21 Best Funeral Songs For Cats

“Goodbye My Friend” by Karla Bonoff

"Goodbye My Friend" by Karla Bonoff

Song Year: 1988

When bidding farewell to a treasured pet, no tune captures these emotions quite like Karla Bonoff's “Goodbye My Friend.” So evocative are the lyrics that in 2008, Oprah Winfrey played a clip of the song on her show as a tribute to her cherished dog, Sophie.

The song speaks candidly of the artist's cat of 16 long years that had weathered all sorts of trials and tribulations and the pain of letting go. Listening to it will undoubtedly bring tears to your eyes and offer solace during this challenging time.

“We'll Meet Again” by Johnny Cash

Song Year: 2002

Our list of best cat funeral songs can't be complete without mentioning this classic tune by Johnny Cash. Originally recorded by Vera Lynn in 1939, “We'll Meet Again” became a beacon of hope for those separated by war in Britain.

Fast forward to 2002, and the Man in Black put his spin on it, infusing it with a country flair that's simply unforgettable. With lyrics that speak to the power of hope and the promise of reunion, the song is a fitting tribute to the uncertainties of life.

“You'll Be in My Heart” by Phil Collins

Song Year: 1999

If you're a Disney enthusiast, you'll undoubtedly recognize “You'll Be in My Heart” from the animated film Tarzan. It was Phil Collins' final US Top 40 hit, winning him the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1999.

The track's message centers around an unwavering love that endures all obstacles, whether for a person or, in this case, a cat. It's a beautiful reminder of the unbreakable connection between loved ones, even beyond the physical realm.

“Death Is Not the End” by Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue

Song Year: 1996

First recorded and released by Bob Dylan in 1988, “Death Is Not the End” offers comfort in believing death is just the beginning of a new journey. But it was Nick Cave who breathed fresh vitality into the track in 1996, enlisting the hauntingly beautiful vocals of Kylie Minogue.

Lyrically, you can interpret it as a message of hope and renewal for your departed feline friend. You'll also appreciate the truck's subtle but effective instrument use, creating a gloomy but peaceful atmosphere.

“The Day You Went Away” by Wendy Matthews

Song Year: 1992

“The Day You Went Away” is a moving song originally by the British electronic group Soul Family Sensation. It first hit the airwaves in February 1992 as the third single off their debut album, New Wave. Despite its emotional prowess, it never charted in the UK.

However, when Australian singer Wendy Matthews covered the tune later that year, it became a hit in her home country, reaching number two on the charts. The lyrics express the deep grief and emptiness accompanying losing a loved one.

“It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” by Boyz II Men

Song Year: 1991

“It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” was originally penned and produced by Freddie Perren for the movie Cooley High way back in 1975. While the tune reached number 38 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs charts, the Boyz II Men's cover in 1991 propelled it to the top.

In the film, the track captures the bittersweet feelings many students experience when they bid farewell to high school and move on to the next phase of their lives. It is a gentle reminder to let go of the past and embrace the future.

“Keep Me in Your Heart” by Warren Zevon

Song Year: 2003

Warren Zevon wrote and recorded this poignant song after being diagnosed with mesothelioma, a terminal lung cancer. The song reflects his state of mind and expresses his desire to leave behind a lasting legacy.

And while it speaks to the harsh reality of life's cycle, it's also a comforting reminder to stay resilient even in tough times. If you're mourning the loss of your beloved cat, you'll find the lyrics and melody of this song soothing and heartfelt.

“Last One to Die” by Rancid

Song Year: 2009

If you want a more upbeat tribute to your feline friend, this punk rock classic is a fitting choice. ‘Last One to Die' is the first single from Rancid's 2009 album, ‘Let the Dominoes Fall,' and celebrates the strength of loyalty and lasting friendships.

As lead singer Tim Armstrong explained in an interview, the song is about the band's perseverance through tough times. Its catchy chorus and lively guitar riffs will take you back to the good times you shared with your beloved cat.

“My Dear Helen” by Andy Shauf

Song Year: 2015

When you listen to “My Dear Helen,” it's impossible not to admire Andy Shauf's storytelling prowess. Combined with the sublet instrumentals, this creates a moving tribute perfect for your beloved cat.

In the song, the Canadian artist portrays a senior man updating his departed spouse on current affairs. However, he fears he'll not be reunited with her in the afterlife, a relatable sentiment for anyone who has lost a loved one.

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

Song Year: 1990

Also known as “What a Wonderful World,” this tune by Hawaiian singer Israel Kamakawiwoʻole is a prime example of a spontaneous creation that skyrocketed to success. Besides being a classic, it has a peaceful, soothing melody that will help ease the pain of saying goodbye to your furry friend.

Its lyrics evoke feelings of escape to a better place, which can provide comfort during this difficult time. Listening to this song will allow you to grieve while finding solace in the idea that your cat is now at peace.

Top Funeral Songs For Cats, Final Thoughts

While there is no “right” or “wrong” way to mourn for your cat, the above twenty-one songs can provide a fitting tribute to them.

Find the track that best resonates with you and them. One that embodies their personality and echoes the moments you shared together.

That way, you can honor their memory and say goodbye in a way that truly celebrates their life.

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