31 Best Musical Theater Audition Songs For Kids

Best Musical Theater Audition Songs For Kids

Everyone knows that the song you sing at your audition can make or break you getting the role. There are hundreds of great musical theater audition songs for kids, and choosing one that shows your range is vital. Here are some of the best.


“If Only You Would Listen” From School of Rock

Song Year: 2015

A unique but great musical theater audition song for kids is “If Only You Would Listen” from School of Rock the musical. The minimal music allows your vocals to shine without being overpowered by the instrumental track.

You can easily choose bars based on the vocalist lines you want to sing, so it's a great song for kids of almost all ages. 

“Quiet” From Matilda

Song Year: 2022

Everyone knows the novel and original movie Matilda, but in 2022, it was adapted into a musical movie that really took the world by storm. The new adaptation features great songs that make excellent songs for kids auditions.

“Quiet” is an excellent choice because it's relatively new and isn’t overused. In addition, it's initially sung by a child and in a good pitch for most kids, and the lyrics are easy to learn.

“The Bare Necessities” From The Jungle Book

Song Year: 1967

Although anyone can sing any song regardless of gender, “The Bare Necessities” from The Jungle Book is a great option for boys. It's a well-known song, but not overused in auditions, allowing you to stand out.

Casting directors will appreciate that you can sing a fun song while showing off your personality without taking away from the musical notes. You will likely have to cut the song down, but it shouldn't be too difficult.

“Tomorrow” From Annie

Song Year: 1977

It's safe to say that Annie is an iconic broadway production that was transformed into a movie.

What makes “Tomorrow” a remarkable musical theater audition song is that it's a well-known song initially sung by a child, meaning a lot of kids will be able to sing it without changing keys, and it has a powerful message.

“Impossible/It's Possible” From Cinderella

Song Year: 1957

Even though it's originally from the 1950s, “Impossible/It's Possible” is one of the most recognizable songs from Cinderella. An older woman originally sings it, but children and teenagers can still land the role if they use this song for their audition.

The lyrics are easy to learn, you can make the song your own by adding your own twists, and it's easy to change keys if necessary.

“Everlasting” From Tuck Everlasting

Song Year: 2015

Tuck Everlasting is a powerful musical about a little girl who can live forever or go on about her life as is. Since the main character is a kid herself, many of the songs from the musical make wonderful audition songs for kids!

“Everlasting” might be the most well-known song from the musical. It has beautiful instrumentals to sing along with.

“Little People” From Les Misérables

Song Year: 1985

Everyone with a remote interest in musical theater will know the production of Les Misérables. A great audition song for kids from this show is “Little People.” The lyrics are powerful, and if you're looking for a song that will show emotion, use this song.

“Part of Your World” From The Little Mermaid

Song Year: 1989

Who doesn't love The Little Mermaid? This classic Disney film and musical has plenty of great songs to use for an audition, but for children, specifically older kids, “Part of Your World” is an excellent option.

All casting directors will recognize the song, and you can easily change keys to whatever suits your vocal range best and cut it down without compromising all your vocal abilities.

“Naughty” From Matilda

Song Year: 2022

Matilda the Musical took the world by storm recently, so using songs from the musical as an audition song is pretty standard now. The good news is that it's not overly familiar yet.

“Naughty” is one of the most fun songs from Matilda and makes an energetic audition song. You only need a few bars to showcase your personality with this song, but it's great as a full song if you have the time in your audition.

“Somewhere Out There” From An American Tail

Song Year: 1986

“Somewhere Out There” is a heartwarming song about Fievel and Tanya, who believe their love will reunite them someday. Fievel’s voice was originally performed by Phillip Glasser, who was cast for the role at the age of five.

“Happiness” From You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Song Year: 1967

An iconic musical theater audition song is “Happiness.” Even if a casting director hasn't heard the song in a while, they'll immediately recognize the lyrics or the instrumental accompaniment.

It's not everyone's top choice for an audition song, so you'll likely stand out to casting directors since you chose something different. Even though the song involves several different singers, you can easily turn this into an audition song by singing all the parts.

“My Favorite Things” From The Sound of Music

Song Year: 1965

Even if you've never seen The Sound of Music, you've heard the song “My Favorite Things.” This iconic song features lyrics talking about various of the singer's favorite things and how it helps them not feel bad when they're sad.

Not only is it a timeless audition song for kids, but it's also a great message that they'll have a blast performing for casting directors.

“Almost There” From The Princess and the Frog

Song Year: 2009

Disney songs make some of the best audition songs, especially for kids. “Almost There,” from The Princess and the Frog, is a fun and upbeat song with a great message.

The lyrics are easy to learn, and it doesn't require an over-excursion of the vocal cords. You'll be able to showcase emotion and your vocal range even with a few bars from this song.

“Middle of a Moment” From James and the Giant Peach

Song Year: 2010

James and the Giant Peach is a classic movie, but in 2010 it was adapted into one of the most successful musicals.

A child initially sings it, so it should already be in the correct key for most kids. Moreover, whether you're singing it with an audio track or acapella, it's a beautiful song with notes that are sure to impress.

“A Letter From Charlie Bucket” From Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the Musical

Song Year: 2013

“A Letter From Charlie Bucket” is another song one person doesn't just sing. Even though a few singers are on the original track, it doesn't mean you can't make it a great audition song.

You can easily pull bars that Charlie is singing on his own and turn them into an audition song that will show off your vocal skills and creativity by putting together bars from pieces of the music.

“You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile” From Annie

Song Year: 1977

Another significant audition number from Annie is “You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile.” Even though several people sing on the original song, you can easily tailor this song to suit a solo audition.

It's a fun song that not many casting directors often hear in auditions from kids, but they will know it when they listen to it.

“The Perfect Nanny” From Mary Poppins

Song Year: 1964

Mary Poppins will hold a place in many people's hearts since premiering in 1964. The song “The Perfect Nanny” is a unique audition song that not many other kids will choose, but it might be perfect for you.

The best part is that the song is pretty short, to begin with, so you might not even need to cut the song down to fit into your audition time limit.

“If I Only Had a Brain” From The Wizard of Oz

Song Year: 1939

“If I Only Had a Brain” isn't a song that a child initially sings in the movie The Wizard of Oz, but it's still an excellent audition song for kids of most ages.

The song isn't difficult to sing because the lyrics are easy to learn, and the notes are not too high. The best part is that the song is excellent as is, but you can put your own twist on the notes if you want to showcase other singing techniques.

“I Just Can't Wait To Be King” From The Lion King

Song Year: 1994

The Lion King is one of the most popular Disney movies ever. This classic movie features several great songs that work for auditions, but “I Just Can't Wait To Be King” is a great audition song for kids.

It's a fun, upbeat song that still allows the auditioner to show their vocal range without being too over the top.

“Who Will Buy?” From Oliver!

Who Will Buy From Oliver

Song Year: 1963

Anyone who took musical theater in school has watched or at least heard of the show Oliver! The song's lyrics are pretty easy to learn, have holds that aren't too long, and should be manageable for many kids.

The song is easy to make without completely changing the lyrics or instrumentals. This is a great thing to look for in audition songs because you want to stand out but not take away from the song's origins.

“Picture Show”- Bonnie and Clyde

Song Year: 2009

Much like the musical’s tragic theme of the notorious duo Bonnie and Clyde, “Picture Show” is best suited for older kids. The vocals feature changes that require a degree of maturity and excellent control. Ambitious kids eager to showcase their vocal range should consider this song.

“Giants in the Sky” From Into the Woods

Song Year: 1986

The musical Into the Woods was well-received upon its debut in the late 80s and has enjoyed continued success over the years. Notably, a Disney film adaptation was released in 2014 as well.

The song “Giants in the Sky” features Jack singing about giants living in the sky and how it feels to be up there. Once he gets homesick, he steals as much gold as he can from the giants and runs back home. As one of the most popular children’s stories, it’s always a great pick for kids to sing.

“Be Kind To Your Parents” From Fanny

Song Year: 1954

Besides the song's title being a great message for kids, “Be Kind To Your Parents” makes for the perfect audition song for children.

Since most auditions put a time limit on your song, it can be hard to choose which bars you want to sing for your audition. The best part about this song is that it's relatively short and will probably fit nicely into your time allotment.

“So Long, Farewell” From The Sound of Music

Song Year: 1965

Another The Sound of Music classic is “So Long, Farewell.” While many of the songs on this list can be sung by kids of almost all ages, this one is probably best for older kids.

The reason is that the song features saying goodbye in various languages that can be challenging to pronounce for younger kids. Being able to pronounce the words correctly will help you nail your audition.

“Consider Yourself” From Oliver!

Song Year: 1960

Oliver! musical has several great songs for kids, including “Consider Yourself.” Dodger greets Oliver with this song to assure him they’ll be great friends. It’s a relatable song that can help a child relax during the audition, and the vocals are not demanding.

“Castle on a Cloud” From Les Misérables

Song Year: 1985

If you're looking to evoke emotion from the casting directors, then “Castle on a Cloud” might be the perfect audition song. Anyone who knows the show knows that this song is sorrowful but beautiful.

This song is perfect for children who have a grasp on higher notes and are great at showing emotion through their singing.

“Maybe” From Annie

Song Year: 1977

Anyone who's seen Annie knows that the song “Maybe” is one of the most influential and heartbreaking songs. It's a well-known song that all casting directors will recognize immediately.

It's the perfect audition song for a child because a child initially sings it. Depending on the audition, you can easily shorten the song and still showcase a great vocal range.

“I Know It’s Today” From Shrek

Song Year: 2008

Shrek is one of the most beloved animated cartoon characters, but so is the rest of the cast. “I Know It’s Today” is sung by Fiona before the two meet, as she shares her daydreams of a knight in shiny armor coming for her. It’s a playful song perfect for expressive kids. 

“Truly Scrumptious” From Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Song Year: 1968

Most people won't use “Truly Scrumptious” as their audition song. So, if you want a song that the casting directors most likely won't hear on the same day or your audition, this is the song for you. Notably, the lyrics are a little more complicated, so it's a better choice for an older kid.

“Round-Shouldered Man” From The Secret Garden

Song Year: 1991

While a boy or girl can sing “Round-Shouldered Man,” it's ideal for a boy since that's who sings it in the original production. That being said, some higher notes might suit a girl better in an audition.

Either way, the song is easy to sing for most and has more of a spoken-singing tone, allowing you to showcase your acting abilities while singing.

“What If” From The Addams Family

Song Year: 2010

A funky song to sing for your audition is “What If.” This song from The Addams Family is a little creepier than others that children will sing to audition, but it will leave an impression.

There are some bars where one singer is speaking to another actor, but you can leave that out when you're at your audition.

“My New Philosophy” From You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Song Year: 1999

“My New Philosophy” was one of the three new songs added to the famous musical You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. The song features Sally explaining all of her philosophies, even though she doesn’t quite understand what that word means. The song’s theme and vocals are great for a younger kid.

“I Know Things Now” From Into the Woods

Song Year: 2014

The lyrics of “I Know Things Now” will resonate with many kids who feel they know better than their parents but learn later that they should have listened to them.

The song has an angelic tone that is perfect for kids who are auditioning for a part in a musical production. The notes aren't too difficult to hit, and it's ideal for middle school-aged or older kids.

“In My Own Little Corner” From Cinderella

Song Year: 1957

Roger and Hammerstein's Cinderella has some of the best audition songs for kids. “In My Own Little Corner” is a fun number to sing for an audition. The character Cinderella sings about how in her own little corner, she imagines she can be whatever she wants to be.

Choosing a few bars will be perfect for those who want to use this audition song since the piece is a little longer than your average audition song.

“I Have a Dream” From Mamma Mia

Song Year: 2001

Mamma Mia is one of the most famous broadway shows of all time, especially since it was adapted into a major motion picture. “I Have a Dream” is one of the most beautiful songs from the musical and makes one heck of a kid's audition song.

It's better for an older kid who has a slightly more developed voice, but no matter what, it's a beautiful song that's not overly difficult to nail.

“I Won't Grow Up” From Peter Pan

Song Year: 1954

Who doesn't love Peter Pan? “I Won't Grow Up” is an exciting audition song for kids. Children of pretty much all ages can excel with this song. The lyrics repeat a lot, making it easy to learn and memorize, which is vital in an audition.

“Any Dream Will Do” From Joseph And The Technicolor Dreamcoat

Song Year: 1968

“Any Dream Will Do” can make for a fabulous audition song for older children or teenagers. The music is fun, the lyrics are simple, and the notes are easy to hit for most.

While it's better for a boy or someone with a lower register, you can easily change the key to suit your voice better.

Top Musical Theater Audition Songs For Kids, Final Thoughts

Whether you want to use a Disney song, a musical movie song, or one from Broadway, the choices are endless when auditioning songs for kids. No matter what role you're trying out for, these are some of the best musical theater audition songs for kids.

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