33 Songs About Coming Back

Everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes we walk away from someone for the wrong reasons. Songwriters use their heartache to help write powerful lyrics about failed relationships, and some songwriters take it a step further and write songs about coming back. Here are some of the best songs about coming back.

“Back in My Arms Again” by Supremes

Song Year: 1965

This song describes a woman who is so happy to be back together with her lover that she ignores the advice of her friends. Her friends think that she should leave him for good.

Diana Ross calls out two band members pushing her to leave her man. She feels it is not their place because they lost their boyfriends.

“Working My Way Back To You” by The Four Seasons

Song Year: 1966

Franki Valli, The Four Seasons lead singer, admits that he has cheated on his girlfriend and enjoyed her pain. He knows he will have to work hard to get her back to him.

He vows he will do whatever it takes to win her trust and her love once again.

“I Want You Back” by The Jackson 5

Song Year: 1969

Michael Jackson, the lead singer, sings about his girlfriend walking away because he wasn't paying her enough attention. It took her leaving to make him realize how much he wanted her. The singer begs for her to come back to him.

When this song was released, Michael Jackson was only eleven years old. Some fans found it difficult to accept a love song from a child, and most came to understand it as a song about a schoolyard crush.

“You Are the Sunshine of My Life” by Stevie Wonder

Song Year: 1973

Stevie Wonder wrote this song about his wife, Syreeta Wright. They were married in 1970. He writes about his never-ending love and how he will always be there for her. Ironically, the couple divorced shortly after this song was released. This poignant song exemplifies how a couple can return to a time of true love.

“Together Again” by Emmylou Harris

Song Year: 1975

Buck Owens originally released this song in 1964, and it reached the charts, but Owens was uncomfortable singing the serious love song and retired it from his repertoire.

Emmylou Harris recorded her original version in 1975. The sad melody contradicts the lyrics, which talk about a couple coming back together. The song makes you feel the pain of losing someone and the excitement of a reunion.

“Love of My Life” by Queen

Song Year: 1975

Freddie Mercury sings about Mary Austin in this powerful ballad. She was the absolute love of his life. Freddie and Mary lived together throughout the 1970s, and Freddie loved her but could not remain faithful. The song begs her to forgive him and return his love.

He wants her to return but admits that he will love her forever, even if she refuses. Freddie's devotion to Mary and their relationship is apparent to fans.

“Baby Come Back” by Player

Song Year: 1977

The group, Player, is known for this particular song. It was written by Beckett and Crowley, who co-founded Player, and they both suffered through breakups and poured their frustration and anguish into the lyrics.

The writers admit they have made mistakes but beg their partners to return.

“Reunited” by Peaches and Herb

Song Year: 1978

Peaches and Herb tell a fantastic story of reconciliation in this song. They start by detailing the heartache that a man has been suffering since his partner left. The song goes on to celebrate the fact that the partner is coming back. The joy is overwhelming, and the singer knows no better partner for him.

“Always on My Mind” by Willie Nelson

Song Year: 1982

Willie Nelson admits to everything he didn't do for his love but reminds her that he was always thinking about her. He says he will try to do all the little things if she comes back to him.

The singer explains that he didn't know what he had until it was gone. Unfortunately, this is how many people realize what they have.

“In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel

Song Year: 1986

Gabriel states that this song can have two interpretations, and it can be about a love relationship or the relationship between a person and their God. The song explains that even though relationships become so overwhelming that people must leave, they can always come back.

The singer tells us how he can see reality in his partner's eyes, and he can also see the world through her eyes.

“Open Arms” by Journey

Song Year: 1982

Journey's emotional song is the story of a separated couple who found their way back to each other. Once they are back together, they realize how much they genuinely love each other and belong together.

The song describes the loneliness of being apart and how exciting it is to come back together. The singer promises to do his best to respect their new love.

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