27 Famous Persian Songs

A lot of great music has come out of Iran over the years. But if you’re new to Persian music, there may be a lot of great songs you’ve missed out on.

If you’re new to music from Iran, or you just want a good playlist of songs you may already know, here are some famous Persian songs.

“Behet Ghol Midam” by Mohsen Yeganeh

Song Year: 2013

Mohsen Yeganeh is an Iranian singer who released his first album in 2004. Since then, he’s recorded four more albums and performed live at many major music festivals. “Behet Ghol Midam” is one of his most famous singles.

People love this song because the bright melody makes the emotional lyrics stand out even more. The song is about a couple ending their relationship, but the singer guarantees he won’t find anyone new to love. Even though his former partner left him, he still worries about them and loves the path they walked together.

“Molaghat” by Moein

Song Year: 2007

Moein is one of the most famous Persian singers, with a decades-long career. He got his start singing on the radio before recording 20 major albums. He tours the world, performing live for sold-out audiences. “Molaghat” is one of his singles, showcasing his talent and appeal.

The song is a powerful ballad about how deeply the singer fell in love with his partner. He’s devoted and would do anything for her, feeling worthless when he isn’t around her. Part of the singer worries about getting hurt, but he just wants love.

“Ey Sareban” by Mohsen Namjoo

Song Year: 2005

Mohsen Namjoo is a composer, singer, and songwriter from northeastern Iran. He started studying classical music when he was 12 and then added Western rock music to his interests, influencing his unique musical style.

The song’s lyrics implore his love to explain why she’s leaving when she can see how sad he is and how much it hurts him that she’s going. He compares the pain to storm damage and an endless night.

“Bego Chand” by Naser Zeynali

Song Year: 2020

Naser Zeynali is a musician who started releasing music in 2019. Fans love his passionate songs, like “Bego Chand.” The lyrics explain the singer’s willingness to show the woman he loves her. He feels completely linked to her.

“Istanbul Junction” by Alireza Ghorbani

Song Year: 2018

Alireza Ghorbani is a Persian singer who embodies the traditional Iranian sound in his songs, with “Istanbul Junction” being one of his most popular singles. With his background in poetry and public speaking, it’s understandable that Ghorbani inserts spoken sections in his songs to let his rich voice tell a story.

This song is about how much the vocalist desires his love, even though others have hurt him before. He yearns for his partner even though he knows their relationship will make him feel happy and sad at different times—he’s in it for better and worse.

“Soltane Ghalbha” by Aref Arefkia

Song Year: 1993

This song is from the movie of the same name. The movie is about a couple separated during an accident, and each thinks the other has died. They live their own lives before meeting again by chance.

The song’s lyrics address the pull of love between the two main characters, with lines about how they remember each other. They can’t believe they lived apart for so long but now vow to stay together.

“Aseman Ham Zamin Mikhorad” by Chaartaar

Song Year: 2015

Chaartaar is a band known for combining electronic music with classic Persian vocal styles. They released their first album in 2014 and started touring Canada and Europe. The band has three albums and countless singles, with “Aseman Ham Zamin Mikhorad” being one of the most popular.

This haunting song is about how complete the singer feels when he’s with his love, taking the time to respect and appreciate every detail of her being. Despite this focus, he acknowledges that it will all end eventually.

“Mard-e Tanha” by Farhad Mehrad

Song Year: 1993

Farhad Mehrad is an Iranian singer known for pop, rock, and folk songs. He’s famous for releasing the first English rock album in Iran, though he incorporates many traditional sounds into his music.

“Mard-e Tanha” isn’t a rock song. Instead, the slow song allows Farhad’s voice to take center stage. He sings about an exhausted man ready to die alone, striving to reach a fountain but never making it despite being close enough to hear the drops of water.

“Bazgashteh” by Delkash

Song Year: 1965

Delkash was an Iranian singer who started singing in the 1940s before becoming an actress. Her fans called her the Great Diva of Iran. She performed duets with many famous musicians, including Viguen Derderian.

“Bazgashteh” is a solo song with many traditional Persian sounds. She sings about the distance between her and her former love feeling like physical separation rivaling abandonment.

“Zade Baroon” by Masoud Sadeghloo

Song Year: 2020

Masoud Sadeghloo is an Iranian electronic musician with a big following on Spotify. “Zade Baroon” is a song that captures a moment in the rain. When the singer sees the woman with the wet hair, he falls in love and pleads with her to be gentle with his heart.

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