3 Money Making Ideas to Fund Your Next Music Project

Funding your music careerOK, so I know the music industry can be expensive to get involved in. While we often look for free ways to do the things we need to do, some things are simply not possible to skimp on. Some of these things are studio time, any needed instruments, distributing and promoting your music, etc.

So where is the money to fund this stuff going to come from? Well, here are 3 money making ideas you can use to fund your next project. Hopefully you'll find a few you can do. 🙂

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1. Get a Day Job

OK, so while this isn't one of the most fun ideas, it is a very real way to fund your music related activities. The reality is, while you probably want to spend more time making music, getting a day job can help bring in the funds needed to make your music happen. So while the job you go for may not be part of your long term plans, do what needs to be done in the near term to find money to invest in your music career.

2. Let People Hire You for Your Music Related Talent

The next option is to allow people to hire you for their own projects. This can be done in a number of different ways, but below I'll show you a few.

One option is to add yourself on outsourcing websites such as Odesk. Sites like these are built around two different communities:

  1. People who can provide a service for those willing to pay, and
  2. People who are willing to pay someone to help them out in some way.

So what does this mean for musicians? Well, it means that you can go on there, create a profile, and apply for jobs that match your particular skill set.

So say for example you're a singer. There will be people on Odesk who are looking for a singer to either give them guest vocals, or to create them a jingle for a advertisement or project they're working on.

If you're a producer, you may find people who need a backing track to perform over or dance to. You will also find people who are looking for productions for their ads to be used in promotional material.

If you're a good writer there are also jobs which allow you to listen to songs, and write some feedback about what you think about them. While these aren't super high paid jobs, they're generally quite quick to do, so still may be worthwhile to you.

If you have other skills outside the music industry, you can also see if there are any related jobs. Most likely there will be.

Ok, so the third idea involves using crowd funding sites such as Kickstarter and getting funding. Full details below.

3. Start a Crowd Sourcing Project

Lastly, you could start a crowd sourcing project. Websites such as Kickstarter have made it possible to raise funds from fans of yours and the general public.

This is one of those options you can use to raise funds when you're already making some movements in your music career. I don't recommend you do them when you're first starting out for two main reasons:

  1. You need fans to get involved and fund your music before Kickstarter's algorithm kicks in and starts promoting you too. So if you have no fans, you probably won't get funded.
  2. You won't have the marketing knowledge needed for a successful Kickstarter campaign. Making your campaign successful is a lot of hard work, so you'll need to at least have basic marketing knowledge before considering this route.

That said, if you have a reasonable sized fan base, this could be a option for you.

So there you have it, three things you can do to fund your music career. Have you got any other ways which people can make money to use for their music career?

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