17 Best Songs About Boston

10. “Back to Boston” by The Rosebuds

Song year: 2003

“Back to Boston” is the perfect song for anyone longing to return home. It centers on a protagonist and his lover returning to Boston.

The lyrics are an emotional resonance for someone who has not been home for a long time. Also, the roaring chorus and vivid road description send a message of excitement and anticipation to return to Boston finally.

11. “Boston (Ladies of Cambridge)” by Vampire Weekend

Song year: 2008

“Boston” or “Ladies of Cambridge” is a unique piece with musical influences covering jazz, indie rock, and folk, written by Ezra Koenig.

Written by Ezra Koenig, Boston is a romantic place that the singer has been dreaming about all their life. The singer compares the city to a lover they would never want to see leave. The lyrics also serve as a tribute to several places in Cambridge, including Charles River and Chinatown.

12. “Boston Belongs To Me” by Death Before Dishonor

Song year: 2007

“Boston Belongs to Me” is a cover song of “England Belongs to Me.” The lyrics are similar, with only the word ‘England' changing to ‘Boston' in the new version.

The song celebrates Boston's culture and heritage, letting the residents know the city is theirs. In that case, no one can take the city's memories from its people. Despite previously being told that their country was going down, the singers now urge Bostonians to stay and fight for their city.

13. “A Boston Peace” by Say Anything

Song year: 2013

“A Boston Peace” is a rollercoaster of emotions portraying sadness, nostalgia, and hope. The writer wonders how fast someone could leave their life and leave them feeling so downcast and empty. So quickly did the person leave their life that the singer asks if she was a ‘flying bird' in another life.

Amidst the sadness and desperation, the singer hopes to regain the person who was once their source of peace. The singer hopes to get a limb to hold on to to ensure he doesn't sink into nothingness. Moreover, the singer compares the person who flew away from them so fast to a ‘Boston peace,' a feeling once experienced with the flying bird.

14. “Boston Rag” by Steely Dan

Song year: 1973

This song emphasizes the essence of using essential lessons from past experiences and using them to brighten the future. In the lyrics, Lonnie was once a drug kingpin but couldn't control ‘Lady Bayside,' a term that likely refers to a lady from Bayside, N.Y.C. The narrator is caught between Lady Bayside' and Lonnie, but the ending is disastrous because Lonnie overdoses.

‘Boston Rag' is used metaphorically to mean something old and meaningful. The lyrics of the song suggest finding comfort in purposeful, old memories.

15. “Midnight Rambler” by The Rolling Stones

Song year: 1969

This song by The Rolling Stone was partly inspired by one of the city's darkest moments – the infamous Boston killer, the “Boston Strangler.” The murderer was claimed to be Albert Desalvo, who confessed to terrorizing Boston in the 1960s. He would jump garden walls, break into houses, and stab or shoot his victims.

Despite its dark undertones, “Midnight Rambler” has remained a powerful concert favorite over the years.

16. “I Want My City Back” by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Song year: 2002

The closure of The Rat, a Boston Punk venue where the Mighty Mighty Bosstones for their start inspired the song “I Want My City Back. ” The song's main character had been away for a short while, only to find the Rat closed. The closure changed how Boston felt; to the narrator, it no longer felt as sacred as it once was.

The lyrics lament the closure of the Rat and cry out the desire to have the city they knew back. The absence of the Boston Punk venue creates an emptiness that can only be refilled upon the restoration of the Rat.

17. “Boston” by Augustana

Song Year: 2005

“Boston” by Augustana depicts a broken relationship between a man and a woman. The men's side of the story is explained in the verses, while the woman's response comes in the hook and bridge.

The woman believes the man will never understand her, so she wants to go to Boston. She believes she'll start afresh in Boston and find another lover there.

Top Songs About Boston, Final Thoughts

As depicted above, Boston is a spectacular city with a rich history and delightful places. The town boasts unique musical elements that have been celebrated over the years. Music sung in honor of Boston also creates a powerful connection among Bostonians.

Each song depicts different city elements, bringing about nostalgia, pride, romantic memories, and hope. Whether you are a Bostonian, a tourist, or an explorer, you can learn much about Boston from these top songs.

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