21 Willie Nelson Funeral Songs

“Pick Up the Tempo” by Willie Nelson

“Pick Up the Tempo” by Willie Nelson

Song year: 2003

In this uptempo song and collaboration with his longtime friend, Waylon Jennings, Nelson tells his critics that he can even go fast since they think he's living too fast. Why play this at a funeral? Because there will be people who tell you how you're supposed to grieve.

And your response to your critics is that you will grieve the way you see fit. If they think you're taking it too slow, let them know you're not going to pick up the pace for them. If they think I'm moving too fast, let them know you're not going to slow down for them but will go at the pace you feel is right. The song is also a tune from the movie Honeysuckle Rose.

“Me and Paul” with Paul Collins by Willie Nelson

Song year: 1971

This song depicts a relationship between two people who have shared life together and all that comes with it – the adventures, the disappointments, the ups and downs, and the good and bad.

The song is upbeat and works well for a memorial or repast. The tune will help you reflect on your loved one or that special friend that was as close to you as one can be. Willie Nelson displays his signature guitar playing in this tune.

“On the Road Again” by Willie Nelson

Song year: 1981

One of Nelson's most popular songs, this tune describes the hardships of the life of an entertainer. Nelson could sing this with all his heart because he lived it. The lyrics speak of reuniting with friends and family, traveling, and having a good time.

The song can be played at a funeral to uplift and encourage others to”get on the road again,” not necessarily traveling but since the death of a loved one can knock you down, get back up and get on the road to recovery again.

Encourage and comfort yourself by getting back on the road again. Look ahead and move forward by”getting back” on the road of life again.

“Pancho and Lefty” by Willie Nelson

Song year: 1983

Another remake by Willie Nelson that became a number-one hit, this song speaks of looking back on one's life and mistakes made. The tune is also about remembering the life of someone who impacted our lives, but we may have overlooked and ignored them.

“He Won’t Ever Be Gone” by Willie Jennings

Song year: 2017

A fitting song for a funeral of a male loved one. Nelson shows why he is a music legend with this song. The tune is laid-back with a slow tempo and his signature guitar playing.

The lyrics speak of one who has passed, but who will always live on in the hearts and minds of those who loved him. His memory will live on forever. Play the song at a funeral or a memorial.

“Still is Still Moving to Me” by Willie Nelson

Song year: 1993

This upbeat song can encourage and comfort those who have lost a loved one like a husband, wife or a dog. Although they are no longer alive and their body is”still,”  know in your heart that they will always be”still moving.” Your loved one is still alive to you. Play the song during a memorial service or a funeral.

“The Great Divide” by Willie Nelson

Song year: 2002

A song that will have you reflecting and remembering your loved one. Although the lyrics could be about a broken relationship, they can also be about the loss of a loved one who has passed over into the great divide of death.

Nelson speaks of remembering the days of holding his loved one tight and how he misses his loved one with the passing of each season. The musical composition is beautiful, with violins playing in the background.

The melody will have you remembering the days gone past, how you spent precious moments with your loved one, and how time flies. Be ready to shed a tear or two, but the memories will put a smile on your face.

“Crazy… And Then I Wrote” by Willie Nelson

Song year: 1961

This song was written by Willie Nelson and sung by Patsy Cline, and it became a huge hit. This classic ballad by Nelson speaks of being crazy in love with someone. It's a great song to play at a funeral or a memorial service. What better way to remember your spouse who has departed, they may no longer be here physically, but you're still crazy about them.

“The Harder They Come” by Willie Nelson & Friends – Stars & Guitars

Song year: 2002

Willie Nelson showcases his immense talent with an odd mix of country and reggae music. But Nelson pulls the combination of these two genres nicely. Play this song at the funeral of one who was a strong pillar in the family or community.

Play the song at the funeral of someone who went through a difficult health battle but you can now rejoice because they overcame it.

“Goin’ Home” by Willie Nelson

Song year: 1971

This song is a reflection of what has passed and of days gone. Beautiful memories will flood your mind, causing you to reflect on those who once were but are no longer with us. This song will probably bring out a mixed display of emotions, so make sure you have tissue available.

Nelson reminds us that we can't help but remember those who made an impact on our lives. If we could see them again, how wonderful that would be, but at least we have memories.

Top Willie Nelson Funeral Songs, Final Thoughts

Those were the best Willie Nelson funeral songs of all time. If your loved one that passed was a country fan, playing Willie Nelson songs will be a great idea and a great honor to that person. Willie Nelson has a wide selection of tracks that will cause one to reflect on their loved one, uplift the attendees, and encourage all to continue remembering the life of their loved one that has passed.

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