31 Best Songs About Molly

22.“Unnecessary” Childish Gambino ft. Schoolboy Q & Ab-Soul

Song Year: 2012

The song features Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul. The lyrics discuss their extravagant and needless spending, partying, and drug usage. The chorus repeats, “That's unnecessary,” as they brag about their lavish lifestyle, which includes pricey hotel rooms, fashionable watches, and skiing in Japan.

The verses have boastful lines about their riches and success, such as Q's ability to sell mixtapes and Ab-Soul's fondness for costly wine. The song concludes with Ab-Soul calling out to Gambino, declaring himself a legend and begging Gambino to inform everyone that he's not to be trifled with. He also talks about being in the company of a bad girl who’s popping Molly.

23.“Beez in The Trap” Nicki Minaj ft. 2 Chainz

Song Year: 2012

Nicki Minaj and 2 Chainz wrote the song. The song includes a powerful bassline and repetitive lyrics about the value of money and achievement. To express her confidence and independence, Nicki repeats that nobody can tell her anything. Nicki and 2 Chainz discuss their lavish lifestyles, luxury attire, and sexual skills throughout the song.

The title “Beez in The Trap” refers to the drug trade and the “trap” or location where one may find drugs. The “Beez” are the female trap workers who help transfer the drugs. In his verse, 2 Chainz mentions taking Molly and drinking alcohol with someone’s girl. The song is a boastful anthem about enjoying life on one's terms and succeeding against all circumstances.

24.“Box Chevy” Rick Ross

Song Year: 2013

Rick Ross raps about beginning with a box Chevy and later upgrading to a blue Lexus and how his success has enabled him to care for himself and his loved ones. The entire song is about his success and his rise from humble origins.

However, the song does make references to MDMA. Ross discusses popping a molly and wonders if the drug or his jewelry causes a woman's sweating. While the song does not expressly encourage or condone drug usage, it does refer to it and the related lifestyle.

25.“Molly” Cedric Gervais

Song Year: 2022

The song is about the hunt for Molly. It contains lyrics concerning the singer's search for the substance and his experiences using it. The lyrics also discuss partying, luxury, and female relationships. The word “Molly” is repeated numerous times in the chorus, highlighting the singer's addiction to the substance.

The lyrics also reference pop culture luminaries like King Gold Chains and Jodeci and the singer's popularity and lifestyle. Despite its catchy beat, critics have accused the song of encouraging drug use and objectifying women.

26.“Trap Back” Gucci Mane

Song Year: 2012

The song highlights Gucci Mane's return to the rap game and his success in the drug business. He brags about his riches, power, and influence, claiming that he can compel people to do whatever he wants, including exacting retribution on those who wronged him.

The lyrics also make mention of the substance “Molly,” which is slang for MDMA. Gucci Mane discusses how his little sister is on Molly and has been with his entire squad, implying the perils and effects of drug use.

27.“Empire State of Mind” by JAY-Z featuring Alicia Keys

Song Year: 2009

The song is about the struggles and successes of life in New York City. JAY-Z describes everything he's been through to become the man he's today. It's about the hope and opportunities the city offers its residents to chase their dreams irrespective of who they’re or their background.

However, the singers talk about MDMA making someone feel like a champion in verse three, which glorifies the drug's effects and the temporary confidence it provides.

28.“I’m Addicted” by Madonna

Song Year: 2012

The story tells the story of a young woman who has gone crazy for a guy. She compares the rush of hormones with how someone feels while on MDMA.  She admits that the guy's love has similar effects as a drug.

She only feels energetic enough to dance and do crazy things when the guy is around, and she can't imagine a life without him. The track is a gentle reminder that love might be as effective as a drug.

29.“We Found Love” by Rihanna

Song Year: 2011

Rihanna features Scottish DJ Calvin Harris in this dance-pop song. The lyrics talk about being in love and wanting to hold onto that feeling forever. Most fans argue that Rihanna uses yellow diamonds as a metaphor for Molly, but the actual sellout is the video.

The music video portrays a different meaning altogether. It shows Rihanna in a toxic and tumultuous relationship with her lover. They're constantly high on drugs, implying that the hopeless place where the couple finds peace is Molly. The track is upbeat and cheerful, but the video sheds light on the dangers and consequences of drug abuse.

30.“Take Ecstasy with Me” by The Magnetic Fields

Song Year: 1994

The track is about two boys who were close friends as children. As they grew, their friendship turned into a sexual relationship in which they drank together but faced criticism.

The protagonist remembers their relationship's ecstasy, but it's clear he's thinking of drugs the whole time. The track perfectly captures the high spirits and ease of mind one experiences while high on MDMA.

31.“M.D.M.A.mazing” by Beans on Toast

Song Year: 2009

The track’s protagonist meets a beautiful woman at a party carrying a bag of MDMA, and they decide to try out the drug's mind-altering effects.

The lyrics vividly depict their shared experiences under the drug’s influence, including going to concerts, dancing, holding hands, and kissing. The chorus perfectly conveys the overwhelming thrill and disorientation that comes with using Molly.

The track is an introspection on pleasure-seeking behavior and the bonds that form between people when they’re high. Furthermore, Beans on Toast explores the concept of committing mistakes when under the influence of drugs and the blurred lines between right and wrong in such situations.

Top Songs About Molly, Final Thoughts

The music industry intertwines with various aspects of human experiences, and the topic of partying and drug culture is no exception. The songs about Molly on our list demonstrate different artists' perspectives and emotions surrounding this phenomenon.

Some of the songs celebrate the drug’s euphoric highs, but others show the side effects and potential dangers of using it. Even though they may entertain and inspire listeners, it’s crucial to remember the importance of making wise decisions about one’s well-being.

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