29 Best Songs To Clean To

Hey Ladies by Beastie Boys

There’s nothing worse than bringing a date to your place, only to have them disgusted with your living arrangements. This iconic Beastie Boys track provides a few minutes of an upbeat party mood while you tidy things up to avoid that disappointment at the end of the night.

Don’t Lose Touch by Against Me!

With the devices of today’s modern lifestyles, it’s all too easy to distract ourselves from what’s important (such as, you know, cleaning your living space and vehicle). Don’t Lose Touch is a dance-punk track that can serve as the ideal theme to remind you to stop putting off what you need to get done.

Otherwise, if you lose touch with reality, you’ll soon find yourself swimming in a 3-inch layer of dust with rugs that haven’t been vacuumed in a year. At least, with this track playing, you’ll be able to dance and shout a memorable chorus as you clean the clutter.

Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio ft. L.V.

Whether it be your car or your home, everyone’s space should be considered their paradise. Such a sacred place shouldn’t be cluttered with a mess, so crank up Coolio’s signature track, Gangsta’s Paradise, as you revitalize your own personal oasis of safety and comfort. 

Da Mystery of Chessboxin’ by Wu-Tang Clan

Daily life can almost seem like a constant battle against dirt and disarray, and any sane person is bound to feel defeated at some point. That is unless you play Wu-Tang Clan’s Da Mystery of Chessboxin’, which will have you fighting dirt Shaolin style.

Because remember, Wu-Tang Clan is not to be trifled with, especially when it comes to a messy room.

Da Mystery of Chessboxin’ by Wu-Tang Clan

Immovable Object by Circles Around The Sun

While many people relate to lyrics more than music, Circles Around The Sun’s instrumental track, Immovable Object will have you traversing different musical states of mind as you remove various layers of clutter similar to how you might peel an onion. Except, with this song, you’re almost guaranteed to smile more than you’d be shedding any tears (unless they are out of joy, of course).

Tornado of Souls by Megadeth

Are the surfaces in the room you need to clean covered in a thick layer of dust? Crank up Megadeth’s Tornado of Souls as you create a cyclone of dust aimed to make its exit via the trash can or the front door. 

The song’s mind-blowing guitar solos are the perfect soundtrack as you watch all that dust get kicked up to be removed for good.

Viscera Eyes by The Mars Volta

Are you a fan of sprawling prog-rock jams that feature cosmic guitar solos? The Mars Volta will transport you from the jungle to space and back to Earth again while you listen to Viscera Eyes during your cleaning session.

Cat Food by King Crimson

If you’re a cat parent, chances are likely that you spend the majority of your time cleaning up after your furry children. Whether it be cat litter or shed hair, it seems as if there’s always something to be cleaned up.

Playing King Crimson’s track, Cat Food will tap into the zaniness of being a cat owner, as your cat reminds you to fill their food bowl. 

Outro by Vulfpeck

Want a feel-good way to give a proper send-off to all the dirt and clutter that’s collected in your surroundings? Vulfpeck’s Outro will have you marching along to its catchy beat as you empty the dustpan and fold the laundry.

Best Songs To Clean To, Final Thoughts

If you’ll notice, the majority of the songs featured here are hinged on an underlying, infectious groove. Songs that fit in this category are generally ideal for dancing, but they suffice for cleaning because they’ll encourage you to move your feet. 

The right soundtrack will ensure that cleaning no longer feels like a monumental task you’ll never be able to finish. You can’t go wrong with songs that never fail to put you in a good mood. 

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