27 Best Clean Pump-Up Songs, Great For A Walk Up

21. “Centuries” by Fall Out Boy

Song Year: 2014

This is one of those jams with upbeat instrumentals that are sure to motivate you. However, it also has some stellar lyrics that talk about being remembered long after you're gone. That makes it a fantastic choice for a walk-up song or any other moment you need a pick-me-up.

Because of the lyrics and upbeat instrumentals, it’s not too difficult to find a snippet if the entire song is too long.

22. “High Hopes” by Panic at the Disco

Song Year: 2018

This song starts with repeating notes from the brass section, then, Brendon Urie's vocals come in and blend nicely with the instrumentals. He sings about having big dreams and working towards them.

The tune is super catchy and will stick in your ear long after you hear the song. It's also relatively popular, so audiences may recognize it if you play it as a walk-up song.

23. “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson

Song Year: 2011

In one of her top hits, Kelly Clarkson sings about getting stronger after something knocks you down. The repetitive instrumentals make the song easy to dance to and ideal for motivating anyone.

Meanwhile, the message is essential for every competitor as a reminder that you may face tough times, but they will help you become stronger on the other side.

24. “Raise Your Glass” by P!nk

Song Year: 2010

This song is another excellent choice for underdogs, from a powerful female vocalist. P!nk sings about how you shouldn't take yourself so seriously. It also has great, upbeat instrumentals which help pump you up after a listen.

Unfortunately, the official version has one bad word in it. Luckily, there's a clean version you can play so that you don't offend anyone and so that you can play it in front of kids.

25. “We Don't Care” by Isabella Pappas and Kayden Muller-Jansen

Song Year: 2022

This duet talks about not letting the haters get you down. Pappas and Muller-Jansen both bring their own to the solo, and they sound amazing when singing together. Meanwhile, the instrumentals are fast and upbeat, so it's a top-tier pump-up tune.

It's also a perfect walk-up tune, especially for an underdog or someone who doesn't care what other people think. The song has its slow moments, but it's very danceable, and it has a catchy tune.

26. “Gonna Get This” by Hannah Montana ft. Iyaz

Song Year: 2010

Hannah/Miley sings about reaching a goal in this song. In the show, the main character struggles with writing a song. This tune is different from other Hannah Montana songs, but it's upbeat and fun to dance to.

If you're struggling to finish a task or reach a goal, this song can help motivate you to get through what you need to. Iyaz is featured on the track, and both performers sound great together.

27. “A Billion Hits” by Ross Lynch

Song Year: 2012

Another song from a show about music, this one starts with a fun rock beat. The lyrics cover returning from a break and working hard to get a billion video views. Ross Lynch's vocals sound great with the instrumentals, making this song fun to dance to.

It's an excellent walk-up song too. While it's about video views, the lyrics about getting better apply to almost anything, including sports.

Top Clean Pump-Up Songs, Final Thoughts

These are the best clean pump-up songs for your next big event. From walk-ups to mid-event fillers, these songs are fun for all ages.

Give these tracks a listen to find one that fits you the best. Then you can use it as a walk-up song and for any other time when you need motivation.

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