31 Best Songs About Cake

Almost everyone loves cake. We use it to celebrate special occasions like birthdays and weddings or to brighten an average day with a delicious baked good.

Read on for the best songs about cake, literally and figuratively. These tunes are perfect for weddings, bake-offs, or enjoying a slice of mouthwatering cake.

1. “Strawberry Cake” By Johnny Cash

Song Year: 1976

In the 1976 song “Strawberry Cake,” Johnny Cash tells an amusing story. The singer wanders NYC without a dollar to his name, with hunger pangs eating at him.

He stops at the Plaza Hotel and sees a waiter with an enormous strawberry cake, so he steals it and runs into central park. He hides from the chef and waiter in a bush, enjoying every bit of his cake.

2. “Piece of Cake” By the Barenaked Ladies

Song Year: 2015

“Piece of Cake” uses a cake-centric metaphor to represent the end of a significant relationship. The 2010s song plays on the metaphor “piece of cake,” which refers to something easy to do. However, the singer makes the point that baking a cake is not so simple.

You have to measure everything without error before cutting the cake. Similarly, weigh the pros and cons of ending a relationship with a friend or bandmate.

3. “Cake by the Ocean” By DNCE

Song Year: 2015

DNCE’s 2015 hit “Cake by the Ocean” won the Teen Choice Award for “Choice Party Song” with good reason. The singer is ready for excitement, saying that he wants to eat cake by the ocean and party until everyone loses their mind.

He even says that eating candy on dry land is too dull, but cake by the sea brings the right amount of party. The giant cake on the sand in the music video is mouthwatering.

4. “The Way To Bake (A Delicious Cake)” By Snow White

Song Year: 2005

Snow White breaks down the steps to baking a delicious cake in this tune from Disney Princess Tea Party. She goes through all the steps, from collecting the right ingredients to adding love before it goes into the oven.

The princess almost forgets to add the icing, but she luckily remembers before the song ends. Snow White would make a wonderful cake, so we would all benefit from taking her advice to heart.

5. “Killer Queen” By Queen

Song Year: 1974

“Killer Queen” is one of Queen’s most well-known songs. It is about a high-class woman who charms everyone she meets. Freddie Mercury sings about the woman saying, “let them eat cake,” which is the famous line attributed to Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France.

The line indicates that the upper class is unaware of the poor’s struggles, but you can spot the quote on aprons and rolling pins for bakers to express their love for cake.

6. “Cut the Cake” By Average White Band

Song Year: 1975

Average White Band released their hit single “Cut the Cake” in 1975. At this time, the phrase carried a very different meaning. In the 70s, “cut the cake” was a slang term for cutting up cocaine.

Perhaps this meaning is what the band is singing about, or maybe they genuinely love the sugary cream of gateau.

7. “Chocolate Sludge Cake” By Let’s Eat Grandma

Song Year: 2016

In the 2016 alternative jam “Chocolate Sludge Cake,” the band Let’s Eat Grandma sings about different types of cake. The singer cannot decide which cake they want to make, flip-flopping between carrot, apple, and coffee, before finally landing on a classic chocolate cake.

Unfortunately, when they look in the fridge at the end of the song, they find the milk has expired. If you make a chocolate cake with expired milk, it may be more sludgy than fluffy.

8. “Strawberry Shortcake” By Melanie Martinez

Song Year: 2019

Melanie Martinez uses a fan-favorite cake flavor as a metaphor to make a point in her song “Strawberry Shortcake.” The song is about how the patriarchy judges a woman’s worth by her looks.

She compares her body to a strawberry shortcake because men see her as a delicious treat they can have whenever they want. The message in this tune is strong, and the cake metaphor delivers it beautifully.

9. “Cake” By Trey Songz

Song Year: 2014

“Cake” by Trey Songz plays with the common expression, “you can’t have your cake and eat it too.” The artist argues that you can have your cake and eat it because that is what you should do with cake. He uses his point to tell a woman that he finds her attractive and would like to spend the night with her despite being taken.

The song has some creative cake-related elements, like mentions of the singer’s sweet tooth. However, if he already has a partner, he may be better off sitting down with a real slice of cake rather than cheating.

10. “Fruitcake Makes Me Puke” By Bill Engvall

Song Year: 1999

Bill Engvall spreads some holiday joy with this song on Here’s Your Christmas Album. True to the title, he sings about his disdain for fruitcake. Bill Engvall lists all the foods he loves during the holiday season.

He loves cranberry sauce, green beans, and cornbread, but fruitcake makes him physically ill. Unfortunately, many people can relate to this sentiment, making fruitcake one of the most widely-hated cakes.

11. “Cups and Cakes” By Spinal Tap

Song Year: 1984

“Cups and Cakes” is an ironically light-hearted song by one of England’s most iconic heavy metal bands, Spinal Tap. In this catchy tune, they sing about the lovely things their mother makes.

They sit with some tea, milk, sugar, jam, and presumably, cups and cakes, making for the perfect tea party. It may not be the most characteristic song, but everyone needs to relax and enjoy a mellow tea party with mom now and then.

12. “Cake” By Flo Rida & 99 Percent

Song Year: 2017

The centerpiece of any good party is cake. Flo Rida and 99 Percent express this sentiment in their 2017 song, “Cake.” Flo Rida repeats that he only came to the party for the cake.

However, there may be a hidden meaning. He may have only come to the party so he could find a woman to take home. Regardless, the song highlights the importance of cake to the guests of any get-together.

13. “Chocolate Cake” By Crowded House

Song Year: 1991

Crowded House makes a statement about high art in their hit song, “Chocolate Cake.” The song’s point is that no one truly appreciates real art from artists like Andrew Lloyd Weber and Andy Warhol.

Instead, the public consumes the feel-good “art” of lesser artists. They gain nothing but brief satisfaction from this fake art, much like chocolate cake and its empty calories.

14. “Cake” By YBN Nahmir (ft. Whiz Khalifa)

Song Year: 2018

In “Cake,” YBN Nahmir and Whiz Khalifa repeat the word to create a party atmosphere. They could be talking about money, girls, or even the literal dessert. Regardless, it sounds like they are having a great time celebrating their birthday.

We would have liked to see more actual cake in the music video, but they still look like they are enjoying themselves!

15. “Oh, Carrot Cake! So Delicious!” By the Hungry Food Band

Song Year: 2015

The Hungry Food Band has a talent for singing about their favorite foods, and carrot cake is one of them. The band sings about their love for the dessert, repeating its name and reflecting on its flavor.

They make a pretty solid point about carrot cake being healthy. It has carrots, so it must be relatively good for you. We want to believe them when they equate it to eating a serving of vegetables!

16. “Christmas on the Square” By Dolly Parton

Song Year: 2020

Dolly Parton lovers can get in the holiday spirit by listening to A Holly Dolly Christmas. “Christmas on the Square,” a merry song on the album, lists all the best parts of Christmas time: family, friends, and, of course, food.

She mentions ham, biscuits, and cake as fan-favorite holiday foods, and she is correct to list cake among the most exciting things to look forward to during the Christmas season.

17. “Pat a Cake Song” By Cocomelon

“Pat a Cake Song” By Cocomelon

Song Year: 2017

Most of us grew up playing the “Pat a Cake” hand game while reciting the nursery rhyme. The characters on the children’s show Cocomelon give the song new life with their cover, accompanied by a video of them playing the game and making a cake from scratch.

If you have kids, throw Cocomelon’s rendition of “Pat a Cake” on the speakers while you bake their favorite cake.

18. “Chocolate Cake” By Melissa Etheridge

Song Year: 2022

In “Chocolate Cake,” pop-rock artist Melissa Etheridge sings about the irresistibility of chocolate cake. One bite sucks you in, and you spend every day wanting more of the chocolatey goodness.

She sings about the cream, frosting, and sugar that work together to create the alluring dessert we all love. Even when times get tough, we can always look forward to our next slice of chocolate cake.

19. “Birthday Cake” By Rihanna

Song Year: 2011

Rihanna’s hit song “Birthday Cake” features a sweet birthday treat, but the cake is only a metaphor. The dessert represents the loving intimacy between a couple on one of their birthdays.

Rihanna wrote the song while she was single and craving an intimate relationship like she would a baked good. She finds the experience just as exciting as blowing out the candles on a birthday cake. This iconic song is one of the best songs about cake.

20. “Chocolate Cake” By Ali Barter

Song Year: 2021

Ali Barter sings about her craving for chocolate cake in her song that shares a name with the dessert. The singer is sitting in an Airbnb and feeling pretty down on herself, wondering what she can do to make herself feel better. The solution? A big plate of chocolate cake.

Chocolate cake may not be medicine, but it always helps to have a slice when you’re feeling low.

21. “Mermaids and Queers” By Misbehavin’ Maidens

Song Year: 2019

The band Misbehavin’ Maidens draws a parallel between temptation and cake in this fun song. The song says that no one can resist a siren’s call, no matter the person’s sexuality.

Similarly, they say that nobody resists the prospect of cake, equating the dessert to the temptation that the sirens use to allure unsuspecting sailors.

We know we wouldn't be able to resist if a siren sang that a slice of cake was waiting for us on the rocks!

22. “Parts of the House” By Lingokids

Song Year: 2022

The children’s singing group Lingokids released “Parts of the House” in 2022. It walks listeners through the standard parts of a home, familiarizing children with the rooms in their house. When the singer gets to the kitchen, they list the oven as an appliance: The place where adults roast veggies and bake cakes.

Adding a line about cake can make any room sound exciting.

23. “That Time of Year” By Josh Gad, Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell & Cast

Song Year: 2017

Olaf sings about his favorite facets of Christmas time in the song “That Time of Year” from Olaf’s Frozen Adventure. He mentions delicious fruitcakes as a reason to love the holiday season, which some may consider a hot take.

Not everyone loves fruitcake, but everyone loves Olaf. So, if he sings positively about the iconic holiday cake, maybe we can all give it a chance next Christmas.

24. “Chumbala Cachumbala Dance” By Pinkfong

Song Year: 2020

“Chumbala Cachumbala Dance” is a spirited song for the Halloween season. It is a children’s song, but adults can get a kick out of it, too. It tells the story of skeletons doing funny, spooky things, and eating cake makes the cut.

You may be wondering how skeletons eat cake without a digestive system. Perhaps their magical dancing has something to do with it.

25. “Cake” By Melanie Martinez

Song Year: 2015

In this meaningful song, Melanie Martinez uses cake as a metaphor to describe her situation-ship. She likes her partner, describing their kiss as sugar-sweet and their skin as warm like an oven. However, the “cake” they are baking together lacks a key ingredient: reciprocation.

She then says that she has given him a slice of heaven, and he will miss it, just like we all feel when we finish the slice of cake on our plate.

26. “Jesus Was Way Cool” By King Missile

Song Year: 1990

King Missile speculates how rad Jesus was in “Jesus Was Way Cool.” He concludes that Jesus was way cool, as you may be able to tell from the title. Part of his musings includes that Jesus could probably bake an awesome cake.

Jesus may not have had the resources to bake a cake while he walked the earth, but if he did, we’re sure it would have been celestially delicious.

27. “Piece of Cake” By Weezer

Song Year: 2019

Weezer’s 2019 jam “Piece of Cake” capitalizes on a cake’s soft, fluffy texture to tell a break-up story. The singer conveys that his past partner cut through him like a piece of cake, leaving him feeling broken and upset.

We may not have the cure for heartbreak, but maybe if he cuts through a piece of cake for himself, he could feel a little better.

28. “Baby Cakes” By 3 of a Kind

Song Year: 2004

“Baby Cakes” is a sugary term of endearment for a loved one and the namesake for this 2004 hit by 3 of a Kind. The singer tells the listener they are her babycakes and that their love for each other will only grow stronger.

The love song is just as simple and sweet as a slice of vanilla cake. The music video uses pastel colors, racy imagery, and plenty of baked goods to bring the message home.

29. “Propaganda Pie” By Freak Kitchen

Song Year: 2002

Freak Kitchen sings “Propaganda Pie,” intending to spread awareness about the widespread availability of disinformation. The fantasy restaurant serves up “manipulated wine” and other brainwashing desserts, cake included.

We’re not sure of the exact disinformation that Freak Kitchen sings about, but we’ll take our cake with as little spin as possible.

30. “Cake Boy” By Hoodie Allen

Song Year: 2013

Hoodie Allen revels in his luck with the song “Cake Boy.” He mentions cake a few times in the song, mostly equating women to dessert.

Part of his sage advice to listeners is that you cannot have your cake and eat it, too, but you can bake it.

31. “Chocolate Cake” By Deal Casino

Song Year: 2018

In “Chocolate Cake,” Deal Casino walks the listener through the struggles of getting older. He marks every birthday with another piece of chocolate cake – something that should be delicious and celebratory but only serves as a checkpoint for the challenges to come our way.

We realize that life will never take a breather, so we might as well enjoy the chocolate cake on our birthday.

Top Songs About Cake, Final Thoughts

Cake and music have a lot of similarities. They are both simple pleasures that come in various flavors.

When it comes to music and cake, there is something out there for everyone, whether you like rap or slow love songs. Hopefully, this list of songs about cake has something for you.

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