21 Best Country Songs About Water

11. “Redneck Yacht Club” by Craig Morgan

Song year: 2007

‘Redneck Yacht Club” is a humorous, cheeky song that juxtaposes standard, fancy “yacht clubs” with Craig Morgan's more “redneck” version of boat parties.

This fun song highlights the simple, easygoing, and inexpensive joys of boating with friends, drinking cheap whiskey, and jumping in the water.

12. “Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain” by Willie Nelson

Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain by Willie Nelson

Song year: 1975

One of the oldest songs on this list of country songs about water is Willie Nelson's “Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain.”

This timeless country track uses rain and tears to portray the essence of heartbreak and longing, telling the story of a lost love. It's a mournful ballad you might resonate with if you've lost a romantic partner.

13. “Water” by Brad Paisley

Song year: 2009

“Water” is one of the best country songs about water because Paisley describes it perfectly – in all of its forms and bodies.

From inflatable pools to rivers, lakes, and oceans, this song highlights the delightful impact different bodies of water have made throughout his life. If you adore country music and are looking for a song that celebrates water, you can't go wrong with this one!

14. “Toes” by Zac Brown Band

Song year: 2009

Zac Brown Band's “Toes” perfectly depicts the delightful image of sticking your toes in the water and sand at the beach.

This infectious country hit makes listeners feel laid-back, happy, and excited for a beach vacation – or perhaps a full-on move to a beach destination.

15. “Just Fishin'” By Trace Adkins

Song year: 2011

“Just Fishin” by Adkins is an emotive country song highlighting the beauty of spending quality time with loved ones while fishing in the water.

More specifically, it tells the story of a daughter and father bonding as they enjoy a fishing trip, and the lyrics capture the innocence and joy of these simple, precious moments.

16. “River Bank” by Brad Paisley

Song year: 2014

“River Bank” is another Paisley number with a lively and upbeat country feel, and it's all about the wonders of spending time on the river bank.

With playful, catchy lyrics about fishing, swimming, and enjoying the company of loved ones, this song is ideal for creating a fun and energetic atmosphere, especially on a boating trip.

17. “Jump Right In” by Zac Brown Band

Song year: 2012

“Jump Right In” by Zac Brown Band is an infectious and uplifting country tune encouraging people to embrace life's adventures and metaphorically (or literally, if you're near water) dive headfirst into new experiences.

He parallels the notions of freedom and taking risks with jumping into a body of water, which makes this song ideal for jamming out during road trips, beach parties, or on your way to new adventures.

18. “Ocean Front Property” by George Strait

Ocean Front Property by George Strait

Song year: 1986

Ocean Front Property” is a classic George Strait song that playfully looks at the idea of owning desirable real estate near the ocean, which is many people's dream!

However, this humorous and ironic song suggests that the narrator has a high-value property by the ocean when they actually don't.

They claim to have an oceanfront property in Arizona, which is a landlocked state, and say that if his love interest “buys” the idea that he no longer loves her, maybe she'll also buy this made-up property.

19. “Summer” by Cassadee Pope

Song year: 2016

Cassadee Pope's song “Summer” is one of the more bittersweet tracks on this list, as it's about having to leave a summer fling when September comes.

This country-pop-rock fusion illustrates different factors about summer we all love, including being near the sea, and parallels these well-loved things with how much she was falling for this man.

20. “Forever & Always (Taylor's Version)” by Taylor Swift

Song year: 2021

Originally from Swift's 2008 Fearless album, “Forever & Always” is a classic country-pop tune in which Swift compares her feelings about the breakdown of her relationship to rain.

Taylor Swift sings that she notices (metaphorical) rain in her bedroom, presumably when she's crying about the relationship. She also sings about how it rains whether this person is around or not because he caused her so much harm.

21. “Island Song” by Zac Brown Band

Island Song by Zac Brown Band

Song year: 2012

Another Zac Brown Band song that references water and is perfect for your next beach vacation is “Island Song.”

This country-reggae fusion hit portrays images of the beach, the sea, and having a great time with like-minded folks on the island.

Top Country Songs About Water, Final Thoughts

Water is emblematic of many different emotions and states of being – freedom, flow, sadness, happiness, hope, and beyond.

These top country songs about water have various sounds and meanings, but they all highlight the significance of water in the writers' lives and stories.

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