9 Best Ovation Guitars 2024

Best Ovation Guitars

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If you’re looking for a new acoustic guitar, you’ve undoubtedly come across Ovation guitars. This company is known for its own unique guitar stylings.

The research necessary before buying a new instrument can be extremely time-consuming. Luckily for you, this list of best Ovation guitars will help whittle down your research time significantly.

Here are some of the best acoustic guitars made by Ovation that you can currently find on the market.

CE44P-SM Mid-Depth – Best Overall

CE44P-SM Mid-Depth

Looking for the best Ovation that is priced in a range that is affordable for nearly every budget? Make sure that you check out the CE44P-SM Mid-Depth (see price on Amazon or Sweetwater).

The CE44P-SM Mid-Depth is an acoustic guitar decked out in the personality characteristics Ovation is known for. This particular model has a cutaway design for easier access to the upper fret ranges.

Construction-wise, the CE44P-SM Mid-Depth has a Spalted Maple top with a Lyrachord back. As is true with the majority of Ovation’s guitars, this Lyrachord is featured in the rounded, bowl-shaped back. 

If you’re wondering about this bowl-shaped function, be sure to read until the end of the article. This is a prominent and unique feature and needs a dedicated explanation.

Rather than a central soundhole, the CE44P-SM Mid-Depth features multiple holes at each shoulder. This is to help the guitar project a much more balanced tone, with sound extrapolated from multiple locations.

The neck is crafted from Nato and has a 25.25” scale length. Rosewood is used for the fretboard, which has a 10” radius with 20 frets accompanied by dot inlays.

This guitar also features a Rosewood bridge, with ABS used for the saddle and nut. Gold die-cast tuners help to provide both tuning stability and aesthetic effect. 

You’ll be able to play on stage quite easily thanks to the Ovation Slimline pickup and OP-4BT preamp. The preamp gives you wide-range control over EQ and volume and also provides a tuner.

Aesthetically, the CE44P-SM Mid-Depth is astoundingly beautiful with a natural finish showcasing the Maple top. An Abalone binding provides the perfect finishing touch to an already astounding visual presence.

Item Weight: 7.75 pounds

Package Dimensions: 42.3 x 19.5 x 6.5 inches

Adamas I GT Cutaway Deep Contour – Best Premium

Adamas I GT Cutaway Deep Contour

Don’t have any budgetary worries and looking for the most luxurious Ovation that money can buy? The Adamas I GT Cutaway Deep Contour is exactly the kind of guitar you’re looking for.

This guitar’s top is crafted from ultra-thin Carbon Fiber, with hand-laid Advanced Composite used for the back. You might be appalled that this body doesn’t feature wood, but its tone would make you forget about this completely.

Ovation’s Adamas X-bracing architecture is used to provide this guitar with extra projection and resonance.

The neck is crafted from American Black Walnut with a scale length of 25.3”. This neck has a soft-V contour for high performance and comfort.

Walnut is used for the Adamas I GT Cutaway Deep Contour’s fretboard, which has a 10” radius. There are 22 Nickel-Silver frets here, which are complemented by an exquisite Maple fretboard inlay.

Carved walnut is also featured for this guitar’s bridge, to which an ABS saddle is attached. At the headstock, you’ll find a bone nut and high-quality gold-buttoned Schaller tuners.

Playing live will be a worthwhile experience with the Adamas I GT Cutaway Deep Contour. The guitar comes equipped with an OCP-1K pickup, which is controlled by the OP Pro Studio preamp.

This preamp features controls for EQ and volume and also has a built-in tuner, presets, and a battery status indicator. The OP Pro Studio preamp was designed with the help of Melissa Etheridge and Al Di Meola.

Aesthetically, this guitar has the look of a well-worn, built-to-last, dressy pair of denim blue jeans. It has a carved bridge and headstock along with soundhole decorations and a carved glass-filled composite binding.

A hardshell case comes included with the guitar.

Item Weight: 15 pounds

Package Dimensions: 47 x 19 x 10 inches

AB24CC-4S Mid-Depth Classical – Best Budget

AB24CC-4S Mid-Depth Classical

Looking for an excellent classical acoustic guitar that has a traditional flat-top acoustic design? Look no further than the AB24CC-4S Mid-Depth Classical (see price on Amazon or Sweetwater).

This might be a budget guitar, but guitarists of all skill levels can certainly enjoy and appreciate this guitar. As is true with most classical guitars, the AB24CC-4S Mid-Depth Classical is equipped with nylon strings.

The AB24CC-4S features a layered cedar top with composite fiberglass used for the back and sides of the guitar. Fan bracing architecture is used, giving a nod to traditional classical guitar building methods.

Mahogany is used for the AB24CC-4S’s neck, which has a 25.6” scale length and a C-shape contour. Attached to this is an Ovangkol fretboard with 19 medium-sized Nickel Silver frets. 

Ovangkol is also used for the bridge, to which a PPS saddle is attached. At the headstock, you’ll find a PPS nut and open-gear tuners in a classical side-mount configuration.

This guitar is certainly built for and capable of being used in on-stage performance scenarios. An Ovation pickup and CE304T preamp allow you to plug in and play without any hassle.

The preamp has built-in controls for EQ and volume. You’ll also be able to tune your guitar directly from the preamp. 

Aesthetically, the AB24CC-4S has a classic flat-top acoustic look, with a natural finish and a central soundhole. An abalone rosette around the soundhole is an excellent added touch.

Overall, this guitar provides an excellent entry into the unique world of Ovation guitars. Plus, having a classical offering certainly doesn’t isolate certain players from being able to play these awesome guitars.

Item Weight: 9 pounds

Package Dimensions: 42 x 18 x 6 inches

Timeless Balladeer Deep Contour

Timeless Balladeer Deep Contour

Have a bit extra to spend but looking for a more traditional-style Ovation acoustic guitar? The Ovation Timeless Balladeer Deep Contour is just the kind of guitar you’ve been looking for.

This guitar features a top made from AA Sitka Spruce with a Lyrachord back. Scalloped X-bracing architecture is used in the body’s construction for an excellent, resonate tone profile.

The neck is crafted to a soft-V contour from a 5-piece combination of Mahogany and Maple. This neck’s scale length measures 25.3”.

Ebony is used for the Timeless Balladeer’s fretboard, which features an 11.8” radius with 20 frets. The fretboard is outlined by a combination of dot and diamond inlays made of Pearloid.

Pau Ferro is used for the Timeless Balladeer’s bridge, which houses an ABS saddle. An ABS nut and closed-gear tuners can be found at the headstock.

The Timeless Balladeer comes equipped with a pickup and the iconic OP Pro preamp. You’ll have total control over your tone, including EQ, volume, tone presets, a tuner, and more, featured on this preamp.

Aesthetically, the Timeless Balladeer comes in a sleek black which is perfectly accentuated with white ABS binding. An ornamental ABS rosette provides a decorative touch to the soundhole.

Overall, the Timeless Balladeer is an ideal solution for a gigging professional in need of a workhorse guitar. It even comes in both 6-string and 12-string varieties. 

This guitar has an excellent balanced tone with projection to match. You’ll find this guitar to be exemplary of qualities provided by Ovation’s unique craftsmanship.

You’ll especially love this if you appreciate the unique bowl shape but prefer a traditional-looking acoustic guitar. This is a true top-of-the-line guitar.

Item Weight: 9 pounds

Package Dimensions: 46 x 19 x 6 inches

Mod TX Mid

Mod TX Mid

Many of Ovation’s guitars present themselves in a sleek and modern way. One prime example of this is with the Mod TX Mid (see price on Amazon or Sweetwater).

This guitar has a slick and minimalistic design, which makes it look quite sharp and elegant. It even has a cutaway design for higher fret playability.

The Mod TX Mid’s body is comprised of a Solid AA Spruce top and a Lyrachord mid-depth bowl back. Like many other Ovation guitars, the Mod TX Mid has sound holes in the body’s upper shoulder.

Quartersawn scalloped X-bracing architecture is used in the construction of the Mod TX Mid’s body. This helps the guitar to provide an extremely resonant and articulate profile.

Hard Rock Maple is used in crafting the Mod TX Mid’s 25.25” scale length neck. This features a thin C-shape contour with a smooth and fast-playing satin finish.

Wenge is used for the Mod TX Mid’s fretboard, which has a 10” radius. The fretboard itself is split in the upper regions, featuring 17 full-size frets, and 5 partial-sized frets.

For hardware, the Mod TX Mid features:

  • Walnut bridge
  • ABS saddle
  • ABS nut
  • Sealed die-cast tuners

The Mod TX Mid comes equipped with an OCP-1K pickup and OP Pro preamp system. This preamp comes equipped with controls for EQ and volume and also includes a built-in tuner.

Aesthetically, the Mod TX Mid is extremely minimalistic, featuring a prominent black color and a satin finish. There aren’t many decorative aspects to be found on the Mod TX Mid.

However, this lack of decoration actually makes the Mod TX Mid quite a dressed-up guitar. It’s almost as if the guitar is dressed for a black-tie formal affair.

Item Weight: 9.48 pounds

Package Dimensions: 50 x 20 x 8 inches



Looking for an Ovation that closely resembles a traditional flat-top acoustic guitar? The CS28P (see price on Amazon or Sweetwater) is the perfect blend of tradition meeting Ovation’s revolutionary design.

This guitar features a cutaway dreadnought design with a centered soundhole. It also has a bowled back with a very shallow depth, which should feel more akin to traditional acoustic guitars.

The CS28P’s body features a Spruce top covered by a decorative Koa veneer. You can opt to showcase this Koa veneer in the colors of:

  • Koa burst
  • Regal to natural gradient

As is true with most of Ovation’s bowled back guitars, the CS28P’s back is made from Lyrachord. Despite being a synthetic back, this guitar has an excellent projection, which is accentuated by quartersawn scalloped X-bracing architecture. 

Nato is used to craft the CS28P’s 25.25” scale length neck. Joined to this is a Rosewood fretboard with a 10” radius and 20 frets. 

The hardware featured on the rest of the CS28P’s build includes:

  • Rosewood bridge
  • ABS saddle
  • ABS nut
  • Die-cast sealed tuners 

This guitar also comes equipped with an Ovation Slimline piezo pickup system and OP-4BT preamp. Crafting your tone won’t be an issue with the onboard EQ and volume controls and built-in tuner.

Overall, the CS28P provides an excellent value at an incredibly affordable cost. It’s a guitar that takes a best-of-both-worlds approach to provide a guitar suitable for just about anybody.

Plus, you’ll even have the option of choosing which color design you want on the guitar. Both of these color choices are incredibly ornate in their own unique way.

This guitar truly does provide a traditional feel with enough of Ovation’s modernity for a breath of fresh air.

Item Weight: 9 pounds

Package Dimensions: 45 x 19 x 5 inches

Elite Celebrity Super Shallow

Elite Celebrity Super Shallow

Do you love the look of Ovation’s most decorative guitars, but can’t afford the price tag? Ovation’s Elite Celebrity Super Shallow (see price on Amazon or Sweetwater) is the perfect solution to add to your collection.

This guitar features a cutaway design for higher fret access. It’s also decked out in features that make it an undeniable Ovation design in every aspect.

The Elite Celebrity Super Shallow features a Solid Spruce top with a Lyrachord bowl back. Its “super shallow” depth provides a comfortable playing experience, especially for those coming from the electric guitar world.

Despite having a “super shallow” body width, the Elite Celebrity Super Shallow is incredibly voluminous and resonant. This is no doubt aided by the bowl-shaped back design as well as the quartersawn scalloped X-bracing architecture.

Nato is used to craft the Elite Celebrity Super Shallow’s 25.25” scale length neck. The Rosewood fretboard has a 10” radius with 20 full-size frets, and 4 partial frets, outlined by Pearloid microdots.

For hardware, the Elite Celebrity Super Shallow features:

  • Rosewood bridge
  • ABS saddle
  • ABS nut
  • Die-cast sealed tuners

The Elite Celebrity Super Shallow is also decked out with electronics for amplified stage performances. This includes a Slimline piezo pickup system and an OP-4CT preamp.

Not only can you control the EQ and volume here, but you can tune the guitar with it as well!

Aesthetically, the Elite Celebrity Super Shallow is certainly built to please. You can get the guitar in the color options of: 

  • Sunburst
  • Ruby red

This guitar has signature Ovation features, including shoulder soundholes and a decorative ivy leaf rosette. A transparent finish is a perfect touch for making all of these features truly shine.

Item Weight: 8.83 pounds

Package Dimensions: 45 x 19 x 5 inches

CS24 Celebrity Standard Mid-Depth

CS24 Celebrity Standard Mid-Depth

On a budget but looking for a more traditional model from Ovation’s stellar lineup of guitars? Be sure to consider the CS24 Celebrity Standard Mid-Depth (see price on Amazon or Sweetwater) for your collection.

This guitar is built more like a standard dreadnought acoustic guitar. It does, however, include Ovation’s iconic bowled back design with a medium depth.

The CS24 Celebrity Standard Mid-Depth features a Solid Spruce top and a Lyrachord back. Modified X-bracing architecture is used to help the guitar project a balanced tone.

Nato is used to craft the CS24’s 25.25” scale length neck. The fretboard is crafted from Rosewood to have a 10” radius with 20 frets outlined by Abalone dot inlays.

Other hardware featured in the CS24’s overall build include:

  • Walnut bridge
  • ABS saddle
  • ABS nut
  • Chrome tuners

Despite being very affordable, the CS24 is equipped with electronics for live performances. The OP-4BT preamp features a tuner as well as controls for EQ and volume.

Aesthetically, the CS24 has a few special touches, including fretboard binding and an Abalone rosette. You can also choose from multiple color options with this guitar, including:

  • Ruby red
  • Natural
  • Black

Overall, the CS24 is the perfect guitar for someone who wants a more traditional dreadnought. Not only does this provide a traditional feel, but allows you to reap the innovative benefits of Ovation’s designs, too.

Definitely be sure to consider this if you need a no-frills workhorse acoustic guitar. Whether on the stage or in the backyard, the CS24 will certainly meet your every need without costing a fortune.

Because of its price, the CS24 is an excellent option for a beginner who has aspirations for live performances. It’s primed to take you to the next level.

Item Weight: 27 pounds

Package Dimensions: 43 x 18 x 7 inches

AE44-7S Mid-Depth

AE44-7S Mid-Depth

On a serious budget but looking for a guitar steeped in Ovation’s innovative signature design features? The AE44-7S Mid-Depth (see price on Amazon or Sweetwater) is a guitar that will certainly serve you well.

Like many other Ovation guitars, this features a modified cutaway dreadnought shape. It has signature features such as shoulder-located soundholes and a bowled back design.

The body of the AE44-7S features a Layered Spruce top with a back made of Composite Fiberglass. X-bracing architecture is used in the body’s construction to provide a balanced tone and volume boost.

Mahogany is used to craft the AE44-7S’s 25.3” scale length neck, which has a thin, soft-V contour. You’ll find this neck to be extremely fast and easily navigable while also providing comfort.

The AE44-7S’s fretboard is made from Ovangkol. This has a 10” radius with 17 full-size frets and 5 partial frets, all outlined by decorative ABS dot inlays.

Ovangkol is also used for the bridge, which features a Composite saddle. At the headstock can be found a PPS nut and closed gear tuners.

This guitar is primed for live performances, thanks to the built-in pickup and CE304T preamp system. You can tune your guitar and control your EQ and volume levels directly from the preamp.

Aesthetically, the AE44-7S comes in a vintage varnish color, which accentuates the top’s natural wood grain. This gives the guitar a sort of rustic and well-worn look.

Overall, the AE44-7S is a worthy candidate for beginners looking for a guitar that will last them for years. Professionals in need of a classy (and inexpensive) guitar will find a solution in this guitar, as well.

Item Weight: 9.2 pounds

Package Dimensions: 43.54 x 18.03 x 7.09 inches

What Makes Ovation Guitars So Special? 

When it comes to acoustic guitars, Ovation’s designs are fairly radical and revolutionary. There simply is not another company that has redefined the possibilities of how an acoustic guitar can be built.

Ovation guitars typically feature a bowl-shaped back, typically made from a Fiberglass Lyrachord material. Those who are uninitiated might be quick to write these off as not being very resonant.

However, to make this assumption would cause you to miss out on the reality of the situation. Ovation guitars are, in fact, quite resonant and produce a very balanced tone.

In fact, this rounded back has been proven to provide the most resonance and volume projection in an acoustic guitar.

These guitars also tend to feature soundholes located at the guitar’s shoulders. This is to help provide more tonal generation points, allowing for a more blended tonal profile.

Ovation guitars are also built with the performer in mind. More often than not, these guitars are equipped with high-quality pickups and preamp systems.

Another massive plus with Ovations guitars is that all of the guitars are reasonably priced. The most affordable guitars provide an extreme value, while the higher-priced guitars are decadently luxurious.

History Of Ovation Guitars

Ovation was founded in 1966 using designs based on the research of aerospace engineers. These designs provided Ovation with a guitar that is truly unique, standing apart from any other acoustic on the market.

Today, Ovation guitars continue to be extremely popular. Although their design is revolutionary, they are the only company really pursuing this modern design. 

Top Ovation Guitars, Final Thoughts

Ovation’s guitars truly are one of a kind. If you’re tired of the same old song and dance with guitars, be sure to seek these instruments out.

These designs are sure to feel like a refreshing breath of air and could even reignite your flame of inspiration. Plus, they are extremely comfortable and are perhaps the most modern-looking acoustics being made today.

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