15 Best Songs About Tallahassee

Tallahassee, the capital of Florida, is brimming with history and culture and has inspired musicians for many years.

Let’s listen to the best songs about Tallahassee and see how the artists capture the city's essence.

“Sweet Tallahassee” by Tobacco Rd Band

Song year: 2018

Country-rock group Tobacco Rd Band released “Sweet Tallahassee” in 2012. The song pays tribute to the capital city of Florida, its cultural heritage, and its people. The lyrics to the song celebrate the city’s southern vibe, its cascades of landscapes, and lovely folks.

The song’s catchy melody, twangy guitar riffs, and foot-tapping rhythm make it a crowd-pleaser at live shows. The Tobacco Rd Band’s love for Tallahassee glows and mellows out in every note of “Sweet Tallahassee,” making it a favorite among fans of the band and city fans. 

“Tallahassee” by Y ft. Mista Kingz & Bane

Song year: 2019

In this hip-hop song by Y featuring Mista Kingz and Bane, “Tallahassee” showcases its unique blend of Southern charm and urban energy in its upbeat tempo and catchy melody, making it a fun and energetic anthem.

With Y, Mista Kingz, and Bane trading verses and showcasing their distinct assorted styles, their lyrics fully reference Tallahassee’s landmarks, neighborhoods, and cultural touchstones, bringing an authentic image and sense of place.

“Tallahassee Lassie” by Freddy Cannon

Song year: 1959

Written by Frank Slay Jr., Bob Crewe, and Frederick Picariello, this rock and roll single by Freddy Cannon praises a girl from Tallahassee who can dance well.

This energetic song is often played during parties to encourage people to dance. Because of its popularity over the years, “Tallahassee Lassie has been covered by several bands and can even still be found on the radio.

“Tallahassee Love” by Profit Dinero

Song year: 2021

“Tallahassee Love” is a hip-hop song by Profit Dinero that pays tribute to the rich culture and lifestyle that defines the city of Tallahassee, Florida. The song features a smooth, unrestricted flow beat that works in tandem with Profit Dinero’s melodic flow and energy, giving the piece a relaxed, chilled, and reflective outlook.

The lyrics are deeply introspective and personal, providing a static tone and balance as the artist offers a glimpse into his experience growing up in Tallahassee. Its video features scenes of the city’s landmarks, people, and Tallahassee's unique character and energy.

“Tallahassee” by The Mountain Goats

Song year: 2002

Indie folk band The Mountain Goats released the song “Tallahassee” on their 2002 album, also titled Tallahassee. The song is a melancholy ballad that expresses the emotions of a couple who first move to Tallahassee, trying to improve their relationship. The song was written by the lead singer, John Darneille, who is introspective and emotional in his writing. The melody consists of guitars and pianos that match well with the lyrics.

The song has several themes, like love, loss, and struggle. Fans love how honest and emotional the music is.

“Tallahassee Love” by T-Pain

Song year: 2007

Soulful hip-hop and R&B song “Tallahassee Love” was released by T-Pain in 2007 as a tribute to Tallahassee, Florida, the city of T-Pain’s birth. Its lyrics describe the immense struggles of being raised in the town and T-Pain's deep love and connection with the city. The song features a smooth, soulful tune infused with T-Pain’s signature Auto-Tune vocals, giving the song an ethereal ambiance and quality.

In the song’s music video, T-Pain captures the essence and vibrance of Tallahassee culture, from the colorful street arts and landmarks to the lively on-set music scene. The song’s a genuine, heartfelt testament to the power of home and community in shaping identities and life experiences.

 “Tallahassee” by Bing Crosby

Song year: 1947

In Bing Crosby’s song “Tallahassee, a man travels by from New York to visit his lover in Tallahassee, admiring many beautiful places along the way.

Crosby’s voice is filled with emotion and coupled with jazz instruments. The song is fun and something you could dance to on a Friday night. It clearly shows how excited the man is to visit his significant other.

The song is a favorite from the album Bing Crosby Sings with Lionel Hampton, Eddie Heywood, and Louis Jordan because of its optimistic tone.

“I Woke Up in Tallahassee” by Action Item

“I Woke Up in Tallahassee” by Action Item

Song year: 2014

The song starts with how a man wakes up drunk in Tallahassee. He is confused but still wants to go back to his house. He was partying all night and didn’t know how he ended up there. The genre of the song is pop-rock. The instruments used while singing are acoustic and electric guitars, percussion, and synths.

The chorus is quite catchy. Those who party a lot can relate to it, and it should put them in an energetic mood.

“Last Child” by Aerosmith

Song year: 1976

From their album Rocks, rock band Aerosmith’s song “Last Child” tells the story of a guy growing up poor with his mom in South Tallahassee. In this powerful story written by Brad Whitford and Steven Tyler, the song’s subject wants a better life.

The song was an overnight success and played in many movies and shows, teaching young people how to persevere and stay determined.

“Clear Skies Beyond Tallahassee” by imadethismistake

Song year: 2010

Punk and indie-folk group imadethismistake released the acoustic ballad “Clear Skies Beyond Tallahassee” in 2010. The song is about a young person who left Tallahassee and searched for greener pastures.

The song’s subject had it tough in Tallahassee and went in search of a better life before eventually doubting his choice. The song motivates young people to do better and make it in life.

“Wanted Man” by Johnny Cash

Song year: 1969

Written by Bobby Dylan and sung by Johnny Cash, “Wanted Man” appears on the 1969 album At San Quentin. The writer tells the tale of a criminal running away from the police and all the countries he has traveled across, including the city of Tallahassee.

You will find yourself singing along to it because of its catchy melody. The singer’s powerful voice also adds to the song’s experience.

“South of Tallahassee Love” by Layton Hosford

Song year: 2020

A smooth country song with a laid-back vibe, “South of Tallahassee Love,” was released by singer Layton Hosford in 2020. It is a simple nostalgic tribute to small-town life's simple joys and challenges. The song’s lyrics describe the beautiful landscapes in a closely-knit community living in a slow-paced lifestyle, very much a characteristic of the rural south of the United States.

Hosford’s smooth twangy vocals and equally twangy guitar riffs tell the lyrical story of young, innocent love and its struggles as its narration navigates the ups and downs of a relationship in a small southern town. Hosford’s love for his southern roots and upbringing irradiates in every note of the song.

Tallahassee, Leif Vollebekk

Song year: 2017

In this ballad by Canadian singer-songwriter Leif Vollebekk, “Tallahassee” tells the tale of a person wanting to return to Tallahassee because of his memories of his ex. He remembers all the moments he spent with her in detail and wants to relive them. He claims he was the happiest when he was with her, but he can’t have her anymore.

The song stands out from other pieces in its album, Twin Solitude, because of its raw emotion.

“Tallahassee” by Green River Ordinance

Song year: 2013

Texas folk-rock band Green River Ordinance sings about Tallahassee in detail in this song, detailing how charming the city is and how they’ve always thought of Tallahassee as home. The music also touches on various attractions in Tallahassee, like Tallahassee National Forest and its beauty. Lastly, it talks about the city’s rich cultural history.

This single gives an overview of what Tallahassee is all about and why the singer finds comfort in the place. The singer sings about how he never feels out of place there because of the strong sense of community.

“King Kong Goes To Tallahassee” by Bruce Cockburn

Song year: 1999

“King Kong Goes to Tallassee” is a folk-rock song by Bruce Cockburn that tells the story of a giant gorilla, King Kong, who travels to Tallahassee, Florida, searching for a new home. Its lyrics describe the surreal and whimsical journey of King Kong as he encounters obstacles along the way.

The song’s lively instrumental with Cockburn’s signature guitar play gives the musicality a playful and upbeat gravitation. The vivid, clever lyrics with intense wordplay make the song a fantastic addition to Cockburn’s extensive catalog.

Top Songs About Tallahassee, Final Thoughts

Florida’s city of Tallahassee has been an inspiration to many songs across the globe. Whether you’re a resident or planning to visit the city, you will enjoy these songs on your playlist.

Happy listening!

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