37 Best Musical Theater Audition Songs For Kids

Everyone knows that the song you sing at your audition can make or break you getting the role. There are hundreds of great musical theater audition songs for kids, and choosing one that shows your range is vital. Here are some of the best.


“If Only You Would Listen” From School of Rock

Song Year: 2015

This track from School of Rock comes from a scene that many kids unfortunately know all too well. It deals with the lack of connection between themselves and their parents, whether it be because of misplaced expectations or life circumstances in general.

Learning a song like this could unwittingly be a vent for frustrations during times when one’s parents seem not to hear what’s being said.

“Quiet” From Matilda

Song Year: 2022

If you have Netflix in your household, there’s a fair chance that your kids have already memorized the words to the songs in Matilda. One of the most expressive songs from the production is Quiet, which maintains a quick pace while asking some important questions about reality.

And yet, because these answers cannot be given, at least a bit of calmness would suffice.

“The Bare Necessities” From The Jungle Book

Song Year: 1967

More often than not, some of the best repertoire pieces are right where you’d never think to look. This iconic track from The Jungle Book is a song that almost every child is at least vaguely familiar with, depending on how much they might have seen the Disney film.

Plus, the song contains an unforgettable message about having faith that things will work out.

"The Bare Necessities" From The Jungle Book

“Tomorrow” From Annie

Song Year: 1977

There are certain songs that every prospective musical theater player should know, and Annie’s song, Tomorrow, is one of those. This song is all about being excited about the possibilities of the coming day, knowing each day is a fresh start. 

Tomorrow is instantly recognizable and short enough to be learned quickly. It’s the delivery of the song that takes the most time to etch out.

“Impossible/It's Possible” From Cinderella

Song Year: 1957

Every child will inevitably grapple with the question of whether their hopes and dreams are realistic. This signature song from Cinderella is a perfect reminder that it’s only because of those wishes that the miraculous actually happens.

Impossible/It’s Possible is a bouncy song with an unforgettable descending melody line following the proclamation that possibilities are possible.

“Everlasting” From Tuck Everlasting

Song Year: 2015

If you could live forever without fear of death so long as you drank from a certain spring, would you? Winnie Foster (one of Tuck Everlasting’s main characters) weighs this very question in her mind as she sings Everlasting, holding a vial filled with vitality-granting water.

“Little People” From Les Misérables

Song Year: 1985

Those familiar with Les Misérables probably know its child character, Gavroche, all too well. While it’s been heavily modified since, the original 1985 production featured a full-length song sung by Gavroche. 

In Little People, he uses comparisons to explain that he should not be misjudged simply because of his small stature. Just because he is a child doesn’t mean he isn’t capable or competent.

“Part of Your World” From The Little Mermaid

Song Year: 1989

Disney’s film, The Little Mermaid, remains one of the most popular children’s movies of all time. Its unforgettable soundtrack is filled with songs that have been considered favorites across generations of families. 

An example of this is the song, Part of Your World, where Ariel explains her desire to be human and to live life outside of the water.

“Naughty” From Matilda

Song Year: 2022

In the song, Naughty, Matilda gets a bit existential as she ponders whether life is dictated by fate or chance. Throughout, she draws comparisons to the more fortunate circumstances of others, claiming that going against the expectations of others can cause beneficial change with regard to one’s own life circumstances. 

“Somewhere Out There” From An American Tail

Song Year: 1986

If the child is quite young and still lacks a defined higher range, Somewhere Out There is a perfect choice. The song’s delivery makes special use of that shaky upper region that kids often possess.

When sung with the proper conviction, this ballad about knowing there’s someone out in the world thinking fondly of you can melt anyone’s heart.

“Happiness” From You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Song Year: 1967

Considering how disgruntled Charlie Brown is often portrayed as being, one might be surprised to hear what he sings about in Happiness. Traditionally sung by multiple children, Happiness pays homage to all of life’s little moments that help to define what happiness is and feels like. 

This innocent song can serve as a perfect reminder playing in the background of one’s own mind during those particularly stormy days.

“My Favorite Things” From The Sound of Music

Song Year: 1965

One of the most enduring songs to come from The Sound of Music is My Favorite Things. The song’s melody is not only a historical jazz landmark but has also found itself being considered a Christmas song, thanks to some wintry imagery in a portion of its lyrics.

As its title suggests, My Favorite Things outlines a long list of things that never fail to make oneself happy on a down day.

"My Favorite Things" From The Sound of Music

“Almost There” From The Princess and the Frog

Song Year: 2009

If your child is more familiar with newer Disney films, Almost There is a song that they likely already know to some degree. The song outlines how, if one has lofty goals, one should continue to work toward them if they are to come to fruition. 

Almost There also reminds us that carrying out this effort might look like the complete opposite of what others around you are doing.

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