11 Best Country Songs About Sunsets

From the mountains to the plains to the deserts, the American West, the home of country music, has some of the most stunning sunsets in the world. It’s no surprise then that there are so many country songs about sunsets. Read on to discover the best of them today!

1. “Sippin Sunsets” by LoCash

“Sippin Sunsets” by LoCash

Song Year: 2021

Country music duo LoCash pays homage to the beautiful sunsets of Tennessee in this 2021 track. It’s a contemporary country hit with elements of pop and rock.

LoCash consists of two singers, Preston Brust and Chris Lucas, who trade verses about the sunset on this song. The lyrics describe an ideal weekend, watching the beautiful sunset in a truck bed, enjoying drinks with friends, and spending time with a romantic partner.

“Sippin Sunsets” debuted on November 5th, 2021, as the third track on their album Woods & Water. The pair also launched a lyric video, displaying beautiful footage of sunsets throughout the American West.

2. “Beyond The Sunset” by Red Foley & The Anita Kerr Singers

Song Year: 1956

Country Music Hall of Famer Red Foley covered this song about the sunset in 1956. It’s a classic country track with elements of folk and world music. The song was so popular it sparked several more covers in the following years.

This melancholy country song is the first track on Red Foley’s album, Beyond the Sunset, famous for such tracks as “I Hear a Choir” and “The Rosary.” On many songs, Foley features The Anita Kerr Singers, a music quartet from Nashville, Tennessee.

“Beyond The Sunset” is one such song, and the track features the female quartet on vocals. The song has lyrics about saying a parting farewell to friends.

3. “When The Sun Goes Down” by Kenny Chesney and Uncle Kracker

“When The Sun Goes Down” by Kenny Chesney and Uncle Kracker

Song Year: 2004

Kenny Chesney wrote “When The Sun Goes Down,” perhaps one of the most popular songs about sunsets from the country genre. It debuted at the top spot on the US Country Chart and the Billboard US Chart, where it kept its place for over a month.

The song dropped on February 2nd, 2004, and quickly gained traction with country music fans and those new to the genre. It has a contemporary sound, drawing from pop, classic country, and rock.

The drum-heavy song features electric guitar and twangy vocals from Kenny Chesney, a singer from Knoxville, Tennessee. It also has vocals from Uncle Kracker, a singer, and rapper from Michigan.

4. “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset,” by Luke Bryan

Song Year: 2017

Luke Bryan pays homage to the sunsets in his home state of Georgia in this hit song, “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset.” It’s a contemporary country song with production by Jeff and Joey Stevens.

Bryan released the track in December 2017 as the fifth track for his album What Makes You Country. It was one of the top-streamed songs on the album, alongside “Most People Are Good.”

“Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset” got a music video in the summer of 2018, and the song became a summer hit. It gained traction on video sharing platform Tik Tok and garnered millions of views.

The song has a pop-country sound, with lyrics about a peaceful summer spent at a lakehouse in Georgia. Bryan reminisces about past times with a loved one enjoying the sunset.

5. “Something in the Orange” by Zach Bryan

“Something in the Orange” by Zach Bryan

Song Year: 2022

Listen to “Something in the Orange,” a country hit by Zach Bryan. Bryan is a US Navy Veteran who turned to a career in music, and the artist signs in the neo-traditional and alternative country genres.

The singer is from Oklahoma, famous for its wide open spaces ideal for viewing the sunsets. Travel to the High Plains with Bryan when you listen to this track about the magic of a bright orange sunset.

Bryan wrote the song and called on Ryan Hadlock for production. In the lyrics, Bryan is upset about his lover leaving him, lending a melancholy tone to the track. As she drives away, down the wide rural roads, he wonders if she will return.

At the song’s close, Bryan gazes into the horizon for answers. He sings that the orange hue of the sunset seems to communicate that she’s gone for good.

6. “Sunsets At The Ranch” by Rob Georg

Song Year: 2019

There’s nothing more distinctly country than a song about a horse ranch. Rob Georg describes the incredible sunsets he’s seen in his life, concluding that the ranch sunsets are the most beautiful.

The warm, relaxing country tune about home has an ensemble of classic country instruments, including electric and acoustic guitars and a bass that provides a deep ambiance to the sentimental track.

Georg released the song in the summer of 2019, including a music video depicting a beautiful orange sunset. It came out on his debut studio album, Radio Cowboy, and remains one of his most popular tracks.

Kick back, relax to this song, and listen to Georg describe the vibrant sunsets behind the mountains and Tennessee and the soft dusk on his favorite beaches. In the chorus, he reveals that the best place to watch a sunset is at home with the ones you love.

7. “Love and Sunsets” by Zac Brown Band & James Taylor

Song Year: 2022

Modern country singer Zac Brown leads this ensemble song about sunsets. He released it in the fall of 2022 as the fourth track from his studio album The Comeback.

The song features Grammy Award veteran James Taylor, who provides background vocals on the chorus and bridge. He also features his band, including a rock ensemble, fiddle, and several solo guitar lines.

“Love and Sunsets” is an upbeat song about loving what’s in front of you and relying on family, faith, and the beauty of sunsets instead of material things. Brown’s song reminds listeners that the beautiful sunset is always there for us.

8. “Did It For The Girl” by Greg Bates

“Did It For The Girl” by Greg Bates

Song Year: 2012

Country artist Greg Bates sings about sunsets in this romance song. It came out in April 2012 as a track for his first project, the Greg Bates EP.

The song was his first charting single, hitting the 14th spot on the US Country Chart and the 66th on the US charts overall. It also got a music video in 2012 that features Bates singing and playing guitar on a beach during the sunset.

In the song, Bates explains what he does for a girl because he loves her and wants her to love him back. He sings that he wishes they could dance at sunset and spend time together until the moon comes out.

9. “The Flowers, The Sunset, The Trees” by Jim Reeves

Song Year: 1959

Texan-Tennessean Jim Reeves sings about his love for the natural world in this 1959 track. It’s from the album God Be With You, one of his songs that dabbled in the Christian country genre.

The song has elements of a praise hymn, folk music, and classic 1950s country, a genre Reeves helped pioneer before his tragic death in 1964.

In the soft track, he admires the vibrant colors of the sunset. He sings that the beauty of the sky makes him feel close to God, and he is at peace when he sees the sun set behind the trees.

10. “Chasing Sunsets” by Ryan Montgomery

Song Year: 2022

Ryan Montgomery documents his relationship over the years in this moderately-paced country track. It dropped in February 2022 with a music video and self-released the song on his label, Ryan Montgomery Music.

The singer was just 24 when he wrote the song, and the track follows his partnership with his girlfriend, who he met in 2016. He sings about how the couple is always trying new things and helping each other grow, comparing their adventures to chasing sunsets in the evening.

11. “Sunrise, Sunset” by Jim Nabors

“Sunrise, Sunset” by Jim Nabors

Song Year: 1967

Jim Nabors sings about sunsets in this classic 1967 track. The singer and actor was from Alabama, and Nabors classically trained in opera music. Later in his career, he sang gospel and country music.

“Sunrise, Sunset” is an ideal example of one of Nabors’ fusion songs. It has the haunting quality of a 1960s country song, the waltz feel of a 1960s pop track, and his signature operatic vocals.

Nabors describes the flow of time in the song, saying that sunrises and sunsets carry on without our noticing. Years pass, but the beautiful sunset is there every night.

Top Country Songs About Sunsets, Final Thoughts

Country musicians sure know their sunsets. Whether native to cowboy country or transplants from elsewhere, these country artists admire the sunsets so much that they wrote these lovely songs about them.

Sing along to these best country songs about sunsets, whether you’re enjoying a country sunset or just thinking about one. We hope you enjoyed this round-up and consider sharing it with friends!

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