21 Best Songs About February

12. “February 2017” by Charli XCX

“February 2017” by Charli XCX

Year: 2019

Featured on her third studio recorded album, Chali, is the song “February 2017” by Charli XCX. This track also features artists Yaeji and Clairo. This alternative pop-style song features some epic futuristic beats and heartfelt lyrics about a breakup.

Fans have speculated the song to be about an on-and-off relationship. The lyrics suggest that the singer made a mistake in the relationship and is begging for forgiveness.

13. “February” by Dar Williams

Year: 1996

The song “February” by Dar Williams is a gorgeous piece of folk country. It features a beautiful, soft melody and heartfelt lyrics that implicate the ending of a relationship. The imagery and emotion throughout this piece perfectly describe the chill felt when a relationship wears thin.

The song compares the cold air of winter in February to the strain of a relationship that is no longer working. In the last part of the song, Dar Williams describes the start of a new love and the preparations they must take to make it through any chilly winters to come.

14. “February Tale” by Pill-Oh

Year: 2012

Another beautiful instrumental on this list is “February Tale” by Pill-Oh, featured on the album “Vanishing Mirror,” released in 2012. This song plays a soft, soothing melody with a unique use of a xylophone and piano, giving it a magical and whimsical sound.

15. “February Song” by Josh Groban

Year: 2006

“February Song” by Josh Groban, featured on the album “Awake,” released in 2006, is a beautiful piece of classical folk music. The song tells the tale of someone who lost themselves and is trying to find themselves again.

Fans have speculated the song is about the singer himself after ending a relationship on tour. The song implies much about healing and finding oneself again in the world as you are.

16. “Fire in the Belly” by Van Morrison

Year: 1997

This 1997 song “Fire in the Belly” by Van Morrison is a smooth mix of oldies and blues, featured on the album “The Healing Game.” The lyrics sing of someone who’s crazy about their love. It describes several things the person loves seeing in their partner and getting through the months with them.

Let’s not forget that killer saxophone solo, either. This song is perfect for feeling in love during February, especially if you like the oldies folk genre.

17. “Forever February” by Regina Carter

Year: 2000

“Forever February” by Regina Carter is another stunning instrumental piece, featured on the album “Motor City Moments,” released in 2000. This song features a beautifully soothing violin and piano melody that makes your soul feel warm and relaxed. While it may have no lyrics, this gorgeous jazz piece can still make you feel so many emotions.

18. “February” by The Getaway Plan

Year: 2011

Featured on the album “Requiem,” released in 2011, is the song “February” by The Getaway Plan. This song features a punk pop-style sound and uplifting lyrics about being young and in love.

The song talks about being young and having a love that burns brighter than the sun. This one will leave you feeling on top of the world in love and is perfect for listening during the month of love.

19. “February Love” by The-Dream

Year: 2010

The-Dream was a prominent artist in the early 2000’s R&B and soul music scene. Featured on the album “Love King,” released in 2010, is the song “February Love.” This song has a slow and seductive beat with lyrics that lull you into a sweet, romantic mood.

The song is a Valentine's Day song, written for a girl the singer wants to convince on a date. The-Dream sings with falsetto and beautiful emotion in most of his songs. However, this one is perfect for sharing love during February.

20. “Take Me Back to February” by Seagloof

Year: 2020

“Take Me Back to February” by Seagloof is a beautiful mix of lo-fi and hip-hop. Featured on the album, “Changes,” released in 2020, the song describes the desire to go back to a time when things were different with a person.

The slow-paced, soothing melody, coupled with the emotional lyrics, makes this song truly heartbreaking. Many people can relate to losing someone close to them and wishing they could change it. That's what makes this song a fantastic addition to this list.

21. “February Prorated Rent” by Joe Kaplow

Year: 2021

Featured on the album “Sending Money and Stems,” released in 2021, is “February Prorate Rent” by Joe Kaplow. This funky indie folk song talks about the struggle of watching businesses pop up around a small town and paying more rent during February.

Many people today can relate to watching small towns disappear as the world changes and our cities expand. This song perfectly captures that and the feelings we all face during the early months of the year.

Top Songs About February, Final Thoughts

What a list! February has no shortage of songs written about it, and some will leave you feeling warm, fuzzy, and in love!

It's truly fascinating how different people experience a single month of the year. While many may see February as a month of love and prosperity, others may feel melancholy or lost.

Our personal experience of the world is as unique as each of the songs on this list!

Thanks for learning and listening with us!

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