27 Best Afrobeats Songs

Who doesn’t like Afrobeats songs?!

While of course initially popular in Africa, it’s since spread world wide, becoming popular in clubs and parties for all races alike.

Whether you want a schooling on the genre, or you’re a fan wanting to hear your favorite tunes, here are the best Afrobeat songs of all time.

1. Ye by Burna Boy

Song Year: 2018

The song starts with a slow tempo and maintains a steady rhythm throughout the record. The track is melodic, and the beats are catchy. The song has a groovy feel to it. It's not a fast dance song, but it will make you want to move to the beats.

In the song, Burna Boy talks about life issues and difficulties we all go through. The music is easy to listen to, and the lyrics are familiar to most of us. You'll enjoy this dance tune with strong afro-influence.

2. Trust Issues by NSG

Song Year: 2019

The group hails from London but incorporates the Afrobeat sound perfectly. The song starts with a surprisingly smooth sound and beat. The tune and melody have a laidback groove, and the beats are strong, in the typical Afrobeat style.

The song is about falling in and out of love. It speaks in detail about all the ups and downs of being involved in a relationship. The song is definitely a dance tune – not too fast or slow. It's great for any party or social gathering or just to listen to while you study.

3. Dumebi by Rema

Song Year: 2019

The song opens up with the voices of young people enjoying outdoor fun. The music comes in with a fast, upbeat sound that's true to its Afrobeats roots. The tempo gives you a vibe that makes you want to dance and have a good time.

The song is about young people having fun and a typical young man's attraction to the opposite sex, but overall, the song is about having a good time with friends.

4. Doyin by Mr. Eazi & Simi

Song Year: 2019

This Afrobeats song has a soulful, almost Neo-soul sound that puts you in a relaxed mood. The melody has a noticeable touch of the Caribbean and Jamaican influence to it. You'll dance to this song, but it'll give you the feel of floating and gliding on the dance floor.

The song, like most songs, is about falling in and out of love, how someone deals with relationship breakups, and how to restore a broken relationship. It's a catchy song but great for listening to after a breakup.

5. Down Flat by Kelvyn Boy

Song Year: 2022

Unlike some other Afrobeats artists, Kelvyn Boy knows all about Afrobeats. He comes from Ghana. The song is about a man who seeks a woman and pours his heart out to her. The woman is elusive and mysterious, and he's trying to figure out what he can do to get her interest.

The tempo is upbeat, and the beat will make you want to dance. There is a touch of American neo-soul and pop influence in the song. The tune is catchy, and the words are easy to sing along to; think Usher or Justin Beiber.

6. Finesse by Pheelz ft. BNXN

Song Year: 2022

This artist is from Nigeria and got his start when a TikTok video he produced went viral. Like many of the best Afrobeats songs, the music starts slow and then comes in strong, with forceful beats and a wicked tempo.

The lyrics are simple, catchy, and upbeat, with a laidback groove. The melody is perfect for dancing, not too fast or too slow. The lyrics describe someone taking care of their business the right way–with finesse.

7. Attention by Omah Lay ft. Justin Bieber

Song Year: 2022

This song is another slow-starting Afrobeats jam that picks up the tempo quickly. It’s a mixture of Afrobeats and pop music. The featured singer is Justin Beiber. His influence on the song is pretty obvious, as the song kind of reminds you of a Justin Beiber song.

The piece has a smooth, laidback, and pleasing sound with a slow-paced melody, but it's still a song you can dance and groove to. You'll probably hear it played at a party or a club. The lyrics are about one falling in love and feeling confused about what to do. The singer just wants a little attention from his lover.

8. Sho Madjozi by John Cena

Song Year: 2019

This Afrobeats song has a purely South African sound. It not only has the African beat, but it has some techno funk and pop influence, and maybe a little hard rock.

The tempo is upbeat and fast. Some may think the song is hard to dance to since it is fast, but that depends on the type of dance. You'll love this song if you love dancing fast or headbanging along with the music.

9. Shatta Wale by Ay3 Half Cast

Song Year: 2019

The song starts strong and forceful with a mixture of Reggae and Afrobeats. It will make you want to dance all night long. The rhythm of the song is called Azonto. It is a style of music that's impactful and hard-hitting, and it will make you groove and move. If you're ready for an upbeat, powerful Afrobeats song, this is it. By the way, the lyrics are just as strong as the beat.

10. Atweentan by Kofi Nti & Ofori Amponsah

Song Year: 2016

This song doesn't have that strong Afrobeat feel but is still considered authentic Afrobeats. The singer is from Ghana. The lyrics and tempo are upbeat and will connect you with African roots. The song is fun-loving and laidback, with a nice groove and sensation. It will pick you up if you're down.

In fact, the song is a celebration anthem. The lyrics are easy to listen to and catchy, and the singers are likable.

11. Naja by DJ Maphorisa & Oskido (Gqom Remix)

Song Year: 2017

If you like older-sounding Afrobeats music, this is the song for you. The song has strong Afrobeats roots with a fast tempo. If you want to dance, this song will make you get your dance on.

It sounds similar to the hip-hop songs of the 90s that would have you dancing in the streets, at the party, in the house, wherever you felt like it. You’ll have to translate the lyrics to understand the meaning of this one.

12. Calm Down by Rema

Song Year: 2022

Calm Down is a song by a young and upcoming singer from Nigeria. It has an excellent, uptempo beat that will make you dance. Like the tempo, the lyrics are straightforward and catchy, and the tune is melodic with good vibes.

The song is about good times, the ups and downs of love, falling in love, and hoping the other person falls in love with you. This song will give you good vibes and remind you to enjoy yourself with friends and loved ones. It’s a great song!

13. Hate Me by Olamide ft. Wande Coal

Song Year: 2022

This song showcases two musical legends among the Afrobeats community: Olamide and Wande Coal. As the title suggests, the lyrics are about haters that will do anything to distract and disrupt someone from reaching their goals. The song has an upbeat tempo that will make you dance and is highly influenced by American rap and hip-hop.

14. Killem Every Day by Savara

Song Year: 2022

This Afrobeats song is by Savara, who describes himself as a vibe curator. The song expresses his goal to motivate people to do what's best for them and encourages people to keep grinding and stop whining. It's a dance tune with a strong message behind it.

“Killem every day” sends a message about not worrying about what others say or do. Just “killem every day” with your actions and desire to keep moving forward. The beat is uptempo and melodic, which is perfect for dancing. Savara is from Ghana and Nigeria backgrounds.

15. Sugarcane by Camidoh ft. Phantom

Sugarcane by Camidoh ft. Phantom

Song Year: 2022

Other artists with Nigerian and Ghanaian backgrounds, Camidoh and Phantom, work together on this love song, which is extremely popular around the subregions of Africa. The song is about the beginning of a relationship. It’s a love story that takes on new heights and directions.

Camidoh has an eccentric (more American) but appealing style. His voice is attractive, and the lyrics are catchy. You'll find yourself wanting to dance as you give this a listen.

16. Dégaine by Aya Nakamura ft. Damso

Song Year: 2022

Originating in Hali, streamline sensation and French singer Aya Nakamura joins French rapper Damso on this sultry Afrobeats jam. It is a true dance song that's popular in most clubs in Africa and Europe. The song talks about her desire for an admirer she meets. There is an excellent beat and melody to it that will make you want to move and groove.

Aya has a style close to that of many American singers, which is why she's famous in Africa and Europe. Damso's part in the song adds another dimension. His rapping/singing matches her singing perfectly. The lyrics and melody are catchy.

17. Stubborn Academy by Shatta Wale ft. Medikal

Song Year: 2022

This song is another collaboration with a rapper and singer. Rapper Medikal teams up with Ghana singer Shatta Wale for this upbeat street jam that will make you want to move as soon as you hear it.

The tempo is fast and great for parties and clubs. It has an unusual beat to it, more like a science-fiction sound, but if you techno-pop, you'll love this song. The singer dances around in medical clothing and clown makeup in the music video, making for an interesting vibe.

18. Kancane by Konke and Musa Keys

Song Year: 2022

Musa Keys is quickly becoming one of the most popular African singers around. The song combines Afrobeats, Latino, Caribbean, and pop music, with a smooth melody and a laidback, catchy sound.

It is a great dance song and will make you move to the beat. This song is true to its African roots. The lyrics are simple. If you like the sound of Afrobeat songs, you'll like this song. The percussions and beats add to the song's appeal.

19. Manca by Felo Le Tee (ft. Toss)

Song Year: 2022

Although he's a singer, Felo Le Tee has the style of a finesse rap star. He resembles many American rappers. Felo Le Tee's voice is distinctive. It's very husky and raspy, and his dance moves are impressive.

You'll notice the strong African influence in this song. The beats and lyrics are strong, straightforward, and hypnotic. Afrobeats hits like this one will entice you to dance just like Felo Le Tee does. You'll love this catchy tune if you like Afrobeats, dancing, and rap.

20. Eningi by Kabza De Small (ft. Mhaw Keys, Simmy, and Njelic)

Song Year: 2022

The song starts with a percussion solo and ends the same way. The song is alluring, mysterious, and intense, with a solid West African sound.

You can dance to it, but the tune is somewhat at a slower pace with a more laid-back feel. Keys, Simmy, and Njelic's parts add more diversity to the song, which has been popular for some time thanks to social media.

21. Ghost by Kamo Mphela (ft. Daliwonga and Felo Le Tee)

Song Year: 2022

Although Kamo had been touring and performing in Africa and Europe, she had not released new music for at least a year. In these times, a year is too long for some fans. With the help of other popular artists, she showed she still has what it takes with this new song.

The song starts with a short comedy-like skit about ghosts. The song is about ghosts, so if you like scary ghost songs, you'll like this song. It reminds you of, and may be influenced by, Michael Jackson's “Thriller.” The music is hypnotic, alluring, and danceable.

22. Abo Mvelo by Daliwonga (ft. Mellow & Sleazy and MJ)

Song Year: 2022

This song also gained popularity through social media before it was officially released. Daliwonga, who hails from South Africa, was already popular on the club scene but gained more popularity when this song was released.

Daliwonga dresses in an American style and sings from an African background. The beats are strong Afrobeats with a hypnotizing melody. The song fluctuates back and forth from slow to fast, so it's excellent for both dancing and relaxing.

23. Jagele by Burna Boy

Song Year: 2022

Burna Boy is a hardworking artist. He has one song already considered one of the best Afrobeats songs. Jagele is another song that showcases his impressive talent and ability to make songs that make you want to dance.

Although it still has a strong Afrobeats sound, this song is laidback and smooth. Burna Boy is known to come up with terminology that always matches the melody of his songs perfectly. The song has a friendly vibe to it and catchy lyrics. It ends with a sultry melodic mood.

24. Monalisa by Lojay and Sarz (ft. Chris Brown)

Song Year: 2022

The song starts with the typical intense Afrobeat sounds and continues throughout. It also has a lovely, soothing melody. The song was a hit before Chris Brown joined, but he does a good job adding to the smooth rhythm of the song. Brown adds a touch of pop and R&B to this song about loving a girl named Monalisa. It's a great song to sing along to!

25. Never Forget by Omah Lay

Song Year: 2022

The song is about a relationship that has gone south and the emotional toll it has taken. The melody is moody and reflective with a strong uptempo Afrobeat sound. The lyrics are easy to learn and catchy.

You can feel the despair in the song not only by the tune but the lyrics. The beat is great for dancing. It's also a great laidback song that may make you go down memory lane. The Nigerian singer will make you never forget this song.

26. Soundgasm by Rema

Song Year: 2021

Rema is one of the most popular Afrobeats singers around. The style is authentic, appealing, and electric, which is why it's listed twice on this list of best Afrobeats songs. Soundgasm came out at the same time as the artist's other single, Calm Down.

This song begins with a quiet, still groove and mesmerizing hum that will catch your attention. Then comes the Afrobeats sound. The lyrics are about his lover's sensually teasing that has enticed and overwhelmed him.

Similar to the song Calm Down, the piece is appealing, enjoyable, and danceable. It has both African and Caribbean roots that make you want to dance.

27. Oxlade by KU LO SA

Song Year: 2022

This song has a good Afrobeat sound to it mixed with an American pop sound. The song is about a love relationship and how to please one's lover. It's a good dance tune for those who like to dance. It has an excellent vibe that puts you in a good mood.

KU LO SA’s style is similar to some famous American male singers, but he still has a unique sound to his name. The song is laidback. It gives you the feeling of sitting on the beach, enjoying the atmosphere.

Top Afrobeats Songs, Final Thoughts

With the explosion of social media, Afrobeat songs are becoming more and more popular, especially in Europe and South America. There is a wide range of the best Afrobeats songs for every musical taste, so try one of the songs on our list and let us know what you think.

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