7 Best Singing Lessons On Youtube 2024 – Teachers & Vocal Coaches Reviewed

Best Singing Lessons On Youtube

If you are serious about improving your singing, nothing will beat having a professional give you private, structured lessons. Working with somebody one-on-one allows a relationship to develop between the teacher and student, which can be just as important as learning technique.

Having in-person instruction also allows for personalized feedback, which is important. Everybody has a different voice, different bodies, and different needs.

That said, in-person instruction is hard to get these days, and some people might not be willing to spend the extra dollars on a hobby they are just getting into.

While it'll never match the quality of affordable online singing lessons, YouTube is chock full of great vocal coaches, teachers, and programs. We’ve reviewed some of our favorites and listed them for you here!

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1. 30 Day Singer

30 Day Singer has some of the best online singing lessons we’ve found.

On YouTube, they have a ton of content, and it seems there is more content every week. They have live streams with style breakdowns of famous singers, and reaction videos from vocal coaches to famous singers.

However, they also have lots of free instructional videos as well. There are vocal warmups and cooldowns, vocal exercises for singers with different vocal ranges, videos on vocal phrasing, videos on finding the best key your voice, and more.

Many of the videos are an hour long, because they were originally livestreams. Getting an hour’s worth of instruction for free is amazing!

On their website, they offer a membership that gives you access to Beginner Courses, Advanced Courses, Singing Tricks & Techniques, and Warm Ups & Vocal Health. There is also a forum where you can chat with teachers and other users, and the opportunity to book live sessions with an instructor.

The goal of this website is to help a student become a better singer in just 30 days. Of course, you’re not going to become a professional singer in a month, but we can say with certainty that if you complete the courses as they are laid out, you will be a better singer by the end of the month.

If you sign up, you should try taking a 30 Day Beginner Course with one of the instructors. You will sing every day and receive lessons and practice every day. There is no way that you will be worse singer after that!

If you have moved past those beginning stages, you can access some of their Advanced content; How To Sing Like A Pop Star, Runs and Embellishments, Perform Like A Pro, How to Sing Country, Intro to R&B, and many more.

We have reviewed 30 Day Singer before, but we felt it deserved a spot in this guide as well. Ok, now let's look at some of the alternatives below.

2. Eric Arcenaux – AApproach – A YouTube Vocal Coach

Eric Arcenaux is a very popular vocal coach on YouTube. He has 841,000 subscribers, making him one of the most popular teachers on YouTube. His specific method is called the AApproach, which focuses on voice lessons, vocal therapy, and online courses to help students improve.

Personally, I’ve made use of his vocal warmup series. While I was on the road, I appreciated his focus on quality over quantity. The warmup is not too long, and he is laid back in his approach.

On YouTube, he has tons of videos. These include Daily Voice Strengthening, more vocal warmups, a daily vocal workout, and various videos with vocal tips and tricks.

The exercises are easy to do, but they are very effective. The AApproach focuses on rehabilitating weak muscles that contribute to vocal strain and tightness. The pelvic floor, diaphragm, transverse abdominis are all targets of the program.

I know that makes it sound like a workout plan, but it really does work. The program is designed to be for any genre and any style – from classical to pop to screamo. In fact, Eric Arcenaux has professional students in many different genres.

I like their holistic approach to finding and improving your voice – the program is based on the idea that the entire body is the instrument, and the goal of the program is to find the voice that has been there all along.

3. Justin Stoney – New York Vocal Coaching

Justin Stoney founded the New York Vocal Coaching online lesson school and has over 100 lessons on YouTube. He has appeared on many TV Shows like the NBC Today Show, Fox News, and more, and his teaching has been featured in all sorts of publications. He is the real deal!

I really like Justin’s teaching style. He is funny and warm. His lessons are well-produced and he does not stumble over his words. As it says on his website, he is a born teacher!

The New York Vocal Coaching YouTube channel has almost 400,000 subscribers and dozens of helpful and free videos. The videos are super professional and cover a wide variety of topics.

He has got videos covering his Top Ten Singing Tips, a series on How To Belt, Finding Your Mix Voice, and a whole bunch of quick singing tips in videos under 10 minutes.

I also love that Justin has a series of videos on doing voice impressions. You can learn to imitate Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Gilbert Gottfried, Jigsaw, and many more. This is a great addition to a vocal channel, because there are many aspiring voice actors looking to improve their craft! Voice acting and singing go hand in hand.

4. Aaron Anastasi – Superior Singing Method

Aaron Anastasi created the Superior Singing Method, which is a super popular series of vocal lessons available both on YouTube and on his website. Of course, the YouTube videos are free, and the website is a paid service.

I like Aaron’s approach to teaching. The videos are lovely to look at. They are usually just Aaron on a white screen. His style is laid-back and no nonsense. I like that he stresses that the lessons are for everyone regardless of talent.

On his YouTube channel, he has all sorts of good content. There are video lessons on How To Sing Higher Notes, How To Sing Better in 5 Minutes, Voice Lessons for Beginners, How to Stay on Key, and more.

I especially like all the videos that Aaron has created in the last year or so. They all have the white background, a simple style, and direct instructions. Perfect!

5. Charmaine Brown – The Worship Singer

Charmaine Brown is an excellent vocal coach that focuses on singing worship songs. Now, if you’ve ever been to a church that takes worship songs seriously, you know that there are some serious musicians and singers to contend with!

Charmaine’s videos on YouTube are usually hosted in her house, which gives them a very personal feel. I imagine they are like how her in-person lessons would feel.

One of her main features on the channel is song tutorials. Worship songs are somewhat ubiquitous in that the same songs are sung in churches all over the world. These tutorial videos will help you sing in the band and really nail the performance.

That said, she also has a bunch of Quick Tips focusing on ways to improve your singing generally, singing low notes, singing high notes, singing without strain, and more.

There are also longer form videos that go into the role of background vocalists, classical vs. contemporary style, strategies for effective rehearsals, and practice strategies. I really appreciate this style of video, because it is important to think deeply about what it means to sing and make music.

6. Tara Simon Studios

Tara Simon makes fun videos for singers of all skill levels. She is well-known for having many students on American Idol, The Voice, and other singing competitions.

Tara’s style is a little different – it seems to be curated more towards a younger, potentially more female audience. This isn’t a bad thing. In fact, this might make Tara’s videos the perfect choice for your child!

Tara also creates videos that will resonate with a younger audience, such as TikTok reaction videos, reaction videos to other singers on YouTube, and more. I think this is a cool way to keep her audience engaged.

I enjoyed this video on How To Increase Your Vocal Range. I really like that she has another coach in the room, because it is often easier to understand the techniques and teachings when you see another person doing it.

On her website, she offers one on one lessons with herself and six other vocal coaches, who all make appearances on her YouTube channel. She also has an 8-week vocal course called “Sing Smarter Not Harder,” which focuses on increasing vocal power and expanding your range.

7. Victoria’s Victorious Vocal Tips – Healthy Vocal Technique

Last, but not least, the Healthy Vocal Technique channel. Taught by Victoria Rapanan, who is a voice teacher of 29 years, specializing in the Old Italian School of Singing. She has performed principal roles in operas and musical theater productions around the world.

Victoria’s style is a little more old-school, but I love it. She reminds me of my first piano teacher in a good way. She clearly has a love for what she does, there is no nonsense, just singing. She is strict and firm in her speaking voice, which to me lends an air of authenticity.

That said, she is not super serious – she makes goofy jokes, has a good sense of self-deprecating humor (I love the photos of herself she inserts into videos), and seems very approachable.

She has a series of quick fixes for people who suffer from common vocal problems. Victoria teaches a classical approach to technique, but frankly, it works. Many other vocal coaches are teaching the same techniques with a different style or name, but good vocal technique is timeless.

She has an excellent series on How To Sing a Song Professionally. This is a great series on singing with emotion, making your voice come to life, and overcoming stage fright.

Creating a series on how to sing a song professionally is a great idea, because that is ultimately what we all want to do – sing a song well!

Best Youtube Singing Lessons – Final Thoughts

Youtube singing lesson review

There are many coaches and videos you can check out on YouTube. I would start with these seven channels, because we’ve vetted them, and you can find some good content.

The key is to find someone whose style and technique works for you, and stick with them. Consider taking one on one lessons with a coach online, if you really like their videos!

P.S. Remember though, none of what you've learned will matter if you don't know how to get your music out there and earn from it. Want to learn how to do that? Then get our free ‘5 Steps To Profitable Youtube Music Career' ebook emailed directly to you!

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