31 Best Pop Songs With Violins

I love violins. These beautiful sounding instruments have found their way into numerous songs over the years, including many pop ones.

Here are the best pop songs with violins for your listening pleasure.

“Fisherman Blues” by The Waterboys

Song Year: 1998

If you’re looking for a violin song for beginners, you might want to check out this awesome fiddle-backed tune by The Waterboys.

It’s a great song to listen to whether you’re a violin enthusiast or a novice. Either way, you’ll appreciate the sick beats and the sweet sounds of that bow running over the strings. It’s a particular sort of sound.

“Dust In The Wind” by Kansas

Song Year: 1977

Kansas has released its fair share of hits, and more than a few have fantastic violin solos or backdrop beats that make their rock songs unique.

“Dust In The Wind” is one of the more exciting rock songs to include a violin. Robby Steinhardt is the violinist and a backup vocalist, showing off his mad skills in this beautiful, heart-wrenching song. 

“I See Fire” by Ed Sheeran

Song Year: 2013

Ed Sheeran wrote and recorded “I See Fire” for an epic fantasy trilogy that followed another epic fantasy trilogy in the early 2000s known as Lord Of The Rings.

The violin in “I See Fire” helps communicate the song's tone, which falls in a minor key and carries a somber demeanor and dark lyrics.

“I Love You More” by Céline Dion

Song Year: 1993

Céline Dion struck gold when she got Taro Hakase to add slick violin sounds to her song “I Love You More.”

The song is a sweet song that’s a little bit heartbreaking. Dion sings directly to a former lover about how his new woman isn’t going to love him as much as she did.

“Only When I Sleep” by The Corrs

Song Year: 1997

The Corrs sing a great R&B/pop-style song about a man who dreams about the woman he loves. He doesn’t know her but always sees her when he sleeps.

The thing that makes this song work exceptionally well is the violin that plays throughout the entire tune. It adds a lot of personalities that do nothing but good for “Only When I Sleep.”

“Sunday Bloody Sunday” by U2

Song Year: 1983

There are a lot of great songs from the 1980s, and “Sunday Bloody Sunday” from U2 is worth mentioning. It’s about actual historical events that plagued Ireland for years.

A crucial part of many rock songs along this vein is the violin. Steve Wickham wasn’t an original member of U2, but he lends his electric violin skills to this song to make it truly outstanding.

“Tripping Billies” by Dave Matthews Band

Song Year: 1993

“Tripping Billies” is about having a good time, enjoying life, and making the most out of every moment because you never know what will happen the next day, month, or year.

The Dave Matthews Band includes violinist Boyd Tinsley, who lends his skills and musical knowledge to help make this song sound like something to sing with your buddies around a campfire.

“Untouched” by The Veronicas

Song Year: 2007

“Untouched” singers The Veronicas tell an intense and slightly risque story about someone who wants one thing and one thing only. The singer doesn’t seem able to focus on anything but the person that they love, and they don’t care who knows it.

The violin is an excellent addition to this song, as it adds a little bit of attitude that the song needs.

“Look At Me Now” by Electric Light Orchestra

Song Year: 1971

Electric Light Orchestra, otherwise known as ELO, produced some of their music's most wacky, outlandish, other-worldly sounds.

“Look At Me Now” is no exception, and one of the key players in said sounds is the violin. ELO had a few different violinists over the years, and they made good use of their talents.

“Eleanor Rigby” by The Beatles

Song Year: 1966

No list of music, especially pop music, is complete if it doesn’t include at least one song from The Beatles. They were innovators and masters of their craft and left a lasting influence on the music industry as a whole.

“Eleanor Rigby” is a great example because of the message, the beat, and the rare appearance of a violin in the background.

“Our House” by Madness

Song Year: 1983

“Our House” is a sweet, wholesome song about a father, mother, brother, and sister who live in their home in peace. They go about their lives, care for each other, and go to church on Sundays.

Madness tended towards pop and ska sounds when they recorded, but it was undoubtedly a win whenever the violin showed up.

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