33 Best Songs About Sunday

Whether you see Sunday as the start of the week or end of it, most agree that it’s one of the more noteworthy days. Musicians have fallen in love with the day too, with many mentioning it in their lyrics.

In this article we showcase some of the best songs about Sunday; enjoy!

“Easy (Like Sunday Morning)” by The Commodores

Song Year: 1977

Sometimes toxic love must come to an end, and when it does, there is a huge weight that is lifted. It’s precisely what happens in this love song with an underlying cheery tone. Ending the relationship is the best thing he can do for himself, and the decision leaves him feeling lighter and more peaceful.

“Young Girl Sunday Blues” by Jefferson Airplane

Song Year: 1967

The hippie, psychedelic sound of the 60s moving into the 70s is encompassed in Young Girl Sunday Blues. It’s an interesting twist for a soulful ballad about a sad girl. Jefferson Airplane’s lyrics are straightforward regarding reminiscing and looking to the future. Other than that, the rest of the song is up to interpretation.

“Another Sunday in the South” by Miranda Lambert

Song Year: 2014

Miranda Lambert embodies the south with her cute twang and reminiscences of Sundays in her hometown. The scene is set perfectly with the sound of church bells, and the taste of sweet lemonade as Lambert sings about the Sunday adventures and wanting to get together with friends. Another Sunday in the South sounds like a fun place to be any day of the week. 

“Sunday Girl” by Blondie

Song Year: 1979

Debbie Harry was the awesome frontwoman of Blondie. She was known as cool, stoic, and talented, but when her cat went missing, she became noticeably untethered. So, musical inspiration struck the band to write about her loss. Hence, the song Sunday Girl. The song doesn’t mention the word cat, but it does mention repeatedly awaiting her return.

“A Month of Sundays” by Don Henley

Song Year: 1984

In 1984, Don Henley was already looking at how technology changed the planet from easygoing to fast pace. On Henley’s solo album, it contained the song A Month of Sundays where the retired farmer faced the drastic changes of the modern world. It’s a sad tale that will make you reflect on the good life.

“I Met Him on a Sunday” by The Shirelles

Song Year: 1958

I Met Him on A Sunday was covered by Diane Keaton, Mandy Moore, and the other siblings in the movie Because I Said So. The Shirelles did the original as they gave a soulful, bubble gum version of saying, in layperson’s terms, Get lost, player. The summary is they met. They dated, he ghosted, and then tried to come back. And she said, nope.

“Sunday Morning Coming Down” by Johnny Cash

Song Year: 1972

Johnny Cash delivers a perfect play-by-play on what the morning after feels like after a night of superior inebriation. While he recounts the night before, he is impressed that his head doesn’t hurt so bad. That might be because, instead of water and greasy foods, he chooses to chase the hair of the dog and repeat the process over again to drown out his loneliness.

“Loving You Sunday Morning” by Scorpions

Song Year: 1979

It’s a little complicated on the lyric side of Scorpions, Loving You Sunday Morning. Nevertheless, it appears to be about a troubled love that is rocky due to the long distance. However, he doesn’t want to lose her, so he vows to come home. This tale is all too familiar for rockstars who are consistently on tour.

“Closed On Sunday” by Kanye West

Song Year: 2019

Kanye West’s short tune Closed on Sunday isn’t the only song on the list to reference Chick-fil-A. The music video is more like a family video featuring the Kardashian crew as West gives insight into family and being a unit. This song obviously came out before the divorce between him and Kim K.

“Lazy Sunday Afternoon” by Small Faces

Song Year: 1968

Small Faces is a fun tune about staying carefree amid the craziness. As the video shows an old lady breaking a plate over his head and chasing him, it doesn’t have him down because the moral is not to focus on other people’s drama and stay in peace. It’s a good message that might take some conscious effort to master.

“My Sunday Feeling” by Jethro Tull

Song Year: 1968

Jethro Tull never disappoints when it comes to singing about the regular stuff. My Sunday Feeling is one of those feelings most people dread. You better grab the ibuprofen when listening to this one. The song starts off on a wild Saturday night of indulgence and trying to outrun the next morning’s hangover, but before he knows it, the hangover is already there.

“Raining On Sunday” by Keith Urban

Song Year: 2002

Keith Urban embodies his loves songs and doesn’t disappoint with Raining on Sunday. The passionate music pleads for the rain to purify the love between these lovers as they remain tangled up with one another on Sunday, ignoring time as best as they can. But it will inspire a day in bed with the one you love.

“Sunday” by Sonic Youth

Song Year: 1997

Sonic Youth uses Sunday as a person in this unique love song. But, unfortunately, it looks like the lower-budget video used most of its budget on hiring a teenage Macaulay Culkin. In a New Orleans Saints jacket and black top hat, Culkin is a young man in love, but then the video takes a strange turn as it focuses on ballerinas and Culkin playing the banjo.

“Sunday Morning” by The Velvet Underground

Song Year: 1966

The Velvet Underground did wonders with the song Sunday Morning as they brought recognition to the shame-spiral that can happen after a night of overindulgence. The music touches on paranoia, loneliness, and loads of regret. Perhaps, they should have stayed more hydrated the night before.

“A Sunday Kind of Love” by Etta James

Song Year: 1960

Etta James hits the soul with this beautiful bluesy tune. Her rich voice will melt your heart as she sings about searching for love. James has a way of telling an in-depth story in just over three minutes on how she longs to hold someone and shower them with lifelong love. A Sunday Kind of Love with hit your heart and soul.

“Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down” by Kris Kristofferson

Song Year: 1969

Kris Kristofferson initially wrote Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down. It was first recorded by singer Ray Stevens who had the hit song Misty. Kristofferson also put the Sunday song on his own album, but the song only shot up to number one on the charts when Johnny Cash recorded it.

“Why Are Sundays So Depressing” by The Strokes

Song Year: 2020

The title is misleading for this sweet love song. The music video touches on the innocence of first love crushes by following the awkward desire of a boy who has a crush on a classmate. He struggles to engage with her throughout the song, but eventually, she kisses him. It will remind you of your first love story.

“Sunday” by David Bowie

Song Year: 2002

Sunday by David Bowie is off the 2002 album Heathen. According to Producer Tony Visconti, the album took a long time to make. However, the final product captured the Bowie sound and became another masterpiece for the artist. Sunday looks at the cycle of life with new beings and how things change but remain the same.

“Another Park, Another Sunday” by The Doobie Brothers

Song Year: 1974

Instead of loving or relaxing on the day of rest, The Doobie Brothers sing about the dimmer side of Sunday. Sunday is the worst day of the week in the song Another Park, Another Sunday when your love is gone. It’s the slowest day of the week when you’re left alone with your own thoughts as you sit by yourself in the park.

“Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon” by Queen

Song Year: 1975

Only a little over a minute long, this song is more like a blurb in Freddie Mercury’s diary. After spending six days a week running and playing hard, it’s so enjoyable to be lazy on a Sunday. The tune sings praises to the art of lounging on Sunday instead of all the worldly escapades that happen Monday through Saturday.

“Sunday Rain” by Foo Fighters

Song Year: 2017

The late Taylor Hawkins sings lead on Sunday Rain as the great Sir Paul McCartney plays drums. It only took McCartney two takes to get the full sound Foo Fighters was looking for on this tune. The beat has a 1960s feel, as Hawkins’s lyrics are more like a modern tirade about being left behind. 

“Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5

Song Year: 2002

Sunday is a day to relax and snuggle in this Maroon 5 hit. Off the album Songs about Jane, the song will make you want to be in bed and soak up the day with the one you love. If you don’t have a current love, it will inspire you to want one, at least on a Sunday morning.

“Sunday” by Nick Drake

Song Year: 1970

Nick Drake compares a joyful, sunny Saturday to the turn of a gloomy, rain-filled Sunday. The song is a metaphor for how life can wax and wane with good and bad times. However, during the low times, people tend to reminisce about the good times as if they are far and few between. 

“Sunday Bloody Sunday” by U2

Song Year: 1983

Inspired by the sound of The Clash, Sunday Bloody Sunday was a peace anthem written by Bono and the band. It refers to the tragic day in Derry on January 30, 1972, when British paratroopers took fire on Civil Rights activists. Thirteen people died that day; another person died days later.

“Sunny Sunday” by Joni Mitchell

Song Year: 1994

Sunny Sunday is a bizarre, short, little ditty about a woman who leaves her fate in the accuracy of her aim. Missing the streetlight would cause the neighborhood dogs to bark, but she would continue to try to shoot her target every night. Hence, if she hits the light, she promises herself that she can finally leave.

“Sunday Morning Call” by Oasis

Song Year: 2000

Sunday Morning Call was the first time Noah Gallagher took the lead on the lyrics in quite a while since Liam Gallagher is usually the frontman of the brother’s duo. However, Noah wrote the song that was inspired by celebrity friends who were struggling with addiction. Rumors surrounded the question if the song was written about Kate Moss. However, it has never been confirmed.

“A Sunday Smile” by Beirut

Song Year: 2007

A Sunday Smile is the smile you give to keep the peace. At least, that’s what it means in this little ditty. When he is unhappy in his relationship, he fakes a smile to keep the peace and make his partner happy. It’s a sad truth, but an ordinary habit people do.

“Sunday Best” by Surfaces

Song Year: 2019

The Surfaces put together this fun song to combat the typical Monday blues. As Sunday becomes a reoccurring day on the calendar, the office transforms into a backyard party of sorts. But, of course, the office equipment doesn’t put a damper on the barbeque since the copier grills up all the party grub, and the coffee maker turned into a bartender’s dream margarita machine.

“Blue Sunday” by The Doors

Song Year: 1970

Jim Morrison and The Doors put together this love song during the season of love. It was a Blue Sunday when he met his soul mate. The lyrics are few, but the emotion behind The Doors sound and Morrison’s voice make it a fascinating ballad and utterly worthy of being on this list.

“Sunday” by Ben Rector feat. Snoop Dogg

Song Year: 2022

Sunday by Ben Rector is an adorable tune, and not just because Snoop Dogg is in it. Rector mentions key points about Sunday that everybody knows as he confesses that he just wants to be with (you). The lyrics might be simple, but the premise is profound and heartwarming, making it one of the best love songs that mention Sunday. Another hit by the D.O. Double G.

“Everyday is Like Sunday” by Morrissey

Song Year: 1988

Morrissey isn’t really a fan of Sunday in this tune entitled Everyday is Sunday. The song starts off painting a picture of a dreary beach scene where you will feel wet and dirty just listening to it. The picture gets grayer as the music speaks of the end of all humanity and how this cruel woman is like his most unfavorable day of the week. It’s definitely a good song for the scorned.

“Sunday Sun” by Neil Diamond

Song Year: 1968

Sunday Sun is off Neil Diamond’s album Velvet Gloves and Spit. It is a tale about taking time out, going for a walk, and enjoying watching the kids play at the park. It’s about leaving the stress behind and recapturing your innocence in a chaotic world. Diamond’s distinct voice makes you feel like it’s Sunday, even if it’s not.

“Sunday Morning” by No Doubt

Song Year: 1995

Off of the album Tragic Kingdom and 2003s Greatest Hits album, Sunday Morning is a true No Doubt song. It carries the pop-punk ska sound as frontwoman Gwen Stefani sings about finding empowerment in a broken relationship. In addition, the music video focuses on the power of friendship, which the band felt was important after releasing Don’t Speak, prior.

Top Songs About Sunday, Final Thoughts

There you have it! It’s the best songs about Sunday. It may be just another day of the week, but Sundays have influenced hit songs for generations. The day that reminds us that the sun will always shine or a favorite ice cream treat, there is just something special about Sundays.

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  1. Thank you for this. Many more Sunday songs, a couple from Spanky and Our Gang. Elaine McFarland lead singer. She was friends with Cass Elliot of The Mama’s and Papas. Also, “Pleasant Valley Sunday by The Monkees. Thank you and all the best.

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