27 Best Songs About Missouri

Over the years, many talented songwriters have taken inspiration from Missouri’s natural beauty. Many have also directly paid homage to it in songs.

Below are the best songs about Missouri and the many goings on there.

1. “Missing Missouri” by Sara Evans

Song Year: 2005

Sara Evans was born in Missouri and pays homage to her home state in the country song “Missing Missouri”. The song is from her album Real Fine Place.

The lyrics share how Evans longs to be back home whenever she travels out of state to perform because Missouri is where she feels most loved and at home.

2. “Missouri Moon” by Vincent Rhonda

Song Year: 2003

Rhonda Vincent sings a song about experiencing love and heartbreak under the Missouri sky in her country song “Missouri Moon” from her album One Step Ahead.

This song shares the story of falling in love in Missouri state while standing under the bright moon and later crying under that same Missouri moon as the love falls apart.

3. “Missouri Waltz” by Johnny Cash

Song Year: 2006

“Missouri Waltz” is one of the most famous songs about Missouri because it’s a sweet-sounding lullaby that became the official song of Missouri state. This song dates back to 1914 and has been covered by various artists, including Bing Crosby and, most notably, Johnny Cash.

Johnny Cash shares his iconic vocals and guitar skills on his “Missouri Waltz” version on his 92nd studio album Personal File.

4. “Songs About Missouri” by Michael Tyler

Song Year: 2017

Country singer Michael Tyler shares his love for the Show-Me state in his song “Songs About Missouri” from his album 317.

In this slow country song, Michael Tyler sings about how people would write more songs about his beautiful home state if everyone saw Missouri as he did.

5. “Cold Missouri Waters” by Keelaghan James

Song Year: 1996

This is one of the beautiful country songs about the Missouri River, which spans from Missouri all the way to Montana. In his song, James Keelaghan narrates a tale about the Mann Gulch fire.

The song is sung from the perspective of Dodge, one of the two firefighters who survived their attempts to fight the raging inferno.

6. “California, Missouri” by Kassi Ashton

Song Year: 2018

Kassi Ashton shares her bittersweet experience growing up in the small town of California, Missouri, in her country song “California, Missouri.”

Ashton shares how she felt like a black sheep in her small town in the Show-Me state, living with dreams of making it big in California state. Despite that, she feels conflicted because her home has beautiful memories and scenery.

7. “Dark Wind of Missouri” by Chris Jones

Song Year: 1995

“Dark Wind of Missouri” is one of the best songs about Missouri by Chris Jones. This country song features the sounds of twanging guitars and soft string instrumentals alongside Jones’ iconic vocals singing about his memories of Missouri.

While many country singers romanticize their memories of Missouri, “Dark Wind of Missouri” speaks about the bad memories from Missouri that seem to follow him wherever he goes.

8. “Shovelin’ Coal in Missouri” by Jimmie Rodgers

Song Year: 1988

Tap your toes to the beat of “Shovelin’ Coal in Missouri” by Jimmie Rodgers. This country-pop song features an upbeat tempo and lyrics about Jack, a lonely boy who shovels coal in the Show-Me state to make a living.

9. “Merry Ol’ Missouri” by Shelby Ringdahl

Song Year: 2021

Shelby Ringdahl sings a powerful holiday-themed ballad backed by soft piano about her home state Missouri in the song “Merry Ol’ Missouri.”

In this beautiful song about Missouri, Ringdahl shares her longing to be home for Christmas. She shares her happy childhood memories of spending Christmas at her family home in Missouri with relatives and neighbors.

10. “Southwest Missouri” by The Mark Chapman Band

Song Year: 2008

The Mark Chapman Band represents their hometown of Nixa, Missouri, in the popular country-rock song “Southwest Missouri.”

The band shares how they can travel the world but their heart and best friends will always be in the Show-Me state. Whenever they feel low, they know they can always return home and find peace in “Southwest Missouri.”

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