27 Top Songs For Your Niece

11. “She's So Gone” by Naomi Scott

Song Year: 2011

Naomi Scott sings this song as Mo, an Indian-American who's opened up. She sings about learning to fly and no longer being someone's puppet.

The lyrics talk about getting stronger and asking an unnamed person if they're mad. But the singer doesn't care, and the rock instrumentals are great to listen to.

12. “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars

Song Year: 2010

In “Just the Way You Are,” Mars sings about how beautiful a girl is. That makes this the perfect song to play for your niece whenever she feels ugly or imperfect.

He says he wouldn't change anything about the girl he loves. Whether you're an aunt or an uncle, you can play this song for your niece.

13. “Brave” by Sara Bareilles

Song Year: 2013

The chorus talks about wanting someone to be brave. Like many other girl power songs, this one has an uplifting mood along with the words.

You can get out of a bad situation with a bit of bravery. This song reminds us that it may be scary, but you and your niece can make a change for the better.

14. “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys

"Girl on Fire" by Alicia Keys

Song Year: 2012

From “The Hunger Games” series, “Girl on Fire” works well away from those movies. Keys talks about a girl who's running the world and doing it well.

The background of the song can uplift you and your niece. If she's feeling down or needs a bit of a boost, play this song, and you can both dance to it together.

15. “You're the Reason” by Victoria Justice

Song Year: 2010

In “You're the Reason,” Justice sings to her on-screen sister, but you can also play this for a niece. The singer talks about how someone helped her pursue her dreams.

If your niece has ever inspired you to be a better person, dedicate this song to her. Show her that she's played a part in your life, even if you're much older than she is.

16. “Oath” by Cher Lloyd featuring Becky G

Song Year: 2012

If you have a friend-like relationship with your niece, you'll love the song “Oath.” Cher Lloyd and Becky G sing as friends about having fun adventures together.

You can also play this song when your niece has a fight with a friend. It's a great reminder that you've had good times and that you can be friends forever.

17. “Space Between” by Dove Cameron and Sofia Carson

Song Year: 2017

Another song about friends that you can play for your niece is “Space Between.” If she's a fan of the Descendants franchise, she probably already knows the song.

It plays in the movies when one character feels she needs to leave her life behind. But the best friends know they'll always be in each other's hearts, so it's great if you or your niece moves away.

18. “Not That Far Away” by Jennette McCurdy

Song Year: 2010

Jennette McCurdy had a brief singing career, and she wrote a song for her mom when she moved away from home. However, you can also play this song for your niece if you move.

This song is perfect for country music fans, but the message stands regardless of the genre. If you or your niece like the former child star, this song is an even better choice.

19. “God Is a woman” by Ariana Grande

Song Year: 2018

The song “God Is a Woman” is another fantastic one to play for your niece. Grande sings about how she'll convince someone God isn't a man like many have believed.

In the music video, there's even a short speaking section with Madonna off-camera as God. If your niece loves Ariana Grande or Madonna, she'll love this song.

20. “Raise Your Glass” by Pink

Song Year: 2010

Pink has an amazing song to play for your niece. The lyrics celebrate being an underdog and being a bit of a freak.

If you and your niece aren't quite “normal,” this song is easy to relate to. Even if you try to be perfect, the song helps remind you not to stress about those things.

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