31 Best Songs About Molly

12. “Roman Reloaded” by Nicki Minaj ft. Lil Wayne

Song Year: 2012

The track features Nick Minaj bragging about being the best female rapper. She throws shade at critics accusing her of making a transition to pop. The song came out just ten days after releasing “Starships,” which has a pop sound.

Lil Wayne talks about smoking blunts and popping Molly to feel high in his verse. He describes himself as a high roller, praising the drug for its euphoric effects.

13. “My Last Molly Song Ever I Promise” by Problem ft. Gunplay & Trinidad James

Song Year: 2013

The track’s lyrics reflect on the experiences of Molly, such as heightened emotions, physical sensations, and euphoria. The lyrics depict a party or club setting where rappers seek and consume drugs.

They discuss wanting to live in the present moment and make the most of life. It perfectly represents a drug-fueled lifestyle, highlighting the party culture and the effects of substances like Molly.

14. “Hip-Hop” by Wyclef Jean

Song Year: 2013

The song is an ode to the power and influence of hip-hop music and culture. The rapper references Molly to demonstrate how drug use has infiltrated the hip-hop community. He asserts that people have embraced Molly as cocaine’s replacement.

The lyrics also highlight different rappers’ achievements throughout their careers. Wyclef Jean pinpoints the contradictions within the hip-hop community and the need for honesty in addressing these issues.

15.  “All Gold Everything Remix” by Trinidad James ft. 2 Chainz, TI & Young Jeezy

Song Year: 2012

The song is about flaunting wealth, success, and a luxurious lifestyle. The artists rap about expensive jewelry, designer clothing, cars, and general opulence. James references sweating after popping Molly to temporarily escape reality and achieve heightened pleasure. The track's catchy beat and entertaining lyrics encourage listeners to live a carefree life.

16.“Molly” by Mindless Self Indulgence

“Molly” by Mindless Self Indulgence

Song Year: 1999

The song's protagonist is a young woman who leads a law-abiding life and strives to be nice. Then, she starts lying and realizes that disobeying rules is much more fun. That pushes her to take things further, and she starts using Molly.

The artist is passing a warning to listeners that while MDMA may make them feel invincible, it’s also a dangerous drug if they don't use it responsibly. The reference to Molly being a liar indicates that MDMA can be cut with other substances, leading to unpredictable effects and potential harm.

17. “Molly’s Hangover” by Kings of Leon

Song Year: 2003

The song describes the mental and physical lows one experiences after using Molly. Following a whole night of partying, the song’s protagonist is recovering from Molly’s effects.

The lyrics portray the protagonist dealing with confusion, anxiety, and emptiness when they wake up in the morning after a wild party. They can't make sense of their situation due to the drug's disorientation. While not a typical party anthem, the track is a cautionary tale about the consequences of overindulgence.

18. “Molly” by Chase Atlantic

Song Year: 2020

The song’s lyrics tell a story of a young man who’s been through the highs and lows of taking the drug and how it has affected his mental state. He's overly reliant on Molly; he feels sad and lonely every time he's not high. He's become a full-fledged addict who can't function without Molly.

However, he realizes that the drug is only robbing him of his future and must stop using it. The track serves as a reminder that the highs from drugs may not be worth the long-term damage. Furthermore, it resonates with anyone who has ever experienced the negative effects of addiction.

19. “Mercy” by Kanye West

Song Year: 2012

The song features Big Sean, Pusha T, and 2 Chainz verses. The singer talks about his wealth and success with ladies. He's riding in a Lamborghini with a girl attempting to seduce him.

He brags about his expensive lifestyle, fine cars, and lavish spending. He also mentions his partner, who is so thirsty for him. She’s willing to pop Molly to make him happy.

20. “Diamonds” by Rihanna

Song Year: 2012

The song celebrates living in the present moment. The singer likens humans to shiny diamonds in the skies despite hardships or difficult experiences. The track emphasizes the idea that every person is exceptional and attractive. The lyrics implore listeners to take pleasure in life, embrace their individuality and not let life's obstacles dim their spirit.

Rihanna references rising to the universe and feeling invincible after taking Molly. The song's upbeat tempo and infectious chorus make it popular for raves and parties.

 21. “Molly Hearts” Trippie Redd

Song Year: 2021

The lyrics explain the sensation of being high on Molly and the euphoria it produces. Trippie Redd raps throughout the song about the powerful high and sensations he feels while under the influence of Molly. He highlights the drug's “water” feature, frequently dissolving MDMA in water or another liquid before use.

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