31 Best Guitar Duet Songs Ever

Guitar duets have a special place in my heart. Whether it's the harmony of two guitars coming together or the playful interplay between two virtuosos, there's something magical about two guitarists sharing a stage. From classic rock to blues and beyond, here are the best guitar duet songs ever.

Sweet Child o' Mine by Guns N' Roses

Song Year: 1988

One of the biggest hits of the late 1980s, “Sweet Child o' Mine” was released as a single from Guns N' Roses' debut album “Appetite for Destruction” in 1988. The song's iconic guitar intro and solo, performed by Slash, have become synonymous with the band and the era.

The lyrics, written by lead singer Axl Rose, are a love song to a former girlfriend. “Sweet Child o' Mine” was a massive commercial success and remains one of Guns N' Roses' most recognizable songs.

Hotel California by The Eagles

Song Year: 1976

Released in 1976, “Hotel California” is one of the Eagles' most well-known tracks. The song features intricate guitar work and is a testament to the band's musicianship.

Lyrically, the song is a commentary on the dark side of the American Dream, with the hotel symbolizing a place of temptation and excess. It remains one of the most popular guitar duet songs of all time, featuring in numerous classic rock playlists.

Beast And The Harlot by Avenged Sevenfold

Song Year: 2005

Released in 2005, “Beast And The Harlot” is one of the standout tracks from Avenged Sevenfold's “City of Evil” album. The song's guitar duet showcases the virtuosity of guitarists Zacky Vengeance and Synyster Gates.

The lyrics tell the story of Babylon and its downfall, with the titular “beast and harlot” serving as allegories for greed and corruption. The high energy and intricate guitar work make “Beast And The Harlot” a standout track in Avenged Sevenfold's discography.

Dust in the Wind by Kansas

Song Year: 1977

“Dust in the Wind” is a classic guitar duet song by the American progressive rock band Kansas. Released in 1977, the song became a hit for the band and is considered one of their most` signature tracks. The song features a simple and haunting melody, carried by acoustic guitars, which is accompanied by lyrics that reflect on life and death.

Despite its melancholic themes, the song has a peaceful and meditative quality that has made it a timeless classic. As a guitar duet, “Dust in the Wind” showcases the delicate interplay between the two acoustic guitars, which combine to create a beautiful and moving musical experience.

Aces High by Iron Maiden

Song Year: 1984

Released in 1984, “Aces High” is a track from Iron Maiden's fourth studio album, “Powerslave”. The song is a tribute to the bravery of pilots during World War II and features powerful guitar riffs and solos. The guitar duet in the song serves to create a sense of drama and urgency, mimicking the intensity of air combat. The track remains a fan favorite and is a classic among Iron Maiden's live shows.

Don't Look Back by Boston

Song Year: 1976

“Don't Look Back” was a hit guitar duet track by the American rock band Boston. The song was released on their 1976 self-titled debut album and is known for its powerful and soaring guitar riffs, as well as its driving beat and memorable chorus.

The lyrics about looking forward and embracing the future are a call to action for the listener to not dwell on the past and to keep moving forward in life.

Jessica by The Allman Brothers Band

Song Year: 1973

This song was released on the album “Brothers and Sisters” in 1973 by The Allman Brothers Band. It was written by Dickey Betts and is an instrumental piece that features a fingerstyle guitar melody. The song's mellow and atmospheric quality has made it a classic and a fan favorite. “Jessica” has become one of the most popular instrumentals in rock history and is considered a classic of the Southern rock genre.

All Down the Line by The Rolling Stones

Song Year: 1972

Taken from the 1972 album “Exile on Main St.”, “All Down the Line” is a bluesy rocker with a prominent guitar duet between Keith Richards and Mick Taylor. The song's lyrics, written by Keith Richards, address the perils of fame and the fickleness of fans.

Despite not being released as a single, “All Down the Line” has become a fan favorite of The Rolling Stones' live performances and is widely considered a classic track in their extensive discography.

Tornado Of Souls by Megadeth

Song Year: 1990

“Tornado of Souls” was released in 1990 as part of Megadeth's fifth studio album, “Rust in Peace”. The song is known for its impressive guitar solos, which are performed in unison. The lyrics are an exploration of personal turmoil, and the guitar duet serves as a representation of the conflict between the protagonist and their inner demons. This track remains one of Megadeth's most popular songs and a staple in their live setlist.

Detroit Rock City by Kiss

Song Year:

This song is an ode to the band's fans, with lyrics that pay homage to the energetic and dedicated concert-goers. The guitar duets in the song serve to highlight the energy and excitement of the live performance. Over the years, “Detroit Rock City” has become a prime example of classic rock radio and is one of Kiss' most well-known songs.

Wasted by Def Leppard

Song Year: 1983

“Wasted” by Def Leppard was released in 1983 as a part of the album “Pyromania”. The song reflects on the regret of wasted opportunities and missed chances. Its powerful guitar riffs and upbeat tempo made it a predominant hit of the 80's rock scene and established its place as a classic rock hit.

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