19 Best 2010s Rock Songs

Best 2010s Rock Songs

In the 2000s, rock music was very popular. However, this doesn't mean that there weren't any great rock songs written in later years. Many of them came out just as soon as we thought we'd heard everything! Here is a list of the best 2010s rock songs from artists like Imagine Dragons and Muse alike.

1. “Something From Nothing” by The Foo Fighters

Song Year: (2014)

The song “Something From Nothing” is about the power of rock music. It's also about being a musician and the band Foo Fighters' history. The lyrics talk about how the band started from nothing, but they were able to create something great by working hard.

Another great thing about this song is how it has a catchy melody that you will be humming for days after listening to it. This tune is so fun and upbeat that you can't help but tap your feet along with it when you hear it!

2. “Diamond Eyes” by The Deftones

Song Year: 2010

Diamond Eyes, a song about hope, is one of the best 2010s rock songs. It was written for the band's bassist Chi Cheng, who went into a coma after a road accident in 2008.

The song is about reuniting with someone in a coma or death. In both cases, it inspires hope because you can always try to make things right when they are wrong, no matter how far out of reach something seems.

3. “So Far Away” by Avenged Sevenfold

Song Year 2011

“So Far Away” is a song released by Avenged Sevenfold in 2011. The lyrics are about a relationship that's falling apart and how the singer feels about it. The singer is singing about how he loves his partner, but he can't help but feel like they're drifting apart.

He sings that the distance between them makes him feel like an ocean and that they're getting farther away from each other daily.

The song talks about all these things: how much he misses her, how much she means to him, and how bad it hurts when she leaves him behind without even saying goodbye (which happens a lot).

4. “The Sound of Silence” by Disturbed

Song Year: (2015)

If you're feeling isolated, The Sound of Silence is the perfect song for your playlist. It is one of the most memorable rock songs of the 2010s. The song is about a man who is struggling with a disorder that can't let him emotionally communicate with other people. It's about how he deals with isolation in a world where everyone is busy with their “neon gods” and modernity.

In today's society, we can all relate to this song as it addresses the struggle of being ignored by someone busy checking Instagram or Facebook or browsing Twitter for hours. The Sound of Silence has been named one of the best rock songs about isolation in years!

5. “Sing” by My Chemical Romance

Song Year 2010

My Chemical Romance's “Sing” is a song about standing up for others and speaking out against injustice. The band wrote the song with the intent of being an anthem for kids who might be struggling to find their own way in the world. In addition to helping people feel empowered, it also encourages listeners to be true to themselves, even if that means being different from the majority.

While most of the lyrics are about standing up for yourself and others, there's also some advice about how not every experience will always be positive. The chorus emphasizes this message by using words like “stand” and “sing,” which have meanings outside of music: they refer to taking action when threatened or mistreated by others.

6. “Highway Tune” by Greta Van Fleet

Song Year: 2017

Highway Tune is a song by Greta Van Fleet, released on November 10, 2017. It was the third single from their debut album Black Smoke Rising.

The song tells the story of a man's romantic feelings for his lover. He feels his love for her is so strong that he would travel across the United States to get to her if he had to.

In this way, the song is an explanation of physical attraction. When you fall in love with someone and desire them physically, you may do whatever it takes to be close enough to feel their presence or even touch them.

 7. “Monster” by Starset

Song Year: 2016

Starset is an American rock band formed in Columbus, Ohio, in 2012. Monster is one of the best 2010s rock songs about the struggle of being different and the fear of isolation. The message is that we live in a simulated reality where we are all blinded by lies. They call on people to wake up and open their eyes because they want everyone else to see what they see and live life as they do.

Starset has a unique sound that combines new age with old-school rock n roll, making their music stand out from other bands on this list!

8. “Dance Macabre” by Ghost

Song Year: 2018

The song “Dance Macabre” by Ghost is notable among 2010s rock songs about death. The band combines heavy metal with a haunting atmosphere and classical music. The lyrics of this song reflect that mixture perfectly.

Dance macabre (or Danse Macabre) was a dance of both the living and the dead in Medieval Europe. The song depicts how people dealt with death during those times – by partying until they died from either starvation or disease!

In this song, two men start partying with girls, but then things take on a bloody twist, as one man's face starts to rot away.

9. “Heaven Knows” by The Pretty Reckless

Song Year: 2013

‘Heaven Knows' is a song from The Pretty Reckless's 2013 album, Going to Hell. Like many rock songs of the 2010s, Heaven Knows is about a girl who lives in hell and has been forced to be a prostitute. It's written as if there are people who know they're going to hell, but they continue anyway because they don't see any other way out of the situation.

While this song may seem depressing at first glance, it can be empowering when you listen closely and realize there's always hope for everyone, no matter their situation. If someone tells you that your dreams are impossible or too difficult to accomplish, keep walking through hell with Heaven Knows playing loudly on repeat.

10. “Stressed Out” by Twenty-One Pilots

Song Year: 2015

The lyrics of “Stressed Out” are about how stressful it is to be an adult. There's no escape from the pressure of adult life, and you'll never get to live as you did as a kid again. You can't even fly a kite in the park anymore because someone will call the police on you.

In this song, Tyler Joseph sings about feeling like he's being held back by responsibilities and other people's expectations of him.

This track, one of the best 2010s rock songs, also captures the nostalgia for childhood that many adults feel as they look back at their younger selves playing outside without any worries getting in their way, unencumbered by responsibilities or bills due (we know what those are like). If you're feeling stressed out lately, tune into Twenty One Pilots' album Trench, which includes this hit single!

11. “Believer” by Imagine Dragons

“Believer” by Imagine Dragons

Song Year: 2017

The song “Believer” by Imagine Dragons is about a person who feels empty on the inside and describes how he feels about the world around him and himself. In the first verse, lead singer Dan Reynolds describes feeling like he has no purpose in life.

He goes on to say that his life is meaningless, despite his hard work to make something of himself. In the chorus, Reynolds expresses his desire for someone or something more—a higher power? God? A new lover? He doesn't specify exactly what he's looking for; all we know for sure is that whatever it is will fill him with something other than emptiness.

12. “Aint it Fun” by Paramore

Song Year: 2013

The song is about growing up and reminds you that you're responsible for yourself. You won't always have your parents watching over you, so be independent and make good choices.

If someone doesn't appreciate the time and effort you put into helping them out, it's okay to let go of that relationship. In the end, sometimes, all someone needs is a kick in the rear to get them moving again.

13. “Do I Wanna Know” by The Arctic Monkeys

Song Year: 2013

As one of the best-selling rock songs of the 2010s Do I Wanna Know is about the process of getting over someone. You've been in love with them for a long time, but you don't know if it's worth trying to make it work. The singer questions his feelings for this person, who he knows is not good for him. It's an obsession that won't leave him alone, so he can't figure out what he wants anymore.

“Do I wanna know?” means that even though he knows they're not right for each other, some of him still wants to be with her because at least he'll have something familiar to hold onto when everything else feels so unstable right now.

14. “Revolution Radio” by Green Day

Song Year: 2017

This song is about frustration with the state of things. It might not seem like it at first, but as you listen more closely—and sing along to the chorus—it becomes clear. Political leaders anger the singer.

The singer is speaking to a person in power, telling them to listen to the people who elected them. He doesn't understand how some can admire those in power who don't listen to what their citizens want. He feels betrayed by the people in power.

15. “In the End” by Black Veil Brides

Song Year: 2012

Black Veil Brides' “In the End” is a powerful, energetic rock song with thought-provoking and inspirational lyrics. The song gives you the feeling of wanting to stand up and fight for something in this world, even if it means going against others who disagree with you.

The song's powerful vocals tell us that it's okay to live life on our own terms and that everyone should do what makes them happy in life, even if it means doing things differently than others have done before us.

16. “Resistance” by Muse

Song Year: 2010

This song discusses how love should not be bound by religion or politics. It's easy to see why it's a catchy tune that hits you in the heartstrings. When you are in love, you should focus on your love for another person and nothing else.

Listen to this tune if you are having doubts about someone because of societal conditioning, which can be very difficult to overcome.

17. “Failure” by Breaking Benjamin

Song Year: 2015

When you hear “Failure,” you feel like it's an anthem of resilience. Failure, one of the best-performing rock songs of the 2010s, tells the story of a man who has been through the wringer but is now on the other side and ready to start fresh.

The lyrics are simple, but when you look at them in context with the rest of the song, there's more meaning here than meets the eye.

The chorus repeatedly repeats, each time growing more intense than before. Each time, it takes on a new meaning as we learn more about what this guy did. We learn about what he overcame and how it gave him even more reason not to fail and let down his loved ones again.

18. “Scars” by I Prevail

Song Year: 2016

This rock song is about the fact that you shouldn't have to live an insincere lifestyle. You should be allowed to express yourself and follow your dreams, even if it's not what others expect of you. The lyrics tell you to “be proud” of who you are and that no one can take away your self-worth or happiness.

The music video also shows how this message is important in everyday life—the main character is bullied because she's different from everyone else, but eventually starts standing up for herself and ends up making friends with people who share similar interests (like playing guitar). This song tells listeners that being true to yourself will lead to better friendships in the long run!

19. “This Is War” by Thirty Seconds to Mars

Song Year: 2010

In the song, frontman Jared Leto sings about the world's conflict and how we can learn from it. This song calls for all nations to come together to stop fighting. It also means that religious leaders who oppress their people do not have the right to do so and that we should respect one another regardless of race or gender.

Jared Leto's vocals are powerful and passionate in this song—they tell you exactly how he feels about these issues. The lyrics are some of the best on this list because they give a strong message while also being entertaining. We recommend checking out this song if you haven't heard it before!

Top Rock Songs Of The 2010s, Final Thoughts

The best 2010s rock songs are about many things. But the most memorable ones are often about what makes us human: love, loss, and longing. Music is a powerful way to express yourself, and these songs have done that uniquely. Whether you're looking for something uplifting or somber, there's bound to be something here that will appeal to your tastes!

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