33 Best Songs About Colorado

Colorado is a beautiful, mountainous state with plenty of natural landscapes that can inspire and surprise. The sleepy vibe of some Colorado towns and the friendly energy in Denver makes it easy to see why there are so many great songs about this state!

Check out the best songs about Colorado below.

1. “Rocky Mountain High” by John Denver

Song Year: 1972

Unsurprisingly, John Denver wrote a song or two about the Centennial State. This song is about a young man traveling to Colorado, learning about the world and himself.

It’s an existential song about learning to be one with the world and accepting the good with the bad, like how the Rocky Mountains can be majestic but dangerous.

2. “I Guess He’d Rather Be in Colorado” by John Denver

Song Year: 1971

This John Denver song is about a man who prefers to live and work in Colorado, where peace and an honest way of life exist. However, this man lives in New York City and works in an office, but he dreams of being in the mountains where the air is clear, and the sky is open.

3. “Crystal Colorado” by Alpha Rev

Song Year: 2011

This song is about the beauty of Colorado and has strong themes of drug use. In the lyrics, Alpha Rev sings about wanting to be saved and coming down from the high. The narrator wants to be better and find a hand to hold but doesn’t know if there is any way to get better.

4. “A Mile High in Denver” by Jimmy Buffet

Song Year: 1970

The iconic Jimmy Buffet wrote this beautiful song about wanting to make Denver his home, even though he must eventually return to his life.

He visits Denver and finds it even more impressive than what he’s seen in magazines and decides to call the city his even though his visit is only brief.

5. “Rocky Mountain Way” by Joe Walsh

Song Year: 1973

Joe Walsh was involved in a rock band called James Gang but left to pursue a solo career. He wrote this song about how he needed a break from music and found peace and happiness in Colorado. With this song, he starts firing again and sings about reentering the music scene.

6. “Colorado Girl” by Townes Van Zandt

Song Year: 1989

This adorable is romantic and sweet. The narrator sings about wanting to go to Denver to find his sweet Colorado girl, who is just as bright as the Colorado sun and as fresh as the Rocky Mountain air. He bids his mother goodbye and sets out to the Centennial State to find the love of his life.

7. “Get Out of Denver” by Bob Seger

Song Year: 1974

This upbeat and playful song is about a couple on the run from the cops. The song doesn’t specify what crime they committed but details a thrilling journey as they try to evade the police and make it out of Denver without being caught!

Unfortunately, they’re caught by a state trooper just before they leave Colorado.

8. “Colorado” by Florida Georgia Line

Song Year: 2019

Florida Georgia Line breaks up their discography of party music with this sad song about moving to Colorado after being left at the altar.

The narrator talks about getting drunk in the Rocky Mountains to numb the pain and how this would’ve been their honeymoon spot if his fiance had said yes at the altar.

9. “Colder Weather” by Zac Brown Band

Song Year: 2010

Another country song about Colorado, this track from Zac Brown Band, is about a girl who lives in Colorado, and her man never comes to see her, blaming the cold weather for his lack of commitment.

It’s a sad song that uses the cold Colorado winters metaphorically for this unbalanced relationship.

10 “Denver” by Willie Nelson

Song Year: 1975

Willie Nelson wrote this short song about the beauty of Denver and how you can be anyone you want there, free of judgment. The song talks about the quietness of Denver and how people are friendly but mind their own business. It’s a simple but lovely song about the welcoming vibe in Denver.

11. “Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead” by Warren Zevon

Song Year: 1991

One of the darker songs about Denver, this track by Warren Zevon, is about life and death and what it’s like living without a purpose.

It shouts outs a few places in Denver and makes political references to the large homeless population, highlighting the good and bad of the city as a parallel to the good and bad of life.

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