27 Best Country Songs About New Relationships

“Nothin’ Like You” by Dan and Shay

Year: 2014

A man and a woman meet at what seems to be a cafe. She’s enjoying coffee with books at her side while shyly playing with her hair.

He’s ultimately attracted to how different this woman acts and looks compared to other women he has met. As they become closer in a new relationship, he loves how she does not mind kissing him when there are other people in public watching.

“Nothin’ Like You” by Dan and Shay

“Somebody’s Got Me” by Mitchell Tenpenny

Year: 2018

The male narrator in “Somebody’s Got Me” reflects on how he has fallen in love with a woman. He is drinking alcohol and discussing what he feels about his mother to try to understand why this woman has such an effect on him. He’s surprised at how supportive this woman is for him and can’t believe he has found someone like her.

“This Everyday Love” by Rascal Flatts

Year: 2000

Rascal Flatts celebrate what it means to be in a simple relationship. Interaction is easy and seamless as she uplifts him after hard days at work. While it seems like a normal relationship, the male narrator would not want to change the nature of the bond whatsoever.

“Redneck Love Song” by Morgan Wallen

Year: 2018

A male redneck narrator is not afraid to admit that he’s a blue-collar worker in love with a woman. While he may not talk much and he is the average Joe, he willfully admits what he feels to his loved one. He highlights the physical attributes and personality traits of the woman he adores most in his bold and beautiful love confession.

“I Knew It Was You” by Nick Wayne

Year: 2021

Nick Wayne sings about how a man realized this woman was the one for him even though he was young. He is so excited that he phones his mother to tell her about it. He feels that their bond is more than the butterflies they feel making out together and that it’s a forever relationship.

“Beautiful Crazy” by Luke Combs

Year: 2017

The male narrator in “Beautiful Crazy” loves taking risks with his woman. She dances, unlike any other woman he’s seen before. While she attempts weekend plans, they end up relaxing together on the couch instead. Her unpredictability keeps him on his toes.

“Forever Girl” by Jon Langston

Year: 2013

A man and woman are experiencing a quintessential summer love story in “Forever Girl” by Jon Langston. They have fun tailgating, swimming in the lake, and driving back home in the man’s truck. This is a summer love that the man hopes lasts forever.

“Forever Girl” by Jon Langston

Top Country Songs About New Relationships, Final Thoughts

Are you in the middle of starting a new relationship with a significant other? We hope you enjoy this list of the best country songs about new relationships. Each one artfully explains how to connect in a new relationship.

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