43 Best Christian Songs About Love

Love is all around us – the love we have for ourselves, the love we have for our partners, our children, our friends, and our families. Christian music speaks to all of those kinds of love, the love of God, and the love for God. Here are the best Christian songs about love.

Love Will Be Our Home by Sandi Patty

Love Will Be Our Home by Sandi Patty

Song year: 1988

Sandi Patty’s Love Will Be Our Home shares the message that if everyone alive has a heart, everyone alive shares a home. This song is about focusing on what we have in common, what we all share.

The lyrics here are full of love, peace, compassion, and focusing on the positive rather than on things that don’t come from a place of love.

Fullness by Elevation Worship

Song year: 2017

From their album, There is a Cloud, Elevation Worship’s Fullness speaks to the sense of fullness God’s love creates in His worshippers.

The song calls for God’s love, as well as rejoicing in that love and all of the promises that love offers. It’s about letting go of God and letting Him fill you with the love you need.

I’ll Wait for You by Moriah Peters

Song year: 2014

I’ll Wait for You appeared on Moriah Peters’s album, Brave. This Christian song about love is a sweet one about being destined to love someone as if God put them in your path for that very purpose.

The song’s speaker sings about a boy she keeps meeting and running into at various points in her life and how she’s starting to feel for him. She feels love coming on, but she is more than willing to let it take its time and grow.

Love Will Be Enough for Us by Brandon Heath

Song year: 2012

Brandon Heath’s Love Will Be Enough for Us paints a beautiful, romantic setting in the lyrics. The singer imagines living with his wife and kids in a small cabin in the woods, just them, nature, and love. That’s all they need.

However, in the end, the singer reveals that they live in a fancy apartment and are always praying for more money and success. Why?

This song is about knowing what is essential and what little it takes to be happy.

When God Made You by Natalie Grant and Newsong

Song year: 2003

Newsong’s When God Made You appeared on their album, More Life. At its heart, this is a song about soul mates.

The singer uses the song to tell his partner how much he loves her and thank God for her. She is so perfect for him; they are so perfect together that he knows God created her for him and sent her to him.

Jesus & You by Matthew West

Song year: 2017

Matthew West’s Jesus & You from All In is one of the Christian songs about love that is perfect to play at a wedding.

The singer says that in his worst, darkest moments, he thinks of his wife’s love and Jesus’ love, pulling him out and to a better place. His wife and Jesus make him a better person and give him all he needs.

This song is about noticing the connection between one’s human love and the love one has and feels from Jesus and God.

King of Love by I Am They

Song year: 2015

King of Love appeared on I Am They’s self-titled album. This song thanks and praises God for his love. The singer is led by this love, feels it, and rejoices in it.

It is a song about connecting with God’s love before any other.

Love Never Fails by Brandon Heath

Song year: 2008

Brandon Heath’s Love Never Fails is a love song to love. Through the lyrics, the singer tells us that love is steadfast and ever-present. Love is human love. Love is God’s love. But above everything else, love is everything, and everything is love.

It’s a great song to listen to while in love or while struggling with a relationship or any of life’s stresses.

Known by Tauren Wells

Song year: 2017

From the album Hills and Valleys comes Known by Tauren Wells. While this song could also certainly apply to a wife or spouse, the singer here is talking about the divine, unconditional love of God.

It’s a song about being known for who you are and loved, accepted, and cared for, for all of who you are, even in your darker moments, even in the areas where you struggle.

Flesh of My Flesh by Leon Patillo

Song year: 2009

Flesh of My Flesh by Leon Patillo goes back to scripture to paint a love between God and man that is foundational. If man is of God, then there is little separation there.

This song is about the love that comes from a strong connection and a deep love, like from parent to child and child to parent.

Good & Loved by Travis Greene

Song year: 2019

Travis Greene’s Good & Loved starts off being sung from the perspective of Jesus. He reassures listeners they are loved, and He is always there for them, reminding worshippers and giving them some of that love while they hear the song.

Near the end, the lyrics change to the perspective of a worshipper welcoming in that all-consuming love that will help heal them of any struggle.

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