37 Best Songs From 2000

“Porcelain” By Moby

Song year: 2000

The famous DJ Moby has always made out-of-the-box music that departs from what is normal and common. While the lyrics are rather eerie and dark, people fell in love with the mysterious and pleasant sound, with many overlapping instruments and vocals. The song talks about the delicacy of relationships, with soft piano notes throughout.

“What’s Your Fantasy” By Ludacris

Song year: 2000

Ludacris was one of the biggest rappers in 2000, and this song was a major hit. It’s all about sex and pleasing his woman. He asks about his woman’s fantasy and tells her he wants to do whatever she wants. Ludacris’ insanely fast rap flow is captivating and the song has an energetic and edgy sound.

“The Way You Love Me” By Faith Hill

Song year: 2000

Country pop star Faith Hill immortalized her name with this adorable and lovable song where she sings about how much she appreciates and values her partner. From how he kisses her to how he treats her, he’s the love of her life and she wishes he could see himself how she does.

“Teenage Dirtbag” By Wheatus

Song year: 2000

The concept of a rebellious teenager is not new, but it will also never get old. This song is about a teenager who is hopelessly in love with a girl who is way out of his league since he’s just a dirtbag. It’s an anthem for anyone who felt like a loser in high school or a stupid teenager. Even teenage dirtbags can find love, as the music video shows!

“Lucky” By Britney Spears

Song year: 2000

This 2000 song is about a fictional girl named Lucky who lives an extravagant and busy life. She lives in Hollywood and everyone thinks she’s the luckiest girl in the world. But she is secretly sad and lonely. It’s a typical song about how hard fame can be.

“Better Off Alone” By Alice Deejay

Song year: 2000

Alice Deejay found some fame with this upbeat electronic song that was very different from other music at the time. She sings to her lover, asking if they think they’d be happier without her. It has a super funky beat that masks the somewhat sad and vulnerable lyrics.

“Shape of My Heart” By Backstreet Boys

Song year: 2000

The late 90s and early 2000s were ruled by boy bands, including the Backstreet Boys. In this song, the lyrics are about taking your time to get to know your crush. The singer wants to show the girl he likes his heart, so they can have a beautiful relationship. This song isn’t particularly exciting but is easy to listen to and has a cute message, which made it popular in 2000.

“Absolutely (Story of a Girl)” By Nine Days

Song year: 2000

This song is a tribute to a special girl. The lyrics talk about how sad but beautiful this girl is and how life doesn't always go how you want it to. Life is unpredictable and imperfect, but that doesn’t make it less beautiful, and the song communicates this while appreciating the beautiful but imperfect girl.

“Can’t Fight the Moonlight” By LeAnn Rimes

Song year: 2000

A dance anthem if there ever was one, Can’t Fight the Moonlight is a catchy and smooth song about how love is sometimes irresistible. LeAnn Rimes sings about falling under each other’s spell beneath the moon and how you should just let go and love one another instead of trying to fight it.

“With Arms Wide Open” By Creed

Song year: 2000

With Arms Wide Open is one of Creed’s most touching and emotional songs. Creed’s lead singer has a distinct and deep voice that delivers warm and loving lyrics. The slow rock beat behind his rich vocals is a classic 2000s sound, making it an instant hit on the radio. The lyrics are somewhat mysterious but sweet and inviting.

“Graduation (Friends Forever)” By Vitamin C

Song year: 2000

A highly appropriate song to end this list with, Vitamin C’s Graduation song has been played at hundreds if not thousands of high school graduations over the years. It’s all about moving on and leaving people behind. It’s not hateful or sad but has a nostalgic and sentimental vibe. It’s one of those songs that make you want to sway with your arms in the air.

Top Songs From 2000, Final Thoughts

Many of these songs from the year 2000 still make it onto current playlists, appear in movies, or even play on the radio.

Songs like Who Let the Dogs Out and Bye Bye Bye will always hold a place in the hearts of anyone around in the 2000s. So enjoy the rollercoaster of genres that is this list of top songs from 2000!

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