21 Best Songs About February

February is the shortest month of the year, with only 28 days. However, February has no shortage of songs written about it, and that’s no surprise, as this month of love is packed full of holidays and special occasions.

Follow along with me as we go through some of the best songs about February ever.

1.“February Stars” by The Foo Fighters

Year: 1997

Starting the list strong is “February Stars” by The Foo Fighters, featured on the album The Color and The Shape, released in 1997. This beautiful rock song starts with a slow, soothing melody that turns up the volume three minutes in, making it a fantastic grunge-style power ballad.

The song features powerful lyrics about hanging on and finding solace in your pain, making it an incredibly moving piece of music history. The song also captures the beauty we can find among the darkness with the message even when things seem the darkest we can still see the stars.

2. “Two Days in February” by Goo Goo Dolls

Year: 1990

Next up is “Two Days in February” by Goo Goo Dolls, featured on the album Hold Me Up, released in 1990. The song describes a brief relationship between lead singer John Rezeznik and a girl he met that lived in California while he lived in Buffalo.

This song features a classic Goo Goo Dolls acoustic sound and powerful lyrics that describe the feeling one might have when things are out of their control, but you know you’ll get through it anyway.

3. “Xmas in February” by Lou Reed

Year: 1989

“Xmas in February” by Lou Reed is a song about a soldier during the Vietnam war, featured on the album New York released in 1989. This song has a soft, twangy country sound with powerful lyrics that tell the story of a vet named Sam who lost his arm in the war. Sam comes home to find his wife and kids gone, and he can’t find a job.

This song shares a powerful message about the challenges that war vets face after they come home. Lou Reed truly captures the bleakness of life post-war with his spoken word delivery.

4. “February Air” by Lights

Year: 2009

“February Air” became the second single released by Canadian singer/songwriter Lights. The song features an electric pop sound and lyrics that make your heart happy. This song is about how a girl needs a boy to keep her warm in February.

The lyrics implicate the cold feeling of loneliness when being away from someone you love. It could also imply sorrow and the pain of losing someone close. The song has a bittersweet vibe with an upbeat soundtrack and melancholic lyrics.

5. “February Seven” by The Avett Brothers

Year: 2012

Featured on the album The Carpenter is the song “February Seven” by The Avett Brothers. The song has a soft folk-rock sound and emotional lyrics about moving forward and beginning again.

Lead Scott Avett said in an interview once that the song is about a lesson he’d learned on February seventh but never gave details as to what the lesson was. Fans have speculated the song is about adultery, growing up, and finding the importance of his family.

6. “February Snow” by Bobby Bare

Year: 1978

“February Snow” is the oldest song on this list, released in 1978 on the album Bare by Bobby Bare. The song features a soft and slow country melody with beautiful lyrics. The song seems to be about the loss of someone close and the hope for them to find what they seek.

This song may be a bit dated, but it does have a soothing and sweet sound. Additionally, many of us can relate to losing a loved one and hoping they find peace wherever they are. This song brings a brightness to loss that is sure to make you smile.

7. “March Winds in February” by Van Morrison

Year: 2019

“March Winds in February” by Van Morrison is a modern oldies rock song featured on the album Three Chords & the Truth, released in 2019. The song features a simple, slow-paced melody with soft-spoken lyrics about spring winds in late winter and facing oneself.

This song captures the feeling of allowing yourself to feel your emotions instead of hiding them. Even though we may feel our emotions are overwhelming, we can get through the challenging times by allowing ourselves to feel them.

8. “February – Whateva da Weatha” by Ramson Badbonez

Year: 2013

Diving into the UK underground rap scene is “February -Whateva da Weatha” by Ramson Badbonez, one of the top hip-hop artists on the UK scene. This song features a killer beat with thrilling lyrical rhymes referring to it being a leap year and hiding secret stashes.

It’s not clear what the secret stash is. However, one can assume it may be illicit drugs or weapons due to the nature of the song. Underground rap is popular in the UK, making this song a perfect addition to the list.

9. “One Heavy February” by Architecture In Helsinki

Year: 2003

“One Heavy February” by Architecture in Helsinki is the first instrumental song on this list. Released in 2013 and featured as track number one on the debut album Fingers Crossed.  Although only 0:59 seconds long, this song is full of funky pop synth sounds and will make you smile.

10. “London in February” by Coastal

Year: 2004

The next instrumental song on the list is “London in February” by Coastal. This song features a soft, slow melodic sound. Released in 2004 on the album Halfway to You. This soothing melody reminds me of the modern-day lo-fi genre and will leave you feeling incredibly relaxed.

11. “February Winds” by Billy Talent

Year: 2016

Featured on the album Afraid of Heights, released in 2016, is Billy Talent’s song “February Winds.” This song is a beautiful piece of indie rock with a fantastic sound and powerful lyrics about people coming together regardless of our differences.

It’s inspiring to see music and art that want to bring people together in this world rather than divide us. Our differences could help us thrive as a species, but we can’t get past them. This song offers a better way, a way to help us accept each other regardless of how different we are.

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