27 Best Clean Pump-Up Songs, Great For A Walk Up

Looking for a pump-up song to prepare you for your next game? Or need a song to motivate you for whatever it is you’re about to do? Good news, there’s plenty of great choices, all of which are clean.

Here are the best clean pump-up songs of all time.

1. “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor

Song Year: 1982

One of the best clean pump-up songs comes out of the 1980s, and even served as the iconic sound for one of the best workout scenes of all time in Rocky III. The repetitive guitar riff sets the tone and maintains a fast tempo to deliver the upbeat energy you crave.

The instrumentals make it perfect for a walk-up song, especially with the lyrics urging you to survive and push through tough times. It’s so recognizable that any clip of this song is sure to please the audience.

2. “We Are the Champions” by Queen

Song Year: 1977

What better way to pump yourself up than with a Queen song like “We Are the Champions.” Despite a slightly slower pace in some verses, the chorus delivers a perfect walk-up song for nearly any occasion.

The title says it all, but the classic Queen tune is one of those epic songs that covers the pain and exhaustion of leaving it all on the battlefield, whatever your competition looks like.

3. “Hungry Like the Wolf” by Duran Duran

Song Year: 1982

Another option for a fantastic clean pump-up song comes from Duran Duran. Their hit has a good tempo, perfect for stepping up to any competition.

It's not too fast or slow, so the player can walk to the beat. Plus, the song is a crowd-pleaser, that can leave some waxing nostalgic while delivering a message about being hungry for a victory..

4. “Don't Stop Believin'” by Journey

Song Year: 1981

Journey delivers another classic 80s song that offers a bit of encouragement when you need it most. While the tune starts slowly, the repeating piano chords keep it moving and drive it toward the energetic bits.

The drum hits in the chorus help pump you up for whatever's ahead. It’s nearly impossible not to sing along to this staple hit, and nearly any snippet is recognizable.

Of course, it’s a good choice because we can always use a reminder to believe in ourselves.

5. “Survivor” by Destiny's Child

Song Year: 2001

Another great pump-up song talks about surviving, and this tough-gal jam reminds all the ladies that it's important not to give up. Destiny's Child's vocals sound amazing, adding more energy to the song despite the slow and steady instrumentals.

This tune might be one to slide in when your team is facing a bit of a slump or a walk-up for an underdog player or team. The lyrics talk about working hard and not giving up.

6. “Run the World (Girls)” by Beyonce

Song Year: 2011

Not many musicians get us pumped like Beyonce, and she took to inspiring and encouraging women after leaving Destiny’s Child. This song marks another excellent option for powerful women who need some motivation or a good walk-up song for their next event.

The instrumentals are rhythmic and help set the tone for the song. Some of the lyrics might be a bit borderline in terms of meaning, but there are no bad words, making it an option to pump up the vibes for any event.

7. “We Can Work It Out” by The Beatles

Song Year: 1965

While it's not as high-energy as some, this song is great for a pump-up or walk-up. It's especially suitable in the middle of a game when the team is behind on points. You can work through it and come out on top.

The tempo is sure and steady, making it an excellent speed for walk-ups or transitions in game play. Since it’s The Beatles, this song is perfect for all ages.

8. “Can't Hold Us” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton

Song Year: 2012

A newer clean pump-up song, this tune combines drums with piano to set up a good instrumental that supports the rap vocals. A little low brass drives up the energy toward the middle, making it an excellent clip for walk-ups.

While the main version of the song has a few naughty words, there's a clean version that doesn’t lose any of the song's potency. Of course, the main lyrics talk about how nothing can hold you back from what you want.

9. “Power” by Little Mix ft. Stormzy

Song Year: 2017

This song starts with guitar and drums before the vocals come in, giving a slightly different style than some of the others on the list. Little Mix isn't afraid to belt and use their full vocal ranges in the song, and it's all about empowerment.

Stormzy's rap reinforces the song’s overall message, making it a good choice for people who need some more motivation.

The entire track is good for a walk-up or to pump you up, and it’s easy to trim the track down for a shorter clip if necessary.

10. “4 Minutes” by Madonna ft. Justin Timberlake and Timbaland

Song Year: 2008

In this upbeat dance tune, the lyrics talk about how there are only four minutes left to save the world. The whole song lasts about that long, so you can play the entire thing or a portion for a shorter walk-up.

Madonna and Justin Timberlake sing very well together, while Timbaland's rap at the beginning sets the tone for everything else. The brass section has a nice, repetitive rhythm, making it easy to walk to, and you might see the fans chime in for a sing along.

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