27 Best Songs About Unity

Best Songs About Unity

The world as we know it today faces various challenges including diversity, racism, war, hunger, unemployment, and other struggles too numerous to mention.

One of the best methods for coping with these trying times is music.

Listening to meaningful songs about unity helps us forget about the chaos and adversities of the world and makes us feel more at peace with each other. Here is a list of the best songs about unity.

“Unity” by The Fat Rat

Song Year: 2014

The upbeat melody and strong introduction in this song by the Fat Rat make anyone who listens to it feel better even before the lyrics.

The song is about being strong in numbers. The lyrics tell the listener that if we all stand together in unity, we can make it through any storm that life throws.

This inspirational song is a much-loved favorite to many listeners worldwide who are searching for comfort in troubling times.

“Same Kind of Different” by LeeAnn Womack

Song Year: 2014

This meaningful song reminds us that even though we may look different, we all suffer the same on the inside. Therefore, before judging others, consider that just because they may look different, they still feel pain the same as you.

We all have struggles in life, no matter who we are. Everyone faces hardships, and this song encourages the listener to consider the hurt that others are feeling.

With compassion for others, we can all promote healing and unity worldwide. When we stand together with compassion for mankind, we are stronger.

“Unity” by Alan x Walkers

Song Year: 2019

This unique song, created by a community of dozens of Walker fans, unites people worldwide.

Contributions made by fans worldwide include drums, piano, vocals, and lyrics, all blended to create this meaningful song.

The making of this song sends a strong message of unity to every listener. If we all stand together, we can accomplish great things.

 “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong

Song Year: 1967

Topping the music charts in the 1960s in the United Kingdom, this next iconic song was a big hit in the U.S.A during the 80s.

Sung by the gruff-voiced Armstrong, this catchy song gives optimism and hope to the world in times of despair and celebrates world peace and unity.

By concentrating on what is good in the world instead of dwelling on the bad, this song gives listeners the message that life is beautiful despite the trials and tribulations that we all might face.

“One Love” by Bob Marley

Song Year: 1965

This next song is popularly played in Jamaican tourist destinations and signifies the acceptance of different people and cultures coming together as one.

Released in 1965, “One Love” topped the music charts in 1977 as a single album promoting peace and unity among people on earth.

The lyrics in this feel-good song indicate that if we all get together and help one another, the world will be a better place to live. There is no doubt about it—a world that is united in love and peace is a much nicer world for us all.

“Black or White” by Michael Jackson

Song Year: 1991

This song conveys a strong message to its listeners. The lyrics explain the importance of accepting each other regardless of the color of our skin.

If everyone accepted each other regardless of our race or color, the world would be more unified.

With a strong message against racism, this song topped the charts in the 90s and became one of Jackson's legendary hits. It is still a much-loved favorite for many listeners today and provides a message about the importance of equality rather than focusing on the color of our skin.

“We Are the World” by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie

Song Year: 1985

Performed by some talented artists, including Kenny Rogers, Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, Lionel Ritchie, and others, “We Are the World” was created and recorded to raise money for people from Africa.

World peace is created by supporting each other and giving to those less fortunate than ourselves.

This song implies the world will be a better place if we are united together as one and has remained a worldwide hit even decades after its release in 1985.

“Imagine” by John Lennon

Song Year: 1971

A song that encourages us to use our imagination to see the world as a much better place to live in when there is no hatred, jealousy, fighting, war, or religion.

This song encourages us to imagine what the world would be like if we all lived together in unity as one without any of the problems that are currently facing the planet.

Life would be much more peaceful if we all lived together as one in peace and harmony without greed, hunger, or resentment toward each other. Despite decades past, this song is still relevant in dealing with worldwide problems facing many people today.

“All You Need Is Love” by the Beetles

Song Year: 1967

This catchy song with an upbeat tune from the 60s tells the listener that “love” makes the world a better place to live in peace and harmony.

If we all love each other, the world will be more united. It will be easier to face challenges that come our way.

The simple message behind this song is to fill your heart with “love” rather than hatred to promote world unity. It’s a catchy song that is still an inspiration to many people today who are searching for songs about unity and world peace.

“Where Is the Love” by the Black Eyed Peas

Song Year: 2003

This song reminds us to turn the other cheek and spread kindness instead of hatred. When we concentrate on the positive things in our life instead of dwelling on negativity, the world is a much better place to be.

The message conveyed in this song encourages listeners to end the war, suffering, and poverty by becoming united in spreading positivity to each other.

Instead of watching the news and dwelling on negativity, go out and do something nice for someone else and watch unity grow.

“Lean on Me” by Bill Withers

Song Year: 1972

This song is rich in rhythm and soul and reminds us that no matter how strong we think we are, we all need help at times in our life when we need to depend on others to help us get through the hardships.

It also reminds us to remember to lend a hand to others in need who are afraid to ask for help.

If we all help each other, the world will become more unified. Don’t wait for someone to ask for help. Instead, go out and volunteer or offer your assistance to those in need. When we all unite together, we can make a difference.

“Stand by Me” by Ben E. King

Song Year: 1960

A chart-topper in the 60s, this classic song gives listeners a sense of hope in desperate times.

Reminding us that there is light after darkness, this song encourages us to stand by each other in troubled times to get through them together.

This classic song is still much-loved by many listeners all around the world who are seeking hope in difficult times, reminding us that we are stronger together. When we stand together in unity, we can accomplish wonders.

“Together” by For King & Country

Song Year: 2020

This song promotes unity around the world by focusing on positivity rather than dwelling on the negative events taking place around us.

When you focus on the positives in your life, it is much easier to believe and see that there is hope for a better tomorrow.

The lyrics in this song encourage us to spread positivity to others and offer support in times of need. We are stronger as a nation when we are together.

“We Are Unity” by Umosia

Song Year: 2002

This beautiful song encourages us to dream of a better future by helping each other and coming together as one.

The lyrics in Umosia’s “We Are Unity” tells us to believe in a better future and make it a reality by being united, no matter your race, color, or status in life. When we can all agree that we are equal, the world will become a much better place.

“One Man Can Change the World” by Kanye West and John Legend

Song Year: 2015

This song reminds listeners that it only takes one person to make a positive change in the world.

Sure, you are only one person. But one smile from you to a loved one can change their day for the better. So, imagine what your kindness can do for a stranger.

The message in this song reminds us that our small acts of kindness can change the world into a much better place to live together in unity.

“Unity Hymn” by Mike Donehey

“Unity Hymn” by Mike Donehey

Song Year: 2021

This spiritual song is about believing in faith to create unity on earth, encouraging us to gather together in praise and hope for a more unified world.

The peaceful harmony of the song gives listeners a feeling of hope for a better tomorrow through faith, humanity, and unity.

Together in faith, we can move mountains and create a more peaceful tomorrow.

“Hallelujah” by Johnny Depp

Song Year: 1984

Although this song was released in 1984 by Lennard Cohen, Johnny Depp put his spin on “Hallelujah” in 2013.

This beautiful song encourages us to find peace in broken times. Instead of dwelling on problems, smile at your blessings.

Be grateful for the joys in life and find pleasure in the little things that faith and unity have given you.

“Love Is the Only River” by Ian Sloane and Trinity Rose

Song Year: 2019

The message in this song is about saving our planet together in unity.

When you treat the world with respect and kindness, it will return the favor.

This song conveys a strong message of peace and unity towards the world and our precious planet so that we can all live together in harmony for many more years.

“Spread the Love” by Kenny Chesney

Song Year: 2013

This catchy tune makes you feel like stamping your foot to the beat as it conveys a message of peace and unity through spreading joy and forgetting about your troubles.

The beat of the music gives off reggae vibes while encouraging the listener to spread unity.

The message conveyed in this song is that when you spread happiness instead of hatred, the world will be a better place for us all to live in peace and harmony together.

“Everyday People” by Sly & the Family Stone

Song Year: 1969

This song reminds us that we are all equal, regardless of occupation, color, looks, or assets.

When we live in unity and realize that we are all equal, the world is a happier place for everyone to live.

Considered by many to be one of the most inspirational songs of all time, listeners are encouraged to treat each other with respect and equality.

“Wind of Change” by the Scorpions

Song Year: 1990

This song resonates with many listeners as an anthem celebrating the demolition of the Berlin Wall in 1989. However, there may be no proof of this claim.

The inspirational song gives listeners hope that change is coming to a world filled will sadness, natural disasters, war, poverty, and despair.

The lyrics spread the message that there is hope for our children of the future. When we all work together in unity, our dreams of a better future have a better chance of becoming a reality.

“Together We Can Change the World” by Mark Sheppard

Song Year: 2017

Sheppard’s “Together We Can Change the World” encourages us to ask for help to make a difference and help change the world together.

The lyrics indicate that together, we can make a difference in a world that needs change.

Don't be afraid to ask for help. We are stronger in numbers at making a difference.

“Give Peace a Chance” by John Lennon

Song Year: 1969

This song, written in the 60s with a catchy beat and a strong drum sound, emphasizes the importance of the song lyrics in spreading worldwide peace and putting an end to war and fighting.

An inspirational song to many listeners worldwide spreads hope in troubled times.

After decades, this song remains an inspiration to many listeners worldwide.

“One Day” by Matisyahu

Song Year: 2008

An inspirational song that gives listeners hope for the future in the belief that unity and hope will lead to a better world for our children.

The lyrics encourage us to replace negativity with hope for a peaceful future.

This much-loved song gives us hope for the future in the belief that unity is the answer to an end to world wars.

“What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye

Song Year: 1971

This song conveys to listeners that hate is not the answer to world problems. If we change our attitude to have a positive outlook on life, rather than spreading hatred, the world will change for the better.

Not only a beautiful song, but it also pays tribute to the Vietnam war era and reminds us that the song lyrics are as important today as they were 50 years ago.

The lyrics also remind us that even though the years go by, things may change, yet world problems stay the same.

“We Are the Champions” by Queen

Song Year: 1977

This motivational song from the 70s conveys hope through struggles in life. It gives listeners the message that with unity, we can achieve anything.

The lyrics in “We Are the Champions” inspire us to keep fighting even though sometimes it feels like we are losing our battles.

Through perseverance and unity, we are all winners in the end. This song has remained inspirational to many people over the years.

“When We Stand Together” by Nickleback

Song Year: 2011

Our last song about unity conveys the message that we are stronger when we stand together as one.

When we tackle problems such as war, poverty, and a crumbling state of affairs together as one, we can find an answer to world peace.

This song by Nickleback motivates many listeners worldwide to hope for a brighter tomorrow through peace and unity.

Top Songs About Unity, Final Thoughts

Several inspirational songs promote unity among a nation torn apart by disaster and war. Motivational lyrics help bring us together in song and guide us in unity through emotional times in our lives.

Songs can influence us in many ways with world problems such as gender differences, race, religion, poverty, solving world peace, and more.

Music is a critical way to convey messages, provide strength in troubled times, and spread a little joy to all of us through song.

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