23 Best Songs About Jesus, Son Of God

Best Songs About Jesus, Son Of God

There are few better ways to glorify God than with a gospel song. Songs about Jesus rank near the top of ways to honor Christ through verse and song. Here are out favorite praise songs to God about his son and the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for all of us.

“Lord, I Lift Your Name on High” by Maranatha! Singers

Song year: 1989

The quintessential, modern gospel song, “Lord I Lift Your Name On High” is a popular cover for professional and amateur singers alike. Written by Rick Founds, it is one of the best-known Christian contemporary songs in existence. First Recorded by the Maranatha! Praise Band, this song was included on their debut album “Jesus Mighty Bod/Praise Band 1.”

From 1997 through 2003, Lord I Lift Your Name on High was the most used song in churches, according to the Chrisitan Copyright Licensing International (CCLI), and still ranks in the top 100 over 30 years since its release. Part of its appeal is that the lyrics are simple and the music is catchy.

The core message is praise to God for sending Jesus to earth to die on the cross and then be resurrected to save humanity.

“Shine Jesus Shine” by Graham Kendrick

Song year: 2008

With an upbeat rhythm and a buildup to a crescendo, “Shine Jesus Shine” is a song that paints a vivid picture of the differences between light and darkness and emphasizes the metaphorical brilliance of Jesus. Meant to be uplifting, the song is very effective if you are going through a rough patch in life, both as a source of comfort and to instill confidence in you for the future.

Shine Jesus Shine honored two Catholic Popes during official visits: It was sung to Pope Francis in 2015 during an official visit to the Philippines. Before that, the song was sung to honor Pope John Paul II. Shine Jesus Shine is a catchy and fun song for many churches, both Catholic and Protestant.

“Jesus Son of God” by Chris Tomlin & Christy Nockels

Song year: 2012

“Jesus Son of God” is about Christ coming to earth to endure the brunt of all of our sins and how amazing that sacrifice was, given what Jesus endured. Even more amazing is that through it all, Jesus did not lash out and was willing to forgive anyone that requested forgiveness. Another theme is the monumental amount of love required for Christ to do that.

An undercurrent theme hits on how unique this love and sacrifice is and was, respectively. That reality can lead to a discussion about why we hold grudges and bitterness, given what Christ endured for us without displaying any resentment or reluctance.

“Behold Him” by Paul Baloche featuring Kim Walker-Smith

Song year: 2019

This duet is about worshiping Jesus and focuses on praising and thanking him. It also paints a picture of what he did for all of us by dying for our sins. The song highlights how much Jesus gave up to become a child that eventually would endure mockery and torture before being crucified for our sins.

According to Paul Baloche the song “Behold Him” is based on Psalm 41. In addition to worshiping Jesus, it is also a contrast between the hectic nature of the world and the simplicity of holding Christ in spiritual reverence. The song was an instant hit across the contemporary Christian music scene. It ranked well with the CCLI and other industry organizations.

“Worthy Is the Lamb” by Hillsong Worship

Song year: 2017

“Worthy is the Lamb” is a new take on an old theme of how we can never repay Christ’s sacrifice. Worthy is the Lamb is part thank you to God and part commentary on all that Jesus endured on earth. It also touches upon the majesty and adoration Christ left behind to sacrifice for salvation.

Starting with a slower tempo, Worthy is the Lamb builds to a rousing chorus. It can be sung as a solo or with accompaniment. Hillsong Church released Worthy is the Lamb as part of an album, but the song is also frequently sung by the congregation.   

“Jesus the Son of God” by Chidinma & The Gratitude

Song year: 2021

“Jesus The Son of God” by gospel singer Chidinma is a song about praise and giving your life over to God. The purpose of Jesus The Son Of God was to announce dedication to Christ. It is an inspirational song and gives everyone a chance to pause and contemplate their faith.

The song marked a transition of Chidinma into gospel music. Jesus The Son of God was part of several new songs she released in 2020 and 2021 after a hiatus of nine years. During the process of converting to gospel music, Chidinma expressed that her new focus was because of her transition spiritually, even if it meant that her prior success in popular music was at risk. 

“This I Believe” (also known as “The Creed”) by Avalon

Song year: 2014

The contemporary Christian quartet Avalon first sang this song as part of their album, The Creed. “This I Believe” is about having a personal relationship with Christ and announcing that relationship as a form of worship and testimony. Inspirational and thought-provoking, the song covers what Christians believe and why.

Specifically, This I Believe outlines the basic tenets of Christianity. Those include the trinity, belief in Jesus’ sacrifice, and his subsequent resurrection. By stating each facet of belief, the song makes a public declaration that is difficult to confuse or misinterpret. In addition to a statement of faith, This I Believe relays a message of hope.

“Jesus, You Are My Healer” by Don Moen

Song year: 2010

“Jesus You Are My Healer” is a statement of the healing, inspiration, and protective qualities a personal relationship with Jesus gives a person. The song outlines how no matter what we face, only Christ can save us, but fortunately for us, Jesus died for our salvation. Our relationship with Christ is also emphasized in Jesus, You Are My Healer.

Upbeat and melodic with a fun tempo and flow, this song not only has a profound spiritual message it also is catchy and easy to listen to, both in terms of the lyrics and the music.

“Because He Lives on I Can Face Tomorrow” by Mike Manor

Song year: 2020

This song is a medley of messages from Mike Manor. The music and tempo are more traditional and the message is ageless. Included as part of the album I Can Face Tomorrow, “Because He Lives on I Can Face Tomorrow” is designed to inspire and challenge all of us.

The inspiration is that believing in Christ prepares you to face whatever life has thrown at you, no matter how difficult or unprepared you may feel. The challenge for everyone is to live your life like you believe that, even when all seems lost.

When times are good, that is easy. When everything looks bleak, meeting that challenge can be the toughest thing we do as humans.

“You Are My King” by Billy Foote

Song year: 2010

This song delivers a powerful message with only three stanzas. “You Are My King” covers the sacrifice of Jesus and the consequence of that sacrifice: Salvation. It elegantly captures the awe of Christ’s story for Christians far and wide. With an incredible spiritual punch, this song is powerful and inspiring.

“We Fall Down” by Chris Tomlin

“We Fall Down” by Chris Tomlin

Song year: 2008

Chris Tomlin sings about the need to humble ourselves before Christ and recognize his stature in our lives. “We Fall Down” is a reminder that without Christ, everyone fails. The song also emphasizes personal humility. “We Fall Down” discusses the importance of paying tribute to Jesus and glorifying him versus patting ourselves on the back.

This song frequently serves as an inspiration for those struggling with life choices and decisions.

“How Deep the Father's Love for Us” by Stuart Townsend

Song year: 2008

“How Deep the Father’s Love for Us” is about thanking God for his love and the sacrifice made by Jesus. Describing Christ’s earthly tribulations, including the crucifixion, and his triumphs, like the resurrection, the song focuses on how both served to save humanity. It also covers the sacrifice God made for man by sending Jesus, his only son, to provide salvation for all of humanity.

“At the Cross” by Chris Tomlin

Song year: 2014

In “At the Cross,” the lyrics discuss the role of mercy, grace, and forgiveness, as symbolized by the cross, play in salvation and everyday life. The song emphasizes how this is particularly true when facing challenges.

Throughout the song, Tomlin makes it clear that salvation is there for the asking, but it is not just given. One must ask and surrender their life to Jesus.

“Crucified with Christ” by Phillips Craig and Dean

Song year: 2015

“Crucified With Christ” addresses the immense challenge and sacrifice that Christ made on the cross. Also emphasized is both the importance of the cross and its role in the crucifixion of Jesus plus as a symbol of salvation and God’s love.

The Phillips Craig and Dean version is the most popular, but many artists have covered it. Each version presents the song at different tempos and >multiple types of instruments.

“All Hail King Jesus” by Jeremy Riddle

Song year: 2017

As the name implies, Jeremy Riddle’s song is about worshiping King Jesus. The song is as much an anthem as a traditional song. “All Hail King Jesus,” tells the story of Christ on the cross during his darkest hour. It then transitions into Christ, defeating death through the miracle of the resurrection as he gave humanity the chance of everlasting life with him.

The tempo of the song rises and falls to the narrative. The chorus calls for the unbridled worship of Jesus as the King of Kings. That call is issued as a challenge to everyone. While more complex songs cover this topic, few are as powerful and thought-provoking.

“Forever” by Kari Jobe

Song Year: 2014

“Forever” discusses the crucifixion and death of Jesus, followed by the resurrection. It paints a grim picture in terms of Christ’s death, explaining the epic battle that was waged spiritually as Christ was passing. The song outlines the victory of Christ over hell, the grave, and ultimately, all things.

While this might not be a song you play if you are looking for an upbeat message or music, it is a profoundly positive song when taken in total. The message is also powerful and evokes traditional hymns like “Up From the Grave He Arose” or “Hallelujah for the Cross.” 

“What a Beautiful Name” by Hillsong Worship

Song year: 2016

Few songs in recent years about Christ have had as large an impact as “What a Beautiful Name.” The song is about the message of Jesus and how incredible his name is. Throughout the song, the story of Christ, his death, and resurrection are described and honored. Additionally, the song covers why Jesus’ name is so powerful spiritually.

In 2017 and 2018, the song won several industry awards as it swept Christian contemporary music by storm. Much of that impact was because the song is part story, part lesson, and part anthem. What a Beautiful Name is written and performed by Brooke Ligertwood of Hillsong Worship.

“Jesus Paid It All” by Kristian Stanfill

Song year: 2012

Elvina Hall penned this song in 1865. Hall’s pastor then put the song to music with their church’s organist. Lyrics and music together, a classic song of worship was born. In 2012, Alex Nifong revised the song and updated its tempo and sound. Kristian Stanfill then sang it and a hymn classic was reborn as a Christian contemporary music song for the ages.

As the title implies, the song is about the debt paid by Christ when he died on the cross. The lyrics highlight how through his death Jesus atoned for our sins, saving all of humanity willing to have him as savior and king. An updated cover of a song rarely improves the original, but Jesus Paid it All by Kristian Stanfill comes about as close as is humanly possible.

“Jesus at the Center” by Darlene Zschech

Song Year: 2013

Darlene Zschech included this in her album “Revealing Jesus” and the song ties in well with the purpose of the album. The song defines how for a believer, Jesus is the center of everything, the literal center of life and the universe. On its merits, Jesus at the Center emphasizes how nothing in the world comes close to the importance Jesus plays in everything humans know and experience.

“Resurrection Power” by Chris Tomlin

Song Year: 2018

Christians often do not recognize the power they have through Christ and in this song, Chris Tomlin explains it as he has experienced it. By giving new life through belief in Jesus and his dying for humanity, every Christian has attained freedom and power that resides inside them.

The chorus reminds the listener that power is born of the promise of everlasting life with God, which gives all who believe a freedom non-believers do not possess. Ryan Ellis, Ed Cash, and Tony Brown wrote the song. Chris Tomlin is the most famous artist that performed it.

“Light of the World” by Lauren Daigle

Song year: 2013

“Light of the World” is a Christmas song with guitar that packs a powerful message. While every other song on this list covers Christ’s life, death, and resurrection, “Light of the World” focuses on the time before Christ was born. It highlights the struggle and hope of those waiting for the birth of the Messiah. The entire song is about hope and the power of Jesus to influence things today if we believe.

“Son of God” by Cory Asbury

Song year: 2016

“Son of God” covers the crucifixion and paints a stark picture of what that horror was like. It also discusses the majesty of defeating all that Christ did by enduring through it all. Finally, it describes what that sacrifice means to humanity and is an invitation to come to Jesus and reform broken lives, much like Christ overcame a broken body to save the world. 

“The Old Rugged Cross Made the Difference” by the Gaither Local Band

Song year: 2013

The symbolic nature of the cross and its role in the crucifixion is powerful. Without the cross, Jesus’ sacrifice would have looked much different. The Old Rugged Cross Made the Difference is a song about redemption and how Jesus can make a difference in the lives of those who believe. That includes, as is covered in the last stanza, at death.

Top Songs About Jesus Christ, Final Thoughts

If you are a Christian, every one of these songs about Jesus encapsulates your life with Christ, God’s love, and the amazing sacrifice that was made to save mankind. Each of these songs, some well-ranked with the CCL, focuses in some way on Jesus and his role in your life. Pick one at random or listen to them all one after another, these worship songs will remind you why you believe and what that means.

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