year: 2006

Singer Jon Lawler wrote this song as a dedication to his wife, who was a burlesque dancer. She went by Chelsea Dagger when on stage at Club Noir, the largest burlesque club in the world.

Heather, the woman behind the name “Chelsea Dagger,” created it to be a play on Brittney Spears. This alternative/indie song has an upbeat and catchy tune, which may be why the Blackhawks used it for their NHL Stanley Cup song in the 08-09 season.

32 “Jenny Was a Friend of Mine” by The Killers

Song Year: 2004

“Jenny Was a Friend of Mine” is another song that got its inspiration from the murder of a girl. In 1986, Jennifer Levin was murdered by her boyfriend. Rather than a murder sentence, he was convicted of manslaughter and only given 15 years in prison.

The song shares the story of the incident, sharing the unfortunate outcome of Chambers (her murderer) not getting a murder sentence due to his claim of it being an accident. 

33 “Dear Maria, Count Me In” by All Time Low

Song Year: 2007

“Dear Maria, Count Me In” is one of those songs that you can't help but loudly sing along to when you hear it. This pop-punk early 2000s song quickly gained popularity after its release. As the lyrics suggest, the song is about a dancer named Maria, who grew up with Alex Gaskarth.

After learning she'd become a dancer, he felt inspired to write a song about a girl doing whatever she wanted to earn money and take control of her life.

34 “The Diary of Jane” by Breaking Benjamin

Song Year: 2006

“The Diary of Jane” is an alternative rock song with an unrequited love theme. The guy from the singer's viewpoint loves a girl but later discovers she never actually loved him.

While there are three versions of this popular song, the first version is the one most people know. Rather than a song about a specific girl named Jane, it's more about the feeling of “closing the book” on someone after heartbreak.

35 “Anna Molly” by Incubus

Song Year: 2006

Another alternative early 2000s song, “Anna Molly” by Incubus, is a song about how the perfect woman one might envision probably doesn't exist. Lead singer Brandon Boyd wanted to write lyrics about the human experience of envisioning the perfect human rather than enjoying them for who they are.

“Anna Molly” isn't a reference to a specific woman; rather, it's a play on the word “anomaly, which means “deviating from what is normal or expected.”

36 “Mustang Sally” by Wilson Pickett

Song Year: 1966

This 60s R&B song shares the story of a girl who enjoys living on the edge in her new Mustang. After purchasing her new wheels, the car becomes a part of her personality, making her “Mustang Sally.”

This song was wildly popular once it was released and hasn't been forgotten by those who grew up during that time. Notably, it’s been used in several movies over the years, such as Road House, The Commitments, and P.S. I Love You.

37 “Black Betty” by Ram Jam

Song Year: 1977

If you walk up to someone who grew up in the 70s or 80s and simply say “Bam ba lam,” they'll immediately start to sing along. This simple song has garnered many theories about what the meaning is actually about.

One theory is that “Black Betty” is actually a musket, which may make sense when you think about the lyrics “bam ba lam,” mimicking the sound of gunfire. Others believe it's simply about a relationship with a black woman named Betty.

38 “Janie's Got a Gun (Water Song)” by Aerosmith

Song Year: 1989

Teenagers during the late 80s and 90s may still know every word in this song without knowing the real inspiration behind it. This rock song is actually about a girl who shot her father after he sexually abused her.

After hearing the inspiration for this song, it's a wonder that most didn't know the true meaning behind the tragic but real-life lyrics. And though it may be mostly viewed as just another hit song, it has a special place in heart for people who lived through similar situations as Janie.

39 “Dani California” by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Song Year: 2006

For those who've listened to many Red Hot Chili Peppers songs, you may notice that this isn't the only song featuring Dani. Lead singer Anthony Kiedis stated that “Dani” is actually an amalgamation of all the girls he's encountered in life. She first appeared in Californication, though her name was not revealed yet in the lyrics.

At first, it may seem like Dani California is a song about a place, but if you listen to the lyrics closely, Kiedis shares the story of a newly-Californian girl named Dani. He laments about this poor girl’s life which is ultimately ended by a policeman.

40 “Helena” by My Chemical Romance

Song Year: 2004

It seems like oldies rock artists and 2000s alternative indie artists were the most likely to use girls' names in their songs. “Helena” by My Chemical Romance is another alternative indie song that's partially about the lead singer's grandmother, Elena Lee Rush, and partially a revenge story.

He chose the name “Helena” for the title because Elena's friends called her Helen, combining the two names. Though it seems like an odd combination, they made it work, and it now has a deeper, more personal meaning behind it.

41 “Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)” by Bruce Springsteen

Song Year: 1973

Back to oldies rock, we have “Rosalita (Come Out Tonight),” a song meant to express the feeling of proving your naysayers wrong. Springsteen had finished a relentless tour and signed a record deal at the time.

“Rosalita” was a girl that Springsteen's mother didn't approve of when he was a late teenager, giving him inspiration for the title and some of the lyrics. This fast-paced and exciting song proves that love songs don't need to be sappy.

Top Songs With Girls' Names In The Title, Final Thoughts

Do you or someone you know have the same name as one of the best songs with girls' names in the title? During researching this article, I couldn't help but notice how many similarities there were between the inspirations behind the titles and the genres that used girls' names. Some of the songs had a surprising backstory that inspired the lyrics, adding even more depth to the already intriguing lyrics.

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  1. What about Sister Christian? I used to not like it because people would sing it to me all the time. Since its not often a girls name I never thought there would be a song with my name in it. I was always mad at my parents for giving me a boys name. They said it came from a movie called Cincinnati Kid but I’ve never heard another girl with this crazy name.

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